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Kogan Powerbank Sale - 11,000mAh $35 Shipped, 4000mAh $25, 2600mAh $19 + Others


This is the lowest price for this item (same as this expired deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/127678), and the capacity is pretty fantastic. Do not own this particular model, but have met others who own the 2600mAh version and are quite happy. Handy if you play battery killers like Ingress.

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  • I wouldn't buy the smaller versions, I bought the LePow 6000mah power bank from DX for about $20 http://dx.com/en/p/lepow-power6000-5v-6000mah-li-ion-battery...

  • Despite the description, from my experience you need 20,000mAh to power a tablet for a decent length of time. Have a look at these cheaper deals at eBay: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/261351767747?ru=http%3A%2F%2Fwww....

  • i picked up the 11,000mah brick a while back when it was on special. works well and changes my note 3'ish times while the notes on so i beleive the claims of mah are pretty close to the mark.

  • I bought several power banks from different sources, and the one that works the best is the one from Kogan. I had to build a adapter for my china tablet, but with it I can load it on the 2A usb port. The 11mah is pretty accurate, since I can reload a 5mah tablet twice. It is in fact so good, that my family now loads iPods, nexus 7, iPhones on this bank instead of using the power sockets !!!

  • Thanks for the good feedback on the PB nosdan & camel.

    Might actually grab one now that I know that its decent. Would fill up my Moto G to 100% 4.8x.
    Cheaper than a DIY PB from fasttech.

    edit: How long does it take to recharge the 11,000mAh on AC? About 5hrs @2A (if capacity is around 10,000mAh)?

    • It takes loooooooong time, say I attach it to my laptop before I go to sleep. I think it depends on what charger you take and on how much input the bank takes. I think most chargers are around 600mah, so it might take up to 20 hours to load.

      • iirc these have a max charging rate of 1amp (to charge the brick) as well as 1x1amp and 1x2.1amp usb ports (to charge fone/etc). ive never actually checked mine i just leave it plugged in when im home or in the car.

        maybe you can plug the 1amp output of the charger into its own charging input socket so it charges its self… then your fone into the 2amp socket and get free power forever? :)

        • iirc these have a max charging rate of 1amp (to charge the brick)

          So charging the PB with a 2A AC, the PB will only draw 1A right?

          maybe you can plug the 1amp output of the charger into its own charging input socket so it charges its self… then your fone into the 2amp socket and get free power forever? :)

          Haha, closed circuit infinity charging! Imagine it will eventually go flat due to heat loss so no never ending power… :(

        • So charging the PB with a 2A AC, the PB will only draw 1A right?


          so no never ending power… :(

          damn it and i thought i was so close to perpetual energy…. the dream lives on

        • damn it and i thought i was so close to perpetual energy…. the dream lives on

          Until someone invents the Arc reactor…

      • If it was off a PC USB port (~500mAh current), 20hrs sounds right.

        500mAh/0.5A = 20hrs
        1000mAh/1A = 10hrs
        2000mAh/2A = 5hrs

        This are considering its charging at max efficiency, but longer if the current fluctuates.

  • Get an Anker also any of the Energizer power banks are great. Have the XP18000 for over a year now works great and can charge most laptops

  • ROMOSS 10400mah External Battery Pack is awesome too.. got one from Amazon for $25 and $5 shipping fee. Sold by ROSMOSS (if you go to buy from other supplier then postage charges are bit more).

    Gets shipped from Singapore though.

  • Pretty good for the price… however I didn't get the full 11,000mAh like others have said here. I can still charge my S4 (2600mAh) about 3 times, so that's about 70 percent. Still quite good of course especially for $35.

    • Do you use your phone while charging?

      Edit: Nevermind. Both batteries at 3.7V. USB link at 5V. Looks like your power bank uses a lossy voltage converter.

  • bought the big one, thanks OP.

  • did it again, made the purchase and forgot to use cashback site first, grrr

  • JV where are you??

  • Where is jv

  • Has anyone tried these in comparison $5 cheaper and almost 5 times the milliampere hours but is it really 50,000mah is the question?


    • see my very first comment up the top ^

      plus tko's comment/link http://www.bubblews.com/assets/images/news/52395683_13660962...

      • I did see that but I don't believe someone with such good feedback would be selling sand.

    • Absolutely no way that's 50000mah. The size of it is the same as much much smaller capacity power banks. It's not like china has discovered some new battery technology to be able to squeeze that much capacity in such a small battery.

      You'll be lucky if it has 5000mah, let alone 50000mah, or worse it's mainly filled with sand

    • No. Specs go from 50Ah to 5.6Ah in "Feature" sub-section. Number of charges suggests a rating of ~8Ah. Largest capacity a cheap charger like that could do in a case that size is around 30Ah (assuming no losses).

      Edit: Spelling

  • So has anyone actually tried or rated these 50 000mah batteries ?

    Here is an aussie seller with a solar powered one surely they would just have more batteries to make up the 50,000mah I don't find it that unbelievable since a 18650 battery (about double the size of a normal AA) can be 5000mah its just 10 of them in a package essentially.


    • +3 votes

      The highest, genuine capacity 18650 lithium ion batts are about 1500mAh less than the '5000' you mention. In any case, alot of pre-built powerbanks are made using lithium polymer pouches.

      I'm not going to go looking for the threads and link them, but a number of people have tested huge-quoted-capacity powerbanks sold on Ebay and elsewhere, with often amusing/disturbing results.

      As for the real specifics of the one you link - no idea.

      There is an interesting phenomenon on Ebay of some sellers who continue in some cases for years to have demonstrably false claims in listings, with Ebay seemingly turning a blind eye to them.

      There is a BLF forum thread that references one long-time Ebay battery seller that sells wildly overstated-capacity cells.
      Most customers no doubt chalk up the purchase and non-descript performance to 'experience', but when he is called out by specfic customers who actually run discharge tests, he appears to have a well now established routine of negotiating cannily and offering compensation or refunding to the very aggrieved in order that feedback presents as still being very good.

      Has he been reported by any of those customers to Ebay, despite the refunds? Probably many times. Has he been forced to alter the detail of his listings. Clearly, no.

      If he has ever been taken to task at all by Ebay, maybe his argument has been that… "If you drain the battery to zero volts and then set the batteries on fire, my energy output quotes are, in fact, conservative."

      • Understood but your statement about 18650's is wrong here is a genuine we'll known u.s torch and light dist selling 3400mah



          What? Did you even read your own comment? Or mine?

        • What? Did you even read your own comment? Or mine?

          i think they want to believe so badly that they arent listening to anything else… its been repeated over and over yet they still ignore it and continue asking and trying to justify the same thing.

        • +1 vote

          Yes. Thanks. Very weird. Sometimes OzBargain feels like some sort of strange parallel universe - black is white, left is right, mods are Starship Enterprise crew…

        • i think he had read it like this:
          'The highest, genuine capacity 18650 lithium ion batts are about 1500mAh'

        • +1 vote

          Yep, very likely, but it's not as if horribly dodgy punctuation was in play on my part.

          The enthusiastically posted link for batteries that were, of course, nowhere near the 5000 mAh he mentioned in his own comment, did make the response extra odd, it has to be said.

          Valid excuse: Qantas worker - hence, on edge…

        • What are you talking about ? The simple point I was trying to make is that 18650's go well beyond the 1500mah that you have stated and I originally thought they reached 5000mah. Rendering this "The highest, genuine capacity 18650 lithium ion batts are about 1500mAh" a useless statement. I only asked if anyone had , had experience with the battery I linked not what you 'thought' their max capacity to be or the inaccurate useless knowledge you gave. Thanks anyway

        • +3 votes

          …1500mAh LESS THAN the '5000' you mention…

          Note the LACK of a comma after '1500mAh'.

          OH. MY. GOD.

        • the inaccurate useless knowledge you gave.

          dude, its you thats "inaccurate useless"

          learn to freaking read, enjoy your neg and now go away.

  • Do they support Samsung's "AC" charging?

  • Thanks OP, bought one.

  • The 4000mah ultra slim one can charge my HTC one max only about 70% from flat . So maybe only transfers 2000mah of energy.

  • any kogan brand product are very poor qulity. I really suggest you buy brand named item from them only.

  • Just received mine. Seems to work well. Came 85% charged. But how bad is the LED display. The only way you can read it is at a 45 degree angle. Looking at it from directly above shows you nothing but light.

  • Hi Guys,

    Just wondering if anyone is experiencing similar issues with the power bank and what they might be doing to resolve it.

    I received mine a week ago and had it replaced due to charging connectivity issues. The replacement unit now also has charging connectivity issues. When i plug in the charging cable, the unit doesn't automatically start charging but i have to plug, unplug and lightly nudge the cable, lift and set down the unit, turn it sideways for about a minute to eventually get the charging process started.

    Has anyone had a similar experience?

    • you talking about charging the bank or charging your fone etc?

      the short usb cable mine came with is crap. i just use a normal usb cable with mine. as soon as i plug the bank into my wall charger the little LCD turns on and it starts charging. unplug that and plug my fone in, press the button on the bank and it starts charging my fone

      you cant charge the bank while the bank charges your fone unfortunately.

      • Hi nosdan,

        I am referring to charging the power bank. Unfortunately both the original and replacement units i received have the same problem. The replacement unit's a bit worse as charging just stalls every now and then and I have to keep checking up on whether the power bank is charging.I have tried using different cables and different adapters to charge the banks but I keep getting the same problems. So I have a feeling that I have been given two units with faulty charging ports.

        Using the power bank to charge my phone and tablet's no problem.

        • yea mine i just plug it in and the lcd/blue led inside comes on and it charges (tested from my PC, laptop, wall charger and car charger all working as it should). sounds like they have some quality control issues there. probably a bad solder joint on the usb socket by the looks of it.

        • Ah… ok, thanks for the reply nosdan. Good to know that some of the units are not faulty. Looks like I will have to get Kogan to send out another replacement and return the one I have.

        • ive got one with the same issues. have to say this is one purchase i wish i had never bought from ozbargain. complete piece of crap. after the intermittent charging issues the little metal bit has now fallen out which means that it cannot charge at all. just a brick for $35