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$50 Bonus for Registering Details & Opening "First" Orange Everyday Account @ING Direct


ING Direct are giving out free money again to new customers.

EDIT: As per a phone conversation with the rep, you are eligible for this promotion as long as it's your first "Orange Everyday Account". You can still apply for this if you're an existing customer as long as you don't have/never had an Orange Everyday Account.


  • To receive the $50 bonus register your details here. Then open an Orange Everyday and deposit at least $2,000 (like your salary) by 16th May 2014. The $50 bonus will come through by the 26th May 2014.
  • 5% rebate on Visa payWave purchases under $100, for 6 months, in Australia. After 6 months this drops to 2%.
  • $0 Monthly Fees
  • No ATM Fees when you withdraw $200 or more in Australia

Important Information

To be eligible for the $50 bonus you must be a new ING DIRECT Orange Everyday customer, register with the same details that you use to apply for your account, apply online and deposit at least $2000 by 16th May 2014. The bonus will be credited to your first account that you open by 26th May 2014. A tax liability may exist with the payment of the bonus. One $50 bonus payment per account (including joint accounts). Cash bonus offer is not available in conjunction with any other promotional offer, is available for a limited time only and ING DIRECT reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time at its sole discretion. If withdrawn, ING DIRECT will honour all promo codes entered before the offer is withdrawn, provided that you make your deposit of $2000 by 16th May 2014.

Referral Links

Referral: random (213)

Referrer and referee will each receive $50 for opening new Orange Everyday & Saving Maximiser Accounts ($1k deposit + 5 card transactions/month required). Do not participate in the referral system if you do not have a $50 referral code.

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  • -1

    Thanks OP.
    Might sign wife up and use her card for shopping as my 5% rebate expire in a couple of weeks

    • +1

      If you open a joint account make sure you put your wife as the primary applicant and you as the secondary applicant. That way you will definitely get the 5% rebate

      • Wasn't going for a joint account, but rather open just in her name and closing mine. Then 6-8 months later come back as a 'new customer' to get 5% back but reading comments below is making me thinking… Should I bother?

  • I closed my account 3 months ago. Would I be considered a new customer?

    • Similar here. Currently have joint acct with partner which has just started paying only 2% rebate. Wonder if I resurrected old acct (in my name only), would it qualify?

    • yeah just wonder about that too. Some banks (or card) has a cooling off period of 6 months

    • +2

      No, definitely not.

    • -2

      No, definitely not.

  • -1

    If I sign up after I closed my account a week ago and use the new customer button will it work?

    • It may not work, they knocked me down saying they have an old a/c under my name so I will receive only 2% :(

      • Any idea if you get the $50? thats what im more concerned about with the ME bank offer now avaliable

  • +1

    Thanks OP, great timing as I was looking at signing up an Orange account for the 5% rebate. Bonus $50 ^_^

  • where is the 2% rebate.

    The website says "Earn 2% cash back with deposits". is this the same ??

    so it is an interest on deposit… not a cashback on payments. Do we have to maintain a minimum balance?

    • If you are not a new customer, you can get 2% cash back so long as there are $2000 worth of deposits into the account every month. The money doesn't all have to go in at the same time, so the same money (say $200)can go in and out, so you withdraw it and re-deposit multiple times to reach the total of $2000 if you won't have the full value of new money deposited every month.

      • Thanks

        Yes I rang Ing and they explained in detail.

  • Damn!!

    Only signed up in last week after my 5% cashback finished.

  • Damn, I just opened a joint account last night. Should I call them up and ask for the offer?

  • +1

    if u don't sign up to this current offer you're a mug

    • Agreed but only provided you NEVER had an Orange Everyday account before.

      Not many long time ozbargainers would fall into that category ;)

      • +1

        never say NEVER ginmi ;-)

        • Ok Muncan. Fair enough. :)

          If you have a 'hack' that would work , let us know as I am very keen to 'milk' ING some more.

          They have been without a doubt my absolute best 'cow' over the years (been 'milking' them since they first came to Australia) but there is never such thing as enough when it comes to a bank…

  • -1

    Time to close account, then reopen?

    • may not be eligible for the bonus $50?

    • Nah, will not work.

      ING Direct have cracked down hard on their "new customer only" enforcement method and as I have tested now myself (as well as getting my mum and partner to test it for me), if you ever had an Orange Everyday account with them, they will find you when you apply and will not pay bonus or give the 5% cashback.

      Bummer but that's how it is. Loyalty does not pay :(

  • +1

    Just spoke to a rep and she confirmed that closing and reopening the account doesn't get you $50. You have to be a first time customer.

    • Yup. They will just reopen your previous account - same client/account number. Previously you could do this but I think they fixed the loophole.

      However, it's great if you are a new everyday account customer.

      • +1

        …or you could change your name ;)

      • +1

        No, they have not.

        • No, they have not

          Please explain PissLUR. Reckon you can 'milk' another 50 bucks from ING?

          If so, let's hear it ;)

        • +1

          Show me the money!

        • Exactly. The second you end up actually speaking to somebody at ING, all bets are off.

        • Didn't work as per my testing PissLUR.

          My mum opened an account online a few months ago (as a NEW customer. I told her what to click). She had an OE account before that but it was closed for over 6 months.

          She completed the identity check online.

          When ING opened the account, they put it under her old client ID and are only paying her 2% rebate.

          Can you please advise when was the last time this 'hack' worked for either yourself or someone you know personally?

        • I havent really tested it myself, just read cooni's experience.

          shouldn't the account be opened automatically after online identity verification?

        • Yes, I think the system identifies automatically. Probably using the TFN.

          I guess it means you could potentially get away with more 'milking' if you don't quote your TFN.

        • there could be other parameters such as mobile phone number, dob, etc

  • if i withdraw an amount of less than #200 i will be charge with a fee ?
    Edit: which ATM i can withdraw the cash from ?

    • Yes you will be charged a fee at the discretion of the ATM operator. You can withdraw cash from any ATM.

    • I think you can get any amount you want for free using eftpos (you can do it at woolies checkout with no purchase). If you get $200 out using eftpos you get a $0.50 rebate paid into your account.

  • +1

    do i need to keep the $2000 till the end of the period 16th may or just put the money and move it after couple of days.

    • I think it is just a total of $2000 of deposits before the period ends, so it could be you weekly pay or something that builds to $2000 over more than one deposit. This is a spending account after all.

  • i have a saving maximiser with ING.

    can i still apply for this an get $50 as i dont have an orange everyday account ?

    • Would like to know as well.

    • Unlikely, you need to go through the linked page and say you are a new customer to ING.

      • You need to be a new ING Everyday Account customer, I had called up ING and confirmed giving her my client ID for my Savings Maximizer. If I dont get my $50 I will have this noted call for reference.

        • +1

          Yep confirmed by phone call. You have to be a new account holder for a Orange everyday account.

        • Awesome , I am with you on this, I feel so secure. You will not let them out so easily if we dont get the $50 Cash back. I was also told that the cashback will land in 10 days into my account.

  • +2

    dont have the $2000 to deposit :(

    • +4

      im a loan shark :D .

      Can lend you $2000 @ 30% interest per week .. hehe

      • +4

        I am interested.
        Please PM me the details.

        • +2

          Late payment fee is "One finger Chopped off" per week

          Still interested :D

        • +1

          So after all fingers chopped then we are even. Bargain!!

        • +1

          Awesome deal!

          Hell yes, sign me up please.

      • with this rate, other load shark will loan from u…….

        • +1

          *terms and conditions apply

          Enjoy an introductory rate of 30% for your first 2 weeks. After the initial 2 weeks, rate will revert back to 150% per week

      • How would YOU generate $2,000 per month?

        The answer has been staring us in the face all this time…
        EC, I've got this friend see, who wears a shady cloak, who needs me to earn him $2,000/month. Can you help us out?
        There's a lot of fingers to be had.

    • If you have $200 you can:

      deposit it,
      withdraw it all at the same time through any ATM for free,
      and then deposit it again,

      Make sure you go through the cycle 10 times so you have made $2000 of deposits before the due date. If you have less than $200 spare (feeling for you if this is the case) check the rules for eftpos as I think they might be free withdrawals (so you can do it at the checkout at woolies without a purchase). Do the same thing cycling through cash out and deposit until you have made the $2000 deposit threshold.

      You could also move the money with online bank transfers backwards and forwards between ING and another bank.

    • +5

      Back in my day, we didn't have to deposit $2000

      • +2

        The games are getting harder to play each time.

  • anyone else not getting sms code?

    possibly number linked to another previous account.

    • turns out it was my phone.

  • +7

    Hey ING Direct, I will give you a $50 if you would beat every other savings account rate for the next year, like me on facebook, deposit $2000 into my account so I can make interest of it and give me your CEO personal details. How’s that for a deal?

    Hang on the line, let me create a OZB deal for that!

    • +1

      This. How we take all these from corporations with a grin, while sounds ridiculous the other way.

  • It doesn't actually say the start date for opening the OE account or the start date for the promotion.

  • Good stuff! Signed both myself and the woman up!

    • Hope you did that as two separate accounts and not a joint account.

      $50 times two is better than times one ;)

      • Of course! ;)

        • Um, don't forget to sign up again as joint account holders.

        • doubt it would work as per numerous comments above, would be good if someone tried tho

        • I don't think it would work opening 1 account each, then 1 joint?

  • What about this.

    If you have a friend who is a merchant who uses Paywave (or you are in fact a merchant and have it linked to another account)could you, in theory, do a $100 purchase of something, get the merchant to give you the $100 back, deposit the $100 back into ING account then do another $100 paywave, then get the $100 back and go on and on and on making 5% each time for the first 6 months?

    Just a thought, I'm sure the theory is flawed somehow….

    • possibly. your merchant friend would be having to pay a small percentage merchant fee to visa as well though

      • and tax on every "sale"

    • Keep it under $100 to get the rebates

      New Orange Everyday customers get 5% cash back on Visa payWave purchases under $100 in Australia, for the first 6 months.

      • My bad. $99.99 then

    • even better. every hour, keep aside those cash sales, and chuck them on paywave.

      in effect you get 5% cashback on "withdrawing" cash. :D

    • there is a thread about people who have received calls from ING or had there account put on hold for multiple purchases on the same day at the same retailer adding to more than $100.

      • Oh, well lets imagine ING's software now doesn't pick this up anymore…. Imagine.

    • Here's the fee's as an example -

      Lets say you choose the monthly $150 plan with $12000 turnover per month. That's roughly 120 transactions you could Paywave per month. 5% of this is around $600 cash back per month which gets you $450 profit per month.

      If you go over your $12000 per month limit you only get charged 1.5%, so you will still be making 3.5% per transactions I guess.

      I'm sure ING would cotton on to whats happening pretty quickly depending on how robust their software engineers designed the system.

      Or they might read this post, who knows.

    • +1

      dont even need to do that.

      go to bunnings or masters, buy something under $100.
      get a refund the next day to your savings account.

      repeat this as many times as you wish.

      • "get a refund the next day"
        After you have used it to do that little job, then repackaged it :)

        • Just a joke, but not funny.
          I would never do that to a fellow customer.

        • still a downvote in my book

  • Is a joint account - me and wife, considered a new account if we've had separate single accounts only before?

    • must be a new ING DIRECT Orange Everyday customer

    • in previous instances, I think this would work, but now it seems they must have tightened things up. I was motivated by this deal to open up an individual account to get another 6 months at 5% and hopeful for the $50 (current joint account reaching expiry) but seems to be showing only 2% for the rebate on the newaccount :o(

  • Any idea how long we have to leave the money in? Ie, Can we transfer in $2000, then transfer it out the next day?

    • Transfer it out the same day it's received. Wouldn't want to be earning any interest, yikes.

      • I save more interest in an offset account than I can gain - plus 'interest saved' isn't taxed.

        • I agree with you. Get it out, get it out!
          (note that the bonuses are taxable)

  • 5% rebate on Visa payWave purchases under $100

    What is thus 5% rebate?

    So buy petrol worth $100, u only pay $95??

  • I was told I am not eligible for the bonus cash by a phone rep

    I opened my first and only orange everyday account with them, in January.

    Reason I was given is that: Offer is only available for those who signed up after 17/03/2014 (date when offer started) and since I signed up much earlier - "$50 Cash bonus offer is not available in conjunction with any other promotional offer"(5% cashbank on paywave offerin my case)

    I signed up with the deal site anyway. might find out on 26th May I guess if it paid out or not.

  • transferred the money in and out my account, lets see if it works.

    • +1

      Let us know how you go. Did you keep the money in your account overnight?

      • Hi,

        I sent a message to ING via the online banking part. I got a reply saying as long as ive made a deposit of at least $2k then its fine. It does not need to stay in the account.

  • Does anyone know how/when the paywave 5% cashback is given? I've made a few purchases but to date they are just appearing online as normal statements.

    • +1

      The rebates should appear the moment your payments clear (usually 2 days).
      If they don't, best to send them a message.

      • Thanks for the reply. Oddly enough it didn't show when the transactions initially appeared, but now the 'Wave and Save rebate' is there :)
        Absolutely stoked to be saving 5% on just about everything. I'm someone who really counts the pennies so to save $2 here and there is pretty exciting :)

        • If you're anything like me and keep minimal funds in your ING cashback account, be sure to download their awesome app to quickly check your balance without logging in & stay abreast of all your rebates. Just checked our rebate total and we've got back over $350 since last rebooting the account. (wow that's $7000 laundered!)