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Like Paws Express on Facebook for 3 Packs of Pedigree Dentastix Simply Pay $6.95 Shipping!


Like Us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pawsexpressau and send us an inbox with the message "Dentastix" and we will reply with your coupon code.

We are giving away 3 packs of Dentastix (small/medium/large any size of your choice) per person for any body who likes our Facebook page. Simply enter your coupon code and pay $6.95 for shipping and we will send them to you right away!

To claim this bargain:
1/. Click the bargain link above
2/. Like our facebook page and inbox us with the message "Dentastix"
3/. Add 3 packs of Dentastix from our store (any size of your choice)
4/. Enter coupon code
5/. Just pay for shipping

This deal is subject to stock availability so take advantage of it fast!

Coupons will be sent during business hours.

Additional shipping costs may apply depending on order size. This promotion only applies for the promotion as stated above

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    For anyone else interested: Petstock have them for $5.29 per pack in store.

    Edit: I'll wait until others add their input before sharing my facebook details ;)


    might be worth telling us what the value of the freebies is, so that we can determine if its worth paying postage…


      $16.50 seems to be the regular price for 3 packs.. waiting on the code to be sent after my fb message.


        Just received this as a fb message: Hi, Thanks for your interest in the Dentastix. We will be sending you the coupon code on Monday 10/3/14. If you haven't already liked our Facebook page, please do so by the end of tomorrow. Thank You so much :)


        $16.50 seems to be the regular price for 3 packs.

        nope, you can buy boxes of 4 packs much cheaper…

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    Strange definition of free…

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      What do you want for nothing? OHHH, I see, you want them to be out of pocket shipping them to you as well. Last time I checked, Aust Post charged for their services.

      If you don't want to pay for post, you can get the equivalent of this offer at Woolies this week for $12 if you make a bulk buy …..


      Having said that, how many 'like us on facebook' offers actually ever eventuate?


        Had your blood pressure checked recently?

        Offering a "free" product then having mandatory shipping charge means the total price to obtain the product is $6.95.

        And just for your ridiculous comment about expecting them to be out of pocket to send me the product, you might want to check out the freebies section on here. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of deals listed for free products/samples/promos with free delivery.

        Run along now.

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    Here's their order page to buy the Dentastix as a regular customer:

    Have fun with that…

    Maybe somebody out there still uses Facebook and would like to share the new URL / code?


    I usually get 4 packs for around $8-$9 at the supermarkets when on sale…

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