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Costco Coupons: 1kg Swiss Cheese $12.39, 300m Glad Wrap $9.99, 12x Croissants $7.99, etc (Expire 2/2)


Latest Costco Coupons valid until 2nd Feb 2014. Membership required.

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    Do you know how much the TV costs?

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    Do you know how much is the Asus 10.1" tablet?

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    How much does membership cost?

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    12 big croissants for $7.99 is a bargain.

    • Thanks. Updated title.

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      I love croissants. Are these any good? Might just tip me over the edge to getting a membership.

      • lolll membership for the croissants :)

    • But are they fresh or dry ones?

      • The croissants are made fresh in store. You can watch them being made.

    • That's hilarious. Could it really be that simple?

      • Almost…the one I can confirm that is used in Australia is the prices ending in .97, but it doesn't always mean it's a great deal. Those prices are also set by head office from what I have been told.

        The only ones that are set by the manager are the 'flat truck' specials usually near the entrance (if they have any). Usually those are damage cartons or the last few left.

    • Ok. What's the meaning of prices ending with 29, 39, 48, 59, 69 and 98 in the coupons then? I don't think their pricing structure is as simple as what the article stated. The first thing to do before you buy anything is to search OZB for the best price.

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        Are you sure you want to know the meaning of 69?.

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          Sure. Please explain.

  • any idea if costco sell Asus T100 ?

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    How much is the 3TB WD hard drive?

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      Just came back from Costco Ringwood. It's $189.99 after $30 coupon.

  • been watching me some Dexter, now gonna git me some of that 300M gladwrap !

    • toilet bowl pranks?

    • actually the 600m Gladwrap is better value @ $19.95, it is wider 45cm compare to 33cm.

  • How much is the Nikon ?

  • If you have a Harris Farm Market (NSW only I think) handy they are doing Swedberg Swiss for $12.99/kilo until Sunday.

  • How much is the Sony speaker ?

  • If you dont have membership you can get 12 at woolworths for $8.99 http://www2.woolworthsonline.com.au/Shop/ProductGroup/15763#...

  • Id love to know the Costco price for the Nikon camera with twin lens…anyone know? Thanks in advance x

    • Oops this may be an actual package as a Nikon bag, SD card and wifi adaptor is also included. Very curious now!

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    Another good deal. Asus 10.1" Full HD 32GB tablet is $279.99 (save $60). Cheapest price from Staticice is $329 from The Good Guys.

    • Thanks. Just got one. Looks like a few are still available in Casula. Bing Lee across the street is selling it for 399.00.

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