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$50 Cashback for New BankSA Freedom Student Accounts (10 Transactions Required)


This is for under 18s, fulltime tertiary students or apprentices only.

Went in to OWeek to get my yearly supply of pens and found this offer.

Instructions as follows:
1. Open BankSA Complete Freedom Student Account (No fees)
2. Deposit $5
3. Go to your local supermarket and make 10 separate purchases consisting of a 50c lollipop.
4. Wait…
5. Profit
6. Withdraw all money, close the account and wait for the next offer.


  • Account must be opened between 09/02/2014 and 31/03/2014 and transactions must occur by 30/04/2014.
  • Eligible customers will receive $50 credited to their Complete Freedom Student account by 08/05/2014.
  • Excludes existing Complete Freedom Student account customers.
  • Eligible transactions include contactless transactions but excludes cash withdrawals.

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  • do you actualy need to be a student?

    • Student or apprentice or under 18.

      Also, need to be close to a BankSA branch. So probably need to live in SA.

      • why do you need to be close to a BankSA branch?

        • Only required if you are over 18. To prove you are student/apprentice apparently you must visit their branch with ID.

          "If you are 18 or older, please visit a BankSA Branch near you to finalise your application, you’ll need to bring these documents with you."

        • Urgh that kills it for me then
          Thanks for the warning haha

        • +1

          I opened a BSA account and was able to validate my ID at St George Bank - I think you can also do it at Bank of Melbourne

  • How much are the monthly account keeping fees?

    I remember setting up a dormant Bank SA account while at uni, and all the negativity in my account likely contributed to the GFC…

    Edit: oh there's no fees…

  • Good find and clear steps to follow. I don't want extra sugar in my life so I can replace 50c lollipop with 1g self serve bag of lentils?

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