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Expired: 2 Free Bruno Tickets 2morrow night at 5:30pm / 8:30pm at Greater Union, George Street


Update: 5:30pm & 8:30pm tickets are gone. Better Luck Next Time.


SeeFilmFirst would like to invite you and a guest to an exclusive early preview of the outrageous new comedy BRUNO, Sacha Baron Cohen's follow-up to Borat

If you loved these films, you will love Bruno.

Borat, Role Models, Jackass, Step Brothers, Pineapple Express, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Hot Fuzz

The screenings are tomorrow night at 5:30pm and 8:30pm at the Greater Union, George Street. Sydney.

To download tickets simply visit www.seefilmfirst.com and enter the code: 632293

Hurry tickets are limited.

Please note: The following security measures will be in place.

No persons under the age of 18 will be admitted in to this screening.

All guests will be required to fill in a questionnaire following the screening.

Universal Pictures takes piracy seriously.

All guests will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement before entering the cinema.

This event will be monitored for unauthorised recording throughout

All guests will be required to surrender phones, cameras and other recording devices to security before entering the cinema.
These devices will be returned upon exit.

To avoid potential delays and inconvenience, we suggest leaving these devices at home.

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  • Guys be fast or you will miss out.

  • very nice find.

  • 8.30pm is already full

  • 8:30pm session is full, got 2 tickets for 5:30pm session =D

  • Wish I were in Sydney tomorrow!! :(

  • -1

    hmmm so 8:30pm session filled up in 30 minutes. I got the 8:30 ones
    try the 5:30pm ones if you can make it. its an early screening and free. :-)

  • has anyone actually been to one of these screening? how strict are they with checking ID? not sure if I can make 5:30pm and was hoping to give them to my friend.

    • Last time they didnt check IDs. I gave mine (Land of the Lost) to my freind and I got wolverine tickets in exchange from him.

  • wish there was one in melbourne :(

    • Last time (Land of the Lost) they had ones in melbourne. Sadly not this time. maybe they are worried from Swine Flu spreading there :-(

  • Anyone got got the code for Brisbane? Or did anyone get the Contagion Network tickets which was posted a few days ago here?

    • I signed twice for teh contigous tickets and never got any.

      • and only in Sydney for Bruno (to the best of my knowledge)

    • I haven't seen any of these come up for Brisbane yet. Hopefully they will issue codes for Brisbane in the future.

  • 5.30pm filled up too… just got in in the nick of time. Thanks bashar20.

    • Better Luck next time.

  • bugger

  • +1

    got the 5:30 ones, finish my last uni exam at 5… hope i can make it

  • 4 hours more and am gonna be watching it :-D Go Bruno.

  • Any reviews?

  • It was Hilarious. a must see if you are 18+ and not easily offended.
    The cinema was full :-)
    As I recall they said teh release date is 6th of June.
    so we were one of the very first persons in the world to see yesterday's screening.

  • For people that missed it, we actually watched a DVD copy of the show (inconsistent colour on the film and no surround sound). No complains as it is free.

    As for the movie, it's entertaining to see the disgusting things they can think of. Other than that, Borat was much better imo.

    Want something funny? Go watch The Hangover. That's really good.

  • btw Land of the Lost was a normal cinema copy with surround sound.

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