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[TGG] Logitech Bluetooth Mini Boombox - Black $29 (In-Store) or $9 Shipping


Logitech Bluetooth Mini Boombox - Black

Stream music from your iPad, iPhone, Android device, laptop or other Bluetooth-enabled devices

Logitech Mini Boombox valued at $78 and selling on eBay for more!

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The Good Guys

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    Not a massive sound. But for thay price, definitely a good buy.

    Have only ever seen these for $70 and some fools on ebay selling for over $100

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    Seems decent for the price.

  • pretty decent sound and very versatile …I got this free with my iPod touch few years back.

  • bought one. thanks

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    Doesn't seem to let you do an in store pick up to avoid $9 delivery.

    The good guys are normally $2 delivery….?!

    • You must set a store first (on the top bar to right of the help number), then you can select pickup

      • Cheers that seemed to work.

      • How many days do you have to pick it up?

        edit: found it apparently you have 12 weeks to pick up an in store order before they re-allocate stock

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    I got one of these free with my Nexus 7 via TGG offer they had recently. First thing I noticed when I got it was how small it was. I was expecting something a little larger, but nvm as I found being small, it made it so easy to carry around everywhere. The sound is pretty good for the size and really packs a punch. In fact if you turn it on loud enough, the whole unit actually physically moves with the bass. This could be a bad thing? Battery life wise is very good. Playback of between 6 to 8 hrs between charges would be my guess however I haven't ever measured it properly. Bluetooth range could be better. I get between 4 to 5 metres before I start getting dropouts, but bluetooth makes is so easy for everyone to playback music from their phones so its a real plus.

    • Yep, have one too and this is all pretty accurate.

      Overall would buy again.

    • I've got one too and concur with you. Also, has a hand-free function for making and receiving calls.
      if you've got a car with no bluetooth, just leave it on your dash and it can be use as a bluetooth handsfree :)$29 can't go wrong!

      • Can this unit be left directly under the sun for extended time?

        • if the case doesn't warp, the battery will degrade pretty quickly.

  • Thanks OP, Got one

  • Thanks OP. Bought 2 :D

  • Cheers! Been looking for something like this for a while. Bought one then.

  • Picked one up as well…too good a price to pass up. Strange how shippping is $9 not the usual $2. Great bargain all the same

    • I ordered two but had to select a store 24kms away for pickup. If I ordered delivery they would send the stock to my local store to deliver but they can't send stock to my local store for collection? Click N Collect in Australia has been totally botched and these retailers have no idea how to look after customers or make them want to purchase from them.

      Delivery would have been an option but they won't leave the parcels even if you accept responsibility for it so someone has to be home when they deliver.

      Thanks to PissLUR for posting the deal!

      Edit: received a call from the store that I ordered with (about fifteen minutes after ordering) to say they are ready for collection so pretty good service from that side.

    • It seems like the standard delivery charge is now $9.

  • Thanks OP, got one.

  • +2

    All other colors aside from black are official price of $14
    Got last in Oxley they have 3 black left
    Ask for red

    • Just bought the last black one from Oxley. Not sure what you mean by $14, just got it for $28

      • +1

        The other colours besides black are $14. Thanks, got one $14!

        • +3

          The white ones are $2!

        • Seriously? $2? Btw other colours in store only?

        • +1

          Seriously. No idea why I have been negd. This was at carseldine. The white ones were $2 the red was $14 and the black $29.

        • could you post which TGG you got the white ones from? :D

    • First, went to Joondalup store, got 2 red @$13.50. There was 1 white, but the girl said its not on the system, and they can only sell at $29.
      Next, went to Osborne Park store, there were 4 red on display, but the sales person and manager can only sell those @29.

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    I am looking for a vibration BT speaker……..

  • Got one. Thanks!

  • bought one, thanks

  • Does anyone know whether this is the new model or old?

    • bottom of the box says copyright logitech 2011.. and says compatible with iPad2 on the side.. so its probably couple years old model.

      Newer models come with NFC function which is still bluetooth but has an easier to use auto-connect feature.

  • +2

    This is the old model from 2012, replaced last year by the UE Mini Boombox, which is also about to be replaced with a new model now.

    • thanks! just the right information i was looking for :)

    • I thought this was the UE Mobile Boombox on sale, which is what I want.

  • I got one of these free from TGGG with my Nexus 7 tablet.

    I just bought two more. This thing is really really impressive especially for this price its not even a question.

    Long battery life, the bluetooth is excellent and amazing sound.

  • Have been after one of these for some time and unwilling to pay silly prices in JB and at Ebay etc.
    This TGG is one heck of an offer, but local pick-up hard to come by nearby.
    Either a 55km drive (1 hour each way) or $9 delivery fee.
    Hmm, what should the average OzBer do….?

    • +1

      Tell a mate so you can buy two

      • +2

        Yeah, came to same conclusion.
        Bought 2
        Now I just need a mate:(

    • +1

      Surely a 2 hour drive will cost more than $9 in petrol, wear-and-tear, and your time.

  • Thanks OP..finally used the TGG gift card from the games fiasco !

  • Read this when i was down the road from a GG store so went down and grabbed one. Quite good for the size really. I was after something i could drag around the yard while gardening, this seems perfect.

  • Remember if you can get the red one it is only $14 and according to razza the white one is $2

  • White ones are $2 just bought and 3 and all other than black are $14 got a few red ones.

  • Went to Logan TGG, bought 2 red and 2 white ones for $14 each, the lady scanned the red one for $14 and the white one for $2 then said must be wrong price entered as cost price was $34.95. Asked her manager and he said to put the white one as $14 as well.

    Can I go back tomorrow and ask for $12 refund on the white ones if they are officially on sale at $2 a piece and its not error pricing? Is there anyway I can get them to check with headquarters?

    • +1

      There is enough testimony here that you were overcharged.

      • yeah think I might drop by tomorrow and ask them for a refund. Can anyone who got a white one for $2 in a Brisbane store post a receipt or let me know which store so at least I can tell them to check with that store? thanks…

        For those who want the black ones, there are more than 10 units still available at the Logan QLD store but sticker price was $30

        • $14 is good enough for me. Well maybe I am not a true ozbargainer.

  • Yes, can anyone who got the $2 white one post the receipt? Thank you! I want to buy 2 tomorrow~! ^_^

  • Lol can't find any of the red or white left in Perth. Anyone want to sell me one of the 3 or 4 they purchased already? Happy to drive to you to buy!

  • Thanks picked one up in store yesterday.
    good as a kitchen speaker.

  • +1


    This is the receipt of the 2 I got this morning

  • Did you order online? As I cannot see an option to buy white.

    • Only the Black is advertised online, the other colours you'll actually have to go into store and find unfortunately!

  • Got a red one from TGG Capalaba for $14

  • Not available online. Looks like its been Ozbargained. :-(

  • TGG hoppers crossing have plenty of black, no red or white tho`

    • yep they are the only ones left in all of S/E Melbourne to have any stock left at all, i picked up the last two reds from Narre warren.

  • There was none in Campbelltown NSW store

  • Sold out EDWARDSTOWN South Australia store as at Fri 21st 12pm CST

    I spoke to Patrice who advised theres NO stock in ANY SA store when I asked her to check other stores stock and advised to try ordering direct from the GG website.

  • +1

    My store had a white one but they wouldn't let me have it for $2…

    Firstly she said you can't have the white one… I asked why and she hesitated and said.. it must come with something so they can't sell it to me… I asked if it scanned up for $2 and she said it did… She went off and got one of the guys from that department, I overheard him tell her something along the lines of "just tell the customer they can have it for $29" … she returned and told me it was 29 like all the others… I asked "so you aren't going to give it to me for the price it scanned up" and she said it scans up at $29, you can have it for that…

    The good guys here are very dodgy.

  • -dupe comemnt-

  • Only black left at the Logan store. About 10 left this morning.

    I asked if he can you do anything better than $29???

    He gave it to me for $28.

  • Sold out at TGG Nunawading 1:00pm.

    Only 1 black display model left which I bought for $29. They couldn't discount further unfortunately. If I wanted a new one they could order one in within 2 weeks at $29. Their inventory system showed to have never stocked red or white colours.

  • Would anyone be happy to buy a white one and post it for me? Would be much appreciated
    Edit. Would also be happy with a red if white is unavailable

  • I got the last one at Oxley (despite this deal being labelled as expired).

    I spoke to Logan earlier and they still had a large stash - but they claimed that someone had pre-purchased all of them and so they couldn't give any to me.

  • Got 3 red ones at Penrith…$14 each

    • How many did they have left?

      i could take a leisurely drive to grab one

  • +1

    Brace yourself. EBay listings are coming

  • I ordered one yesterday and got a call today saying they were out of stock and had to cancel my order :(

    • I got a call that there were none in NSW and they were going to send it from Queensland. I ordered around 7pm

      • You must have taken mine! I ordered online yesterday afternoon here in QLD. I called my local store today and they said sorry, out of stock. They're going to do a refund.

  • Fastest delivery thus far! Ordered last night, just picked up from the mailroom at work. Mind blown.

  • They had 1 left at penrith around lunchtime but could be sold out now.

  • Couple of red ones left at Bendigo, Vic. They honoured the $14 price but only because the salesman wasn't aware of the pricing error. The cashier was so there's no going back for the other two !

    • +1

      $2 maybe is pricing error but $14 for a red one seems alright as red isn't a popular choice for some people.

      • Its only red panelling down the sides. Not very noticeable and not a deal killer for me.

  • so was the price error the $29 or only the $14?

    • Apparently $14 was also a price error but TGG hadn't fixed it on the system at 4.30 today. The tickets for $29 were to be put out today. Bit late !

  • +1

    I don't get how it was an error
    The red unit I picked up had a sticker on it saying $14

    • on the shelf at oxley it was printed for the red dock as $14

      • Went in again this morning and the red one scanned at $29. Which one was the price error then?

        • probably the white one for $2 maybe a price error
          you can call oxley brisbane store to confirm the red was $14 and not a price error
          just dont mention the phrase price error

  • The $2 white ones may have been an error.

  • +1

    Got my one today and it rocks, thanks Op and thanks Oz Bargain.

  • +1

    Received my black one today. It fired up and pays beautifully. Thanks OP… if only I was close enough to have hunted a white or a red

  • +2

    Got mine this morning and set it up straight away. Awesome sound for the price, thanks OP

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