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Weekend Specials AOC IPS 21.5" AIO Multi-Touch A2272PWHT $369 @MSY


Hi all,

Specials from MSY for the weekend ahead.

AOC IPS 21.5" AIO Multi-Touch A2272PWHT $369

Netgear Powerline AV200 Nano Adapter Kit $54

After playing with the URL, found this too.

Acer E1-572-54204G50Mnks - $549 (after $79 cashback)
Acer E1-570-33214G75MNKK - $419 (after $59 cashback) next cheapest is $450 at Greenbox

Ps. Has anyone got some good feedback for those powerline adapters? I wouldn't mind playing around with one!

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    Hi - Don't post something until you have finalized it.


    Go to deal link now working Thanks


      Fixed. Sorry, I was actually browsing earlier and came across what seemed a future sale from MSY too. Not sure as they just updated their weekend sale page to the updated link.


    Power line adapter can be useful for a printer if you want to move it to a room without a router, not ideal for gaming as you get power line interference


      Thanks, doc.


        It's fine for general use, you get a delay in you connection of around 30 to 50 ms, download speeds aren't really affected I've found from experience


      not ideal for gaming as you get power line interference

      You have no friggin' idea what you're talking about.

      There is no "interference" from the actual current traveling through your house's internal wiring. The signal is coupled at one end and de-coupled at the other, power companies use exactly the same principle to send data over huge distances across high voltage lines instantaneously.

      This technology has been around for as long as the concept of Local Area Networking has existed. It's not some new-fangled, highly untested novelty.

      Secondly, Ethernet Over Power is, as near as makes no difference, identical to having an actual Ethernet cable spanning the distance you're covering with EOP. It's the same throughput as CAT5 (10/100), the only cause for degradation is normal modem/line attenuation and poor SNR, which would not be improved with an actual ethernet cable.

      Even 200Mbp/s Powerline Adapters (recent models) can handle downstream speeds of 85Mbp/s, which is faster than 95% of Australian household connections. I use 500Mbp/s adapters that will handle 250Mbp/s or thereabouts with no issue. The theoretical limit of the most recent Homeplug AV standard is even faster I believe.

      EOP trumps WiFi by miles and is the next best thing to professionally wiring your house with CAT6, which would be tenfold more expensive.

      Get a clue mate. The only people who are going to run into issues with powerline adapters are people whose homes have 3-Phase Power or people who live in ancient dwellings with degraded/poorly-fitted wiring. Modern EOP adapters can work across different breakers/circuits and are very widely compatible with other brands of EOP adapters (for instance 200Mbps and 500Mbps adapters can work together just fine, obviously connecting at the slower 200Mbps speed though).

      And yes, I game over EOP, stream over EOP (15GB .mkv's from my NAS), file transfers, etc. and it's never let me down.


        Sorry to break it to you, but you missed my other post, you wrote all this for nothing!


          Your other post is nothing but misinformation as well.

          My original point still stands: Get. A. Clue.

          you get a delay in you connection of around 30 to 50 ms

          That's amazing then, because I'm able to get sub-50 millisecond pings then when apparently there's a minimum delay of 30 milliseconds.


          Minimum of 30? Who said that? A synonym for "around" is "approximately" when used in this context. And I'm speaking from experience, wireless gives me less delay, but I'll be installing cat6e myself, $12 for 30m and some handy work (:

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