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Priceline - Gillette Fusion or Venus 4 pack refill + free razor pack (6 blades in total) $18.99


I saw this at my local Priceline, it's a good deal imo since I saw the same 4 pack refill without the free razor at Woollies for $22. You get the 4 blades plus the razor and extra blade (6 blades in all). It's in their catalog. Great deal as well for refills to those who already claimed their Gillette first timers free razor promotion (see older post).

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    Good deal, though the free razor promotion is still going till July 31st, so I'd suggest keep using that rather then this promotion

  • yup, get asmany razors as possible :D

  • Great deal!

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    Six blades?
    Remember when "Fuck Everything, We're Doing Five Blades" was a joke?

    number 1 google hit on "five blades":

    And then Gillette actually went and did it. Strange world.

  • Once you've got your cheap razor, try keeping it dipped in a small bowl of olive oil beyond shaves. The blades will last significantly longer. Shaving with olive oil instead of shaving cream is great too, even though it sounds like the time in Seinfeld when Kramer shaved with butter. It does work and does wonders for the softness of your skin. Don't forget to olive oil your forehead too (obviously no need to shave it though). I do that, have a shower, then follow up with some apple cider vinegar (with the mother in it eg. Braggs brand) as an aftershave. Fabulous for the skin though it does take about half an hour for the vinegar smell to wear off.

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      Do girls keep their distance from you?

      • There's only one girl I care about and the retraining order takes care of that ;)

  • Venus 6 blades + razor + nice bags was for 9$ (clearacne) at Harevy Norman / Bondi Junction Westfields. my GF got 4 packs for 36$. so its half price in Harvey Norman if they still have stock.

    Thanks for posting.

  • Got this yesterday at the Priceline in the Bourke St Mall in Melbourne. Excellent value!!

  • These blades are quality blades and worth buying. Although it's not a massive saving compared to buying this product in the supermarket, it's still a good bargain and these days every dollar counts.

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