This was posted 7 years 8 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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60" LG 60PH6700 3D Smart Plasma TV $999 at Bing Lee


Great price for a 60" TV with 3D and Smart features.

Screen Size 60" (152cm)

Resolution 1920 x1080p

DynamicContrastRatio 3,000,000:1

3D Built In Yes (Active Shutter)

DisplayType Plasma

600Hz Sub-field Driving Yes

Protective Skin Glass Yes

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  • Just note that this is a plasma TV.

    • Can we please get this in the OP title?

  • Newer plasmas have much less energy consumption than those of 5 years ago.

    • True… the power consumption on new ones is very low as is the heat output.
      On the other hand… we have just had our second plasma fail (they were not LG) :-(
      Reliability / durability may be a problem with plasmas? Go LCD with big screens.

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    i would say the 50" model is a crazier deal at $600

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      Crazy how much these are dropping in price. Anyone know of the (or a) reason?

      If anyone is wondering, a 60" tv is 20% longer, but has 44% more surface area than a 50" tv ( Diagonal measurements can be a bit deceiving.

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        Just to add, it's also 10" longer diagonally.

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          you might want to mention its 5" on one side and 5" on the other side

        • You might want to clarify that would only be from the centre.

      • Plasma's are being phased out, it would seem.

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    From previous reports this series TV comes with built in mirror as well ;)

    Would be interested in some feedback from those that have bought the 50"/60" PH6700 as to how much of an issue the reflection is, and the picture quality in general.

    • I have the 6500,very happy with the picture quality,lower power consumtion than my older 46" Panasonic,but is wont be watching it in full daylight at an angle.but not a problem if straight in front or shades/curtains half drawn.

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    Please read about how energy consumption is calculated below. Most people would only watch a third of the estimated hours. This TV vs a Panasonic TH-L60E55A LED 60" gave a $66 difference in the power consumption for the ENTIRE YEAR and this is based on 10 hours of viewing per day. So if you only watch a third of that, the difference would be close to $22 in the year (standby will make it slightly more than $22 this is why I say "close to"). The ONLY issue with modern plasmas is the reflective nature of the screen.

    ——- The energy rating label shows a star rating and the estimated annual energy consumption of the model. These are calculated from the Projected Annual Energy Consumption (PAEC).

    To determine the PAEC the television is required to be tested to AS/NZS AS/NZS 62087.1.2010 to determine the:

    Average power on energy consumption (W) Active standby power consumption (W) Passive standby power consumption (W).

    The PAEC is then calculated assuming 10hours per day watching television and atotal of 14 hours a day in standby, multiplied by 365 days.

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      Doesn't stop salesman from using it to sell the more expensive, inferior product. Plus, a product that's more expensive must surely be better, right?

      People are gullible.

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    Hmm I still think the power issue is a factor, I recently upgraded a 50inch plasma with a 47 inch LED, I measured the current draw of each set the plasma was using an average of 300w, where as the LED is using 50W. I get the QLD solar feed in tarif and we have a young family so the set is on alot during the day. I get paid 52c per kilowatt hour (1000w per hour) for power my solar kit feeds into the network. So the difference between the sets was costing me 13c (250w) per hour for daytime running, and around half that at night (no solar), based upon tariff 11 (26c per kwh)250 watts of that, lets say 6c. So the amount I saved by switching to LED on our main tv on for 8hrs a day was 76c during over the whole day ((13c x 4)+(6c x 4). So in summary 76c day x 365 days = $277 a year saving. The bulk of this saving is due the the QLD solar tariff and my own circumstances though. Without solar the difference would have only been $175.

    I think for a main living area tv used during the day a LED set is worthwhile, for cost and for screen reflections and brightness. But if you have a media room or somewhere you only use for a few hours at night the plasma is hard to beat at this price.

    We are movign into a new house soon and am considering this set for a lounge that we will only use for movies etc.

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      But how old was your plasma, what brand was the plasma and what brand is the LED? Current models are a lot more efficient in comparison to even recent years, and cheaper branded plasmas are typically worse on efficiency.

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        Yea, you need to compare apples to apples.

        Compare a new Plasma with decent energy consumption stars to a LED and you'd get a better understanding.

        My 42" 10yr old plasma uses more than my 60" samsung plasma.. LOL!

        IMO, don't calculate the savings, it barely ever warrants the premium.

        For example: Top of the Line Samsungs 60"
        Samsung series 8 Plasma: $2300
        Samsung sereies 8 LED: $3000

        The question would be, how many years for a person's own circumstances to recoup the $700 difference?

        In the case above, around 2-3years. However depends on how picky you are, you sacrifice Picture Quality to Power Consumption. But cannot say much about your calculations as you probably weren't comparing latest plasma to latest LED. Plasma tech has gone a long way.

      • Agree. Larger, older plasma compared to current smaller LED TV is an irrelevant comparison. Need model numbers to verify.

      • It was a series 4 Samsung plasma with an name plate of 450w max.the led was an lg 47lm6200 My average power draw was 300w with reasonble contrast and brightness settings. I trust my ct tong ammeter much more that some internet review spouting a c a day figure that provides no supporting info. Current gen plasma would cut average consumption to maybe 2/3s of this I believe.

        You could go nuts comparing these techs on difference in inital costs, running costs, time value of money. Etc. Just buy what you like. Just remember if the teves is going to used for many hours a day, it'll add up.

    • 8 hours a day is a lot of tv viewing.. even with a family.

  • What about burn in? Do plasma's still suffer from this?

    • Not as much as before, had mine for 2 yrs and no burn in at all.

      It is more tolerant nowadays. Obviously if you left the same pic on the tv for 1hr it will prob be burnt in, but if you always use it for something in motion, then its OK.

      • wouldn't suit me….. I keep falling asleep with the TV on HDMI 1….. My new TV hasn't got damage but its a LED LCD…. :)

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          So your LED tv doesn't have a sleep function or you just don't know how to use it?

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          its a smart tv…….you don't expect it to have extra functionality do you?

    • Not sure about newer models but my 50" LG plasma tv suffers from burn in!
      I dont know how to get rid of it.

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        Most plasma has a burn in fix somewhere in the menu, where it displays a pure white screen. You leave that on for 30-60min and it usually fixes it.

        If it doesn't then plug a PC in and create a full white image…. maybe use your web broswer and set it to full screen.

        • i hve checked my TV menu … no option for that. I'll try your other method.

  • Any word on what input latency is like, with this screen?

  • This looks impressive.

  • I bought it from good guys in Perth for $1160 after I asked them for price match . I payed $161 more but even bieng lee charge me same amount for shipping . Any way am not happy for picture quality . That's shame really disappointing . I recon samsung smart tvs are much mor smarter than LG .

  • Damnit, just got one of these for $1200 in the Boxing Day sales :S

    A few notes: not at ALL suitable for gaming, way too much input lag. It also gets short-term image retention VERY easily, but it disappears with about an hour of moving images (this is a display model that reports at least a few hundred hours operating time, so it's safe to say that it's not an issue that's going to go away with time).

    Fantastic for movies and TV shows though, in my limited, subjective experience…