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GraysOnline - $10 off When You Spend $20+


Use this code for $10.00 off when you have $20+ in your basket (before discount).
Can be used once per account. Good for 1000 uses, but how many are left?!?

Only valid in the checkout at www.graysonline.com

But you can buy things from www.graysoutlet.com.au, as long as you checkout through www.graysonline.com :)

At the moment Grays has a clearance on some mens and womens fashion, with free delivery:

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  • Cool, nice new top and pants for $17.70 delivered :P

  • Thanks OP - picked up a Gap t-shirt and Esprit hoodie for the little one for $10.94 shipped.

  • Never mind, I got it :)

    • Free delivery is not enabled for that item. Under Quantity you will see "Free Delivery on this purchase" when free delivery is applicable.

  • There is also "FREE DELIVERY on Fragrances"

  • Are you sure it works for 1000uses.
    I received an email with this code in it, and it doesn't say anything about the uses. but I does have a expiry date of 09 Feb 2014

  • Oops! it does expire 9th Feb. I wonder if it will last that long now that its on OzB?

  • +1

    Thanks, got a t-shirt from GraysOutlet with free shipping for just over $10!

    Key word is to checkout in Graysonline site as GraysOutlet does not recognize the code!

    • Thanks for that.. I was about to have a sook about the code not working :)

  • +3

    easternculture, need ur suggestions m8

  • +3

    Kitchen & cookware free delivery… I couldn't see anything that is free delivery at all!

  • Thanks OP. Got a Columbia Men's Drain Maker Shorts for $22.

  • How do you check out from http://www.graysonline.com.au instead of http://www.graysoutlet.com.au ?

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      Once you have added your item click on visit grayonline above your shopping cart and it will take there with the item still in the cart.

    • +1

      Add to cart on graysoutlet. Then go to Graysonline. Whatever in your cart can still be checkout at graysonline

      • Thanks!!

  • Bothe the cart will have same contents. So go to graysonline and do checkout from there.

  • Republic Mens Chris Shirt + Guess Seductive 75ml = $47.90… SWEETTTTTTT

  • +1

    I've been trying to check out about 20 minutes and entering the code produced the error "to use this code you must enter a payment method" any ideas how apply the code?

    • +1

      When logged in, click this link and set it up https://www.graysoutlet.com.au/mygrays/account/paymentdetail...

    • First log in then apply code.

    • try entering a payment method?!? </smartarse>

      Go to the billing address and payment screens and then you will have another chance to add the code before checking out.

      • +1

        Thanks heaps! Appreciate your help as I couldn't tell there was another chance to enter code after card details. On my phone it shows the button to submit card payment but only the outline of the submit button not the text/image, so I can't see what that button does, and was concerned it would do a final submit and step 4 of 4 would be the confirmation rather than another chance to review before submitting. Thanks heaps for taking the time to let me know how to do it, much appreciated!!

  • Thanks OP, got two t-shirts I had my eye on

  • +3

    Two of these (http://www.graysonline.com/retail/bn-mdrex220lpw/audio-tv-an...) delivered for $20. Got some black ones a while back, and not at all bad for the price.

    Review here: http://techverdict.com/sony-mdr-ex220lp-earphone-review/

    • Thanx m8, got a pair of a pair of em :-D

    • Thanks.

      I also bought two pairs :)

    • Thanks bought 2

      • i have 3 pairs. Good earphones for the price. even at $15 each. bass is good but the cord is a bit thin.

  • +1

    I'm getting 'usage restrictions not met'? My item is $20.95

    • +3

      You need to checkout from graysonline, not graysoutlet.

  • Anything else people found worthwhile? I found the fragrances not that great a price compared to some of the other online stores. Didnt much like the clothes or watches in the promo sale and the shoes sadly are out of most sizes.

  • +1

    Guys, be very careful at the checkout, preferably pay with PayPal, because I checked out through Graysoutlet in hurry and lost my $10 discount. Rang them and they can't cancel the order because it has already been passed on to their vendor :(

    • Me too. Was in a hurry due to work. Missed the $10 discount. Their site should make have a payment review page.

  • +2

    Casio watch - $14.95 delivered - booya! Thanks OP

    • Good find, but the lack of a countdown timer is a deal-breaker for me sadly.

  • +2

    Rusty Mens Goombah Too Board Short $13.07 delivered


    • +1

      Thanks got a pair, $13.07 delivered is a bargain!!!

  • +7

    I posted it yesterday as freebie assuming it as one off thing. Anyways good other people can use it.

  • First time using a cashback site (CashRewards), anybody who's done this before know how long it takes till they get the cashback?

    • -3

      This is not about cahsback site, it's about $10 discount on Gras.

      • They are not asking about applying the code.

      • +1

        Probably wants to use cashback site in conjunction with purchase with voucher discount

    • Months.

    • Not sure about CashRewards but for StartHere it can take up to 2-3 months as the retailer needs time allowance for returns etc. though IMO they shouldn't need that long.

      • Alright, thanks!

  • Thanks, picked up three Gap shirts for my daughter for $15.00 delivered.

    • same… $15.11 to be exact ;)

  • Thanks! Got some denim shorts for $10.

  • Tried to pay by PayPal, but it is strange that the total amount does not show up on the PayPal payment page when I wanted to pay for it…

    • +1

      Just go through with it, as you confirm the order after the paypal page (on the graysonline page).

  • Anyone know any cheap items under $5 with free shipping?

  • I also went thru paypal initially and discount didn't show, so I checked out via credit card and all ok. Thanks for this, I received email with voucher code and couldn't find anything I wanted on greys online site, the outlet was better. I ordered boys Columbia pants/shorts and a gap t shirt for $12 delivered.

    • Are you sure ? Have you checked your order details…the same thing happened with me. When I checked the order details, they charged me the full amount with no $10 discount.

      • +1

        Just checked order details, was charged discounted amount.

  • Never has buying shorts and cheap fragrances been so appealing.

  • +3

    budvar - the beer of kings - is $45 delivered with voucher ($62.99 at dan's)




    • +1

      Thanks for that. One of the best beers on the market. Great price for the original budvar from Check Republic!

    • sold out :(

  • Anyone having any experience with their bedlinen? I am after a 1000 thread count or close sheet set…
    Any comments???

  • Anyone got an invoice confirming the order yet?

    • Yes. With the discount showing.

  • Notsure what to buy, bought some Shiraz instead..

    Got 12 x Maker Shiraz 2010 for $21.16 DELIVERED

    Less than $2 EACHH

    • Sure you got 12?

      • Yepp… $10.58 for 6
        ($1.50x6) + $10SHIPPING + $1.58 FEE = $20.58 - $10

  • Mind sharing the link for shiraz??

  • Thanks OP

  • Bought a wetsuit for less than 30 bucks (delivered). Thanks

  • Did a blank search on the Grays Outlet site with great results!

    The first result I got


  • Grabbed a slab of Becks

    Now to see how many people will get "drunk" off this.

  • No more free delivery on clothing clearance items?

  • bought some Kiehls - thanks OP!!

  • Cheap footwear with free delivery


    $10.97 delivered


    $13.60 delivered


    for $17.47 (add a pair of sock to make up to $2x)

    Various item from Mountain Warehouse @$22.99 including fleece + footwear, works out to be $12.99 delivered.

  • Is code still working for everyone?

    • Yep still working.

      • Thanks

  • a jumper for $15? why not, cheers OP

  • I was charged full price.. either I didn't notice it during the final confirm or something went wrong. Pretty sure it showed $-10 prior to me hitting confirm. Hopefully this can be sorted. The product is sold out now. I got the last one. What are the odds of me getting 10 bucks refunded to my PP account? OK I'll stop laughing now

    EDIT: read comments above.. looks like I'm screwed grrr

    • hehe.. rep got back to me (pretty quick too) and asked me to forward email with voucher code in it LOL. Bugger me.. used grays for couple years now so -maybe- I got the email.. anywayz figured shirt was a good deal for $20 so just used the code on something else

      • And just to make sure I don't cancel my order was shipped about 20 mins ago :P
        Meh jokes on you Grays, can't wait to show off that great shirt

  • Just tried - Expired (No uses left)

  • Huh? I just tried to use the code and it came up with 'no uses left'! Bugger.

    edit: I see it has happened to someone else too.

    • Hmm.. when I emailed the rep I happened to mention the code.. her response was to forward the email I recieved that had that code in it… umm..sorry guys.. -ducks-

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