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Acer IPS 21.5" H226HQLvbmid 5ms 1920x1080 HDMI LED Backlight LCD Monitor $139.00 Shipping $11


Here are the specs:

Display(inch): 21.5"

Panel Technology (TN/VA/IPS): IPS

Response Time: 5ms (G to G)

Contrast Ratio Max (ACM): 100000000:1 Contrast Ratio (Native) : 1000:1
Brightness (cd/m2) : 250

Colours: 16.7M
Input Signal : 1 x VGA 1 x DVI 1 xHDMI

Full HD LED Monitor

The 1920 x 1080 resolution of this LED monitor delivers excellent detail making it perfect for advanced 1080p Full HD gaming multimedia and productivity applications providing advantages such as Blu-ray Disc console gaming or widescreen cinematic playback.

IPS Panel Technology

With an IPS panel monitor you get the best possible colour reproduction paired with wide viewing angles making this monitor the ideal companion for people looking at top performance without any compromises. Clear images and fast response time achieved thanks to advanced technology are now within your reach.

As an IPS panel gives you consistent images from wide viewing angles it is the ideal screen if you are considering a multi-monitor setup or the ability to swivel/pivot your monitor. You'll find the vibrant and uniform colour reproduction not only gives you impressive images it also helps reduce eye fatigue. These screens are also robust and do not lighten freeze or show tailing when touched.

5 ms On-off Response Time

The Acer H6 Series monitors feature a rapid response time of 5ms. Perfect for fast-moving imagery and games this speedy response time allows you to enjoy immersive graphics and video display with minimal "ghosting" and blurring.


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    bought one for $158 when it was not on sale. Can vouch that this screen is very classy and nice.
    Shame it doesn't have a VESA mount.

    Overall I would recommend this monitor if you dont mind the monitor not having the VESA.


    wow a glossy IPS - great price for this monitor pity about the 1080 but for the size and price, can't beat.


      pity about the 1080? 1080 is not enough???


        Even phones are getting 1440 and monitors 10x the size are still 1080!?

        But no i dont really mind, lol, infact itd be better for weaker graphic cards.

        • +1 vote

          phones with 1440 are overkill IMO. I cant see individual pixels on a phone at 720p let alone 1080p and my eyesight is 20/20. These resolution increases seems to be the next money grab since 3d didn't take off. I just want 1080p so I can watch movies at max quality anymore seems like a tech geeks boast fest who can have the highest stats.

        • +1 vote

          I disagree, more can be fit onto a more pixel dense display. Also can you honestly say you don't pick up a phone with a 1080p display and marvel at how crisp it is. I can tell you now that I certainly can!


    Got one for myself today. Its a Wonderful monitor, Crisp, Vibrant colors, super bright, thin bezel. Couldn't be more happier. Used my ING direct card to pay $100 to get $5 back, and remaining paid via cash. Very good deal for $134.


    Very tempted to buy it to upgrade my old 4:3 work monitor but I'll resist the urge and make do with what I have.


    Is it all g to connect this to my laptop via hdmi cable, my laptop doesnt have the other ports.


    " Input Signal : 1 x VGA 1 x DVI 1 xHDMI"

    Stated in the original post….

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