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Join Quickflix for Only $9.99/Month and Get 3 Months of Xbox Live Gold‏


hello all,

Just got an email from MS with a link to this deal. I would assume most, if not all people with an Xbox GT will get it.

Simply as title suggests, subscribe to Quickflix (which sux big swollen, hairy donkey nuts) for $9.95 and then they will email you a code for 3 months of gold within 72 hours. No where in the T&C's does it state you have to be a member for 6 months etc.

So I would essentially cancel straight away and bingo you have 3 months of gold for $9.95 which is ok for those who don't want 12 months worth.

Edit. Link added


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    Quickflix streaming only subscription is $9.99 a month. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Once you have registered with Quickflix, you will receive an email within 72 hours containing your unique code to redeem 3 bonus months of Xbox Live Gold. You will not be charged more than $9.99 a month unless you choose to purchase additional Pay Per Play or Pay to Own titles or change your plan. All use of the Quickflix Service is subject to you agreeing to comply with the Quickflix Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.




    well i was trying to work out if it was a generic link or linked to my GT, still looking.

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    Link added at the top.


    "to redeem 3 BONUS months of Xbox Live Gold" - does "bonus months" mean that I have to have XBOX gold to start with and this extends by 3 - or can I use it for 3 months new…..


    I'd say either.

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    For those who don't care for the current free Games with Gold game (Dungeon Defenders), and don't need gold immediately, you should hold off until next Tuesday to activate your sub, then you can score six games over the 3 months instead of Dungeon Defenders plus five.

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    FYI after activating I got this email.

    Congratulations on taking up our special Xbox Live Gold joining offer, now you can stream movies and hit TV shows to your Xbox and other connected devices!

    You will also receive your redemption code for 3 free months of Xbox Live Gold membership within 72 hours.

    If you already have an Xbox Gold membership you can stream movies and hit TV shows on your Xbox straight away.

    If you’re not a current Xbox Gold member, you can still watch movies with Quickflix before you receive your Xbox Gold redemption code. Simply locate or download the Quickflix app on your smart TV, tablet or smartphone, or stream titles on your PC or Mac direct from the Quickflix website.

    You can also enjoy personalised movie recommendations and weekly reviews and movie updates and more by visiting our website or finding us on Facebook.

    If there’s anything you’re not sure about, please have a read of our FAQs or contact us on 1300 138 644.

    Followed this approximately 1 minute later by this:

    This email confirms that you have cancelled your payment agreement with Quickflix. No further payments will be made from your PayPal account to this merchant. If you have any further questions about the agreement, or wish to reinstate it, please contact Quickflix directly.


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    If its Quickflix, does that mean movies only run for 10 seconds?


    Has anyone received their 3 month Xbox Live code yet? It's been 48 hours, so it's still within the 72 hours timeframe, but I was optimistically hoping to receive it by now!


    Hmm i still haven't received my 3 months of Gold. Has anyone actually got the code via email? if so how long did it take?


    Week later no code.
    Emailed them and got this response

    Thank you for your email.

    Please contact Microsoft in regards to the code as they provide this code you for, Xbox Live is not in conjunction with Quickflix.
    If we can be of further assistance, please contact us.

    Kind regards,


    What a bunch of lazy bas*** they are.
    Run a promotion and then dont fulfill it.
    Lodging a consumer affairs complaint

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