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Free GHD Air Hair Dryer (Worth $199) with 12mth Subscription of Marie Claire Magazine for $69


The official deal is for a 12 mths subscription of Marie Claire* for $69 which equates to a saving of 32% ($31.80) off the street price of $8.40 per issue. That to me is not a deal as I only buy the occasional issue when they have good free samples with that particular month's issue.

The real cincher here is that the first 300 subscriber get a free GHD Air hair dryer. These are top-of-the-range hair dryers in the current market today and have an RRP of $199 (but can be found on ebay for $127 delivered).

Now I've used one of these dryers before (at a salon when getting my hair done) and they are great at cutting down drying time with the 2100w motor without leaving hair feeling like it's been blitzed tinder dry. The ionic technology also helps to keep hair feeling soft and looking silky smooth, cutting down on the need to use additional styling products. It has 2 heat settings, 2 fan settings and a cool shot function. For more information, check out the official product page.

So effectively you could get a great styling product almost half the cheapest price and 12 mths worth of magazine reading. Good Buy and have already made my order tonight. Be quick since it's meant to be limited to the first 300 subscribers.

Would make a good gift for the gf (valentines day is coming up), sister, mum or yourself if there is no one out there to spoil you.

  • Marie Claire is a monthly publication on Fashion, style, beauty and health, peppered with the occasional feature article covering current womens' issues. They also regularly include sample sized beauty products with their monthly issue from brands such as Jurlique, Nepolean Perdis, L'Occitane and Becca in the past.

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  • How do you know you are one of the 300 subscibers? Are you advised before or after making the purchase?

    • +3

      It doesn't confirm whether you are in the first 300 before the purchase but my email confirmation after purchase says:
      " Marie Claire - 1 Year (12 Issues) SAVE 32% + Free gdh air hairdryer"

      So I guess I'll be getting a hair dryer next month with my issue. Otherwise, I'm ringing them up to cancel the order.

  • +3

    Incredible deal. Just got one for my better half. She's over the moon! Cheers bling. Great post.

    • +2

      Thanks TA. I couldn't wait for someone else to buy for me so thought I'll just get it myself!

      • No, thank you. This post should get 500 votes, it's that good!

        • +3

          But then there'd be at least 200 complaints :)

          Good deal tho.

        • +1

          You don't have to purchase a deal to think it's good.

  • so if you subscribe and do not get the email saying you are receiving a Free gdh hairdryer, then do you cancel before the order? Can you do that?

    • All the way through the application, it keeps showing free GHD hair dryer, so I took a screenshot of each page just in case. At the end of the order, you get confirmation of the 12 month subscription and the free dryer along with a reference number. A few minutes later, an email. Too good.

      By the way, they don't muck around… the $69 has already been taken out of my credit card.

    • +1

      The order process means you select the deal with the GHD as an option. The email says:

      Purchase and Delivery Details
      marie claire - 1 Year (12 issues) SAVE 32% + FREE ghd air hairdryer

      If you don't receive the hairdryer after that email confirm you would be rightfully miffed.

  • Thanks OP - magazines for me, hairdryer for a gift. Sweet deal, provided it all pans out.

  • Great deal. Thanks.

  • Awesome, bought and confirmed. That's the March birthday present sorted. Thanks OP!

    • +9

      How about + voting it then.

      • Definitely did. Had 10 votes when I clicked. If it's not showing its because the app is sh*t.

  • +2

    I bet their average reader profile is gonna be skewed by midnight tonight!

    Awesome deal. Thanks.

  • Over 100 clicks from start to finish of order… site might start to slow down tonight.

    • Will be ozbargained in no time.

  • How can I know if I am the first 300?

    • How can I know if I am the first 300?

      You will be. The order form specifically includes the dryer. I'm guessing the offer will be pulled once they're out of stock.

      • +11

        These guys are not expecting to get OzBargained at 11.30pm trust me - chaos tomorrow when they rock up to the office and see what's happened.

        We crush offers - it's our job :)

        PS> Ordered.

        • +1

          Too right.

        • +1

          lol… how very true.

          I can imagine a management meeting about now. We have 3673 orders for the GHD hairdryer offer… WTF do we do?

    • +4

      Leonidas will be marching your army.


  • +1

    Ordered. I'm expecting to have to fight for a refund after not getting the dryer, especially after reading other peoples experience:

    But oh well, a sucker for a bargain. Fingers crossed it works out. Like mentioned, it says all throughout ordering subscription + dryer. Even in confirmation mail afterwards it says:
    "marie claire - 1 Year (12 issues) SAVE 32% + FREE ghd air hairdryer"

    So if I don't get it, I will try my best to get a refund. But I fully expect to see a lot of angry people in this thread in a couple of months or so :p

    • +1

      Faith my friend, faith. It's a great offer and I'm confident they will come through. No reason to think otherwise.

    • Think optimistic thoughts ;-)

      In a couple of months I'll using the GHD to dry my dishes or something.

      • Oh yeah, I'm hoping for the best :) If I'm lucky I might even get it in time for missus birthday beginning of April, that would be great. Bonus present.

      • now there's an idea….
        Just ordered with #153088X

        • lets see how it all goes


          definitely a lot of orders going through. hopefully they can fulfill them =D

        • What time did you order? I ordered 12.30am last night - 15306XX

        • 11:56PM last night.


  • +1

    but if you prefer not to receive them please tick here
    Please tick here if you would like to receive relevant messages by SMS
    hmm tricky

    EDIT: got mine~woo hoo.
    please dont send me an email saying that its out of stock or similar!!!
    thanks op.

  • +1

    Yes! Was going to mention to thread lightly on the last page with the payment. 6 checkboxes regarding spam, and they are trying very hard for you to tick them incorrectly. I ticked 4. Hopefully I got it right :P

    • yes, dont tick the two boxes in the 2nd line!

  • +2

    Bought the wife a GHD set with curler and hair dryer. Hair dryer died less than 2 years after buying it. :(

    • Are you sure it is a ghd? becoz as far as i know they do not do curler

  • Anyone else realised at the bottom it says íf you DON'T want to receive promo stuff click here'?? Then there are two boxes of mail and phone… I wonder whether they did that on purpose?

    edit: yes! I saw that too… guess others did too since someone just mentioned it a few posts up!

  • Thanks op ordered, Good I checked in before going to sleep…!

  • +1

    Happy VD to me. Happy VD to me! Thanks OP for making my VD special.

    • +13

      If you've got VD then you're already special .

    • +2

      Happy VD to me.


  • Im fumin. Just bought one of these dryers for my mrs last week and it set me back $150 on special
    great deal and good find OP

  • Get now only error messages … looks like it's finished …

    Update: still working … used Chrome instead of Safari

  • May still be working, I just got one

    • +1

      Me too, here's hoping they send it to us!

      • +1

        somehow I doubt you will see this hairdryer…. unless you go and buy it yourself…

  • By the way, does anyone know when they will send out delivery confirmation?
    Also was curious to see where the original deal came from - an email link or something? It does not seem to be showing on their website http://www.subscribetoday.com.au/store/displayitem.asp?sid=1...

    • +3

      The offer was received in Marie Claire's email newsletter sent out this evening. It's also on the Marie Claire homepage.

      I rarely click to check the emails but am glad I did tonight!

  • grazie OP

  • I ordered two as gifts - first was just as deal was posted and then just now - 125 orders were placed in between. Not sure how this ranks against first 300 however.

    • 125 orders were placed in between.

      How do you know this?

    • +2

      how did you work out there's been 125 order since? Order Ref Number?

      • Sorry bling, was meant to upvote you! Appreciate your response from earlier. I'm curious to know how MrMaxwell figured this out too.

        also can someone tell me how to remove the negative vote please?

        • Hehe … no idea … but I voted + to equalise it :-)

        • +1

          no worries, I'm not precious with votes. I mean if I can convert them to $$$ then sure… otherwise, feel free to neg if it's not relevant, OT etc.

        • aww thanks mini_wombat

  • Thanks OP. GF already has one but just ordered one for Mum!

  • I bought this ghd air hair Dryer just for $99 in Nov 13.

    • +5

      Well then you paid $30 too much for it :)

      • +2

        3 months is a long time to put up with wet hair.

  • When try to place a order.
    "There has been a problem processing your order. Please contact us for further assistance."

    • Same! Trying again atm… ozbargained?!?

  • ozbargained?

    • Worked a charm 2nd time…

      I used AMEX instead of Mastercard the 2nd time…

  • My guess is you wouldn't be in the 1st 300 if ur ordering now just putting it out there.

    • As mentioned above the confirmation email clearly states:

      "marie claire - 1 Year (12 issues) SAVE 32% + FREE ghd air hairdryer"

  • Just ordered. Order numbers now up to #153084X


    • Mine is 153074x
      I think its over

    • Interesting, about 350 higher than mine. With that in mind, I would not recommend ordering this anymore as you would just have to fight them for a refund. Regardless what the order confirmation says :)

      With that in mind, it would be very interesting if OP can give an indication of his number as it seems to be sequential.

      Edit: 153050x

      • 153081x looks like I might have to call them 2mr…

        Gonna be a fun day for the call centre 2mr… esp if we don't get it :)

        "Q3: Will I receive a refund if I cancel my subscription?
        Yes. On cancellation you will receive a refund for all unsent issues. All refunds will be issued by cheque, please allow 14 working days to receive your refund cheque."

        Cancellation shouldn't be a problem then…

        • +1

          I dunno, maybe they're running one of these scams: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjj8eMNxivM

          I was about to pull the trigger, but the experiences on productreview had me thinking it wouldn't be worth the fight. At least with a credit card you can charge back I guess.

    • Mine is 153039X

      • Same 153039X - we must have ordered pretty much at the same time. I think we can assume the 300 have been exhausted given the numbers they are running now.

  • +2

    Seeing as this is a 'subscribetoday' reference number, and they do many other magazines, couldn't the reference number counting be really misleading seeing as there could be other subscriptions to other magazines bumping up the numbers? Here's hoping that's the case anyways!

    PS. I bought one on my gf's request and I'm now thinking I'm too late… ! :)

  • -3

    Why do you use a $200 hair dryer?

    • +8

      Because its good?

      Why drive a more expensive car?
      Why buy a better brand tv?
      Why buy coke instead of generic cola?

      • Well, why go to a fine restaurant, when you can just stick something in the microwave?

        Why go to the park and fly a kite, when you can just pop a pill?

        -Cosmo Kramer

    • I'm a guy, so call me crazy, but the amount of time my missus spends in the bathroom is literally halved, if not more, wither her Parlux. They just heat better, have better airflow, and the thing is three years old and still going strong, unless her previous cheap hairdryers.

  • order number: 153144x

    Then i read this in the terms and conditions.

    If you want to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time however you agree that Pacific may not give you a refund during your initial 12 month term (except on offers that are marked full refund offers). Pacific will give you a refund on your subscription after the initial 12 month term. If a refund is available you will only receive a refund for the magazines that you have not yet received. Pacific calculates this by dividing the amount you paid by the number of magazines you ordered, giving us the cost per magazine. We then refund that amount for each of the magazines that you did not receive.

  • +1

    Ordered. Fairly certain there is an error in their system and these will be cancelled, but worth a try…missus will love it if it works!

  • Is this still going? Or has it reached the limit

  • Ordered mine *fingers crossed *

  • +9

    meh 300 units and I'm 9 hours late to the party. I'll skip this one.

    • Lol, never think that. There may have been 10,000 that thought that just before you did and there are several items left. Go for gold. That's what I have gotten from this site.

      Edit: I just read this comment and there were some left after your comment… two feet, jump!

  • Just ordered mine, hopefully I'll get the hairdryer.

  • Sensational deal mate, placed an order, lets hope the dryer is delivered

  • +13

    Just called and ordered mine over the phone.
    They still have about 100 left :)

    • That's very surprising considering this link has had over 2k clicks and the order number has gone up by at least 650+. It's probably across all types of orders, but still.

      Doesn't sound right, but great news if some are still available somehow :)

    • +1

      Yeah, probably haven't processed all the overnight orders.

    • Just out of curiousity, do you have an order number?

    • I just called up. They said they can't tell me how many are left as they're taking online orders. However, If I don't receive a hair dryer, they'll send something else out to the same value. Sounds good, but think I'm gonna have to pass on this deal.

  • +2

    This is an awesome deal. It's my wife's birthday tomorrow and I was going to buy her one of these hairdryers anyway AND she loves reading Marie Claire.

    Thanks OP, you have made me look golden!

  • +1

    Thanks, just ordered one (better get the dryer with it!).
    Wife should be happy.

  • Just ordered as well. Thanks OP, hopefully the Hair Dryer will make it in time for the Mrs's Birthday.

  • +5

    I just called. They said that if they don't have any left they will give you a gift of the same value.
    If you don't like that gift, you can return it and cancel your subscription.

    • Now that would be very cheeky of them … they can pick up their gift but I would not send it back.

    • +2

      That's bit of a concern, they could simply send anything that has a rrp $199 but in reality be worth <$50.

  • +1

    Yeah i just called aswell. They said they had no idea how many people had ordered. But the first 300 will get the ghd, and because there has been so many calls about this offer, they will be sending out something else to the value of $199 to everyone else that orders. If you dont like the other gift, you can send it back and they will refund the money no questions asked.

    Really nothing to loose - could be like those Dell printers, order late and get sent out the better model :)

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