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Panasonic TH-P55VT60A - 55" Full-HD 3D Plasma $1799 + Delivery or Free Pickup [Bing Lee]


The Panasonic VT60A Plasma TV range is arguably the BEST Plasma TV on the market. For this price I think it is the best bang for buck TV you will find this year. Sells for a lot more on other sites. Get them before they all go!

Delivery to Metro Sydney is flat rate $33. Not sure for other areas. Some stores still have them so can pick up if you are lucky but for $33 its safer to get the pros to delivery it.

BTW I just bought one on the whim. Now I have to face the missus.

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  • $217 delivery to Darwin, otherwise I'd get one!

  • Arggh. Bought the previous model for $2600 just last year. Good picture, but quite loud fan noise on these.

    • There is a fix for the fan noise on these.
      Refer Whirlpool forum.

      • I've done all that and more and got it to a point where it's bearable. Had to void my warranty to do it. Shouldn't have to with a TV like this which is supposed to be the best available (was). Also I found the picture out of the box was not as good as I was expecting, not as good as my previous TV (an excellent CRT). Only really satisfied me with other expensive boxes upgrading and calibrating the picture. However that would apply to any flat screen TV I think.

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          "not as good as my previous TV (an excellent CRT)"
          Yes that's why my main tv is still a sony CRT. There is always a slight deteriation in focus when the camera pans sideways on all new tvs' that I've experienced; noticable when you are used to crt quality. Consumers became seduced by size! I think people have forgotten how good a good crt is/was.

        • That's a shame.
          Expect more from a top of the line product.
          Have read many times about owners calibrating or having professionals do it.
          What do you mean by 'expensive boxes upgrading'?

  • Attempt a price match with appliancesonline, as they have great financing and delivery options.

  • good luck with the missus.
    PM me if you have to sell it in a hurry at a heavily discounted price ;)

  • the main thing that bothers me about this is potential image retention. I run a htpc and the kids watch movies, but then leave the tv on with the xbmc menu showing for hours. Has not been a problem on my sony lcd but wondering whether this type of use means I should avoid plasmas?

  • Skyva I have a quite old (maybe 4 years old) Panasonic Viera plasma with a HtpC connected. Some days it's on for hours on the same screen and not even the slightest age burn. None at all. So I'm assuming this would be equally as good.

    • I am assuming it would be better that technology compared to a few years ago. I have two Panasonic "Neo Plasmas" - a 2 year old ST30 and a half a year old ST60 and have had no burn in issues whatsovever, although I don't have and HTPC.

  • I agree that the Panasonic VT-series has been king of consumer TVs for a few years now. However, arguably the real world advantages over the ST-series are marginal, and at this price you can by can get a 60" ST60 at the moment, which would probably be my pick for the money (providing the size is not too big for your room).

  • WOW! That is dirt cheap. Still waiting on a 65st price drop but. Man….tempting….

  • Nice! Get one before they're gone…..

  • searching for samsung 64" F8500 plasma. This is the best plasma so far. Can anyone please post if they find good price for this model?

  • Anybody knows the pixel policy of Panasonic Plasmas TVs?

  • Got one thanks

  • Damnnnnnn! But I don't NEED it. Must not buy :(

  • I ended up getting a 50" ST60A (meant to be similar in terms of quality to the VT60A). So far it has been an absolutely awesome TV! Have left a still screen on many times and have yet to experience any image retention. I know it's a different TV but just thought I'd add my experiences anyway :)

  • How much is the 60" version? 55 is a bit too small.

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    Just got one for $1710 (instore).

    Thanks OP

  • Thanks for the heads up. I now too have a disapproving missus :)

    • Did you get one?
      Got mine and amazing TV am very happy.
      Got to know it intimately over last couple of days as my missus gave me the silent treatment for 2 days.
      Maybe I should move in with the TV since it treats me better? :)

      • You're the one who got to "know it intimately"…

      • Yeah, it's awesome. $1956 delivered with 3 year warranty (my experience has been extra warranty is worth it YMMV).
        Got it home and it didn't work with my Yamaha RX-v1800, so promptly jumped back onto OzBargain to find a new AV Receiver. Went with the Marantz NV1604 from Digitalcinema (Atish had it on sale for $870 delivered). Arrived the next day.
        They pair beautifully. Very happy and hooked up all with my Harmony One without issue.

  • Anyone that missed this, Apollo Hifi are doing it for the same price now, too. It says $1899 on the site, but if y are an email subscriber (or just mention you got their email) it'll be $1799 apparently:

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