expired Hoyts - Book of 10 Tickets for $100


Just saw this in the Hoyts website, which mention this for limited time only.

Hoyts is celebrating 100 years by offering a book of 10 adult tickets for $100 + shipping express $7.50. That's $10.75 per ticket!

With the current adult ticket priced at about $15, I think this is quite a worthwhile savings especially with movies coming out soon such as Transformers 2, Ice Age 3, and Harry Potter. :)


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    Worth noting, from the Hoyts website:

    Super Saver vouchers are valid for any session except on Saturday after 5pm and are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

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    I thought Super Saves/Money savers books have always been available?


      Is it always at this price though? I am not sure but I posted this anyway since it's specified as special limited only on the website.


        Depends on the type of supersaver. Is there any restriction on these ones? I know there are several types of Supersavers (Unrestricted, ones exclude Fri/Sat nights after 5pm, and Mon-Thur only ones). If its unrestricted then its a good deal!


        If you scroll down the page you can see the normal book of 10 as well ($125). So definitely a bargain.


          It says in t&c that it excludes Sat after 5pm, La Premiere and Special Events. It's restricted but unlike those Mon-Thu one. This is way better!


    Last time I bought tickets via my health fund a few months ago, it cost $10.50 a ticket.

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    i bought my non-restriction tickets to hoyts/village for $9.60 each :)
    can't buy it myself though. need a membership card that my friend have.

    ask around, maybe one of your friends have one.

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      if you are with Woolworths, they have association of woolworths employees which sell dirt cheap ticket to most of event, place of interests and cinema around Australia.


    Is there postage costs?

    Edit: Just saw the info

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    What the? This is cheap nowadays?

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      Where have u been?

      Cost of cinema tickets at Hoyts are ridicolous unless you got other sources to buy from. Even Entertainment Book voucher for this year is 2 tickets for $25.

      I've been buying some fundraising tickets that few of my mates sell for $8-$10. But that's become rare and only works Mon-Thu.

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    It's slightly cheaper the get the vouchers from http://boxoffice.smh.com.au/smh/tourevent/144/1644/3182/hoyt... or http://boxoffice.theage.com.au/theage/tourevent/136/1644/318... for $100 + $6.95(p&h), and these ones are also unrestricted.


    I wish they would make the movies more affordable.

    half the time I see a movie the cinema is empty…..

    Why dont they make it $5 pp then people would go rather than DL stuff

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    In QLD BCC have cards that they drop off in letterboxes that allow 4 people entry unrestricted entry for $8 (or thereabouts) for Carindale and Capalaba (and they used to do something similar for Indoroopilly as well). The tickets don't need to be relinquished but they expire after 6 or so months.

    Also members of the Broncos leagues club get a card for $10 tickets for 12 months (m'ship costs $10). Note that that was for the year ending 30 June 2009, I am not sure what they will do next year.

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    I'll give this a plus. Last time we went to Hoyts in Norwood, Adelaide, the tickets were $17! That's mindblowing. So I guess this is okay, except I hate the saturday night restriction. I highly recommend joining the Palace/Nova club if you want cheap-ish tickets anytime.

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