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$50 Cashback for New St George Bank Complete Freedom Student (10 Visa Debit Transactions Req)


(1) Open a Complete Freedom Student by 31 March 2014 online or in branch. (eligibility for account is under 18 or full time student or apprentice, must show evidence in the form of a student card or enrolment details)
(2) Use linked Visa debit card for at least 10 transactions by 30/04/14.
(3) Automatically have $50 cashback credited to account.

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  • hi rep is there pay wave on the visa debit card ?

  • While all well and good, whatever you do. Don't get a loan off these scumbags!

    If your wondering, I was going through some legal issues. They actually got upset at me for not paying off a loan that was given to me through a corrupt loans broker who lied on my application. Nevermind I was spending almost every single cent I was earning on life saving medication (without it, I wouldn't be here today).

    When I told them my injuries payout was just weeks away and they would get their cash as soon as it settled, they sold my $6000 loan debt off to a collection mob for just $700! Nevermind their constant harrasment even though I sent them papers to prove I was currently suing another party for some good money!