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Eneloop Quick Battery Charger AA 4PK $29.95 + Delivery (Pick-up Also Available) @ Masters


Hi guys, after being teased by the DickSmith deal I went on a hunt and found this deal.

This charger has more capabilities apart from the obvious fast charge speed (Peak-voltage detection, flexibility of charging quantity , Universal Voltage Power Supply).

Everywhere else this pack seems to be priced ~$49 or so. Hope this helps anyone after a reliable retailer.

Enjoy !

Comes with Charger MQR06 as opposed to MQN04 which can be compared here :


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    PLEASE! NO MORE! I have more batteries than money now :(

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      But you need a fast charger to charge all your money fast. Sorry, I mean batteries.


      Haha ! Im just trying to help the people who are after something better , more reliable (as far as service goes) with a reasonable difference in price. I personally dont mind sparing a few extra $ if it means ill get better responses from the seller.

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      eneloops the new bitcoins


    Quick Charge does not = good


      The severity of the effect is very little in AA Eneloops with a more advanced charger. You might save couple of hundred $$ at the end of your life running that efficiently :)


      Actually, a 2-hour charge is not far off optimum, if you are using peak-voltage detection for the charge-termination method. Charge below 0.3C (approximately 4-4.5 hours charge time) and you'll have a great deal of difficulty detecting the peak, it is so small at that charge rate. One-hour charging will usually overheat your batteries, so 2 hours is a good compromise.

      Note that a Maha C9000 takes about 2.8 hours to fully charge eneloops, which is even closer to optimum.

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    I was under the impression that the best way to charge batteries was slowly.

    The battery experts, hopefully will add comments

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      No expert, just a user of batteries that has researched. Its more complicated than good or bad. Basically, slow is good for batteries, but chargers can miss terminations if too low a charge rate is used. This is bad for batteries. Even the expensive Maha can miss termination if too low of a charge rate is used. This Eneloop smart charger is the good one. The slow Eneloop charger is not a good charger, I dont use mine, ever.

      See this post (no idea how to link, so Ill just quote it), the link has the differences. An extra charge feature, and individual control of channels. Each battery gets only what it needs. With the slow charger that is not what happens. The MQR06 is this charger, quick. The MQN04 is the slow charger.

      LeChocolateMan 27 min ago


      Compare the MQN04 and MQR06 , thats the difference.


    OP please delete the deal expiry date. You said it yourself: "there is no specified end-date for this item"


    Hope this helps anyone after a reliable retailer.

    Where are they?


    With the standard eneloop charger it takes 8 hours for 4AA doesn't it?
    Also does the standard charger only charge one at a time?
    The other issue with standard charger is no indication of a full charge unless you wait 16 hours



    18.35 USD Eneloop 4xAA with charger http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004RP2VNI
    9.98 USD delivery

    28.33 USD delivered

    World voltage capable. Just needs a $1 US to AU travel adaptor from ebay.

    This is indeed a different charger though. Personally I'd have issues with a 2 hour charge given the heat that is given off during a fast charge like the one listed here. But it may be better in terms of having individual channels, etc. Either way, cheap chargers. Most people should probably spring for the LaCrosse charger http://www.amazon.com/Crosse-Technology-BC-700-Battery-Charg... instead.


      how long for lascrosse to charge 4xAA to full?
      I dont like waiting 7 hours


        You obviously need more eneloops.

        Once you have a cupboard full of them it doesn't really matter how slow they charge, you will always have plenty of fully charged batteries ready to go.

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        200mA, 500mA and 700mA selectable charge rates on the LaCrosse.

        I almost always use 500 when charging AAs. So about 4 hours (given 1900-2000mAh capacity AA eneloops). Even then I think that is too high sometimes since I don't like the heat at the end of the charge. You can go to 700 on the LaCrosse which I personally never use, but that would charge a totally depleted standard AA enelooop battery in about 3 hours.

        Default charge rate on the LaCrosse is 200 if not touched, which makes sense since that will be safe for both AA and AAA sizes, though I find this too low for AA, though sometimes I use it. My ideal is probably 350 or so (which isn't available on the LaCrosse).


          Just out of curiosity …
          I have two Maha chargers: MH-C9000 and MH-C401FS
          C9000 charger Eneloop battery (does not matter how many simultaneously) in about 100 minutes. And batteries are warm but not hot any time during the charge.
          C401FS takes 5 hours to charge Eneloop. And batteries are really really hot at the end.
          Never understood this.


    Quick question - how is everyone storing their eneloops? Pics?


    time to use the free $20 giftcard

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    Before OzBargain I used to think buying batteries and torches was simple. Now think I've been burnt out with all the info ;-S Bit like the old milk ad ;-)
    Maybe someone knowledgeable could put it in a OzB wiki so people could just refer to it each deal for the recommended products at the time?

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