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April Fools – No Joke $10 Voucher at ArcticTees.com.au (IE a T-Shirt for $13.45 Posted)


Better not fool around too much with great bargain hunters, so how about instead of a prank we just give you $10 off your purchase at Arctictees.com.au. Just enter the code notafool at the checkout page by midday Australian Eastern daylight savings time and you’ll get $10 off.

No minimum spend and it can’t be used with any other offer, limit one per customer.

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  • +10

    It didn't fool me, they're a still too expensive.

  • Only bloke sized shirts? :(

    • Hi Waterlogged, They are all unisex and we've had a number of very happy female customers, however we do plan to release some female style shirts and tanks very soon! feel free to follow us so you know when they launch :)

      • plan to release any reasonably priced stuff? i mean a $5 shirt with some crappy random clipart printed on them dosnt really equal what your asking?

        • Keep in mind that they obviously don't have the buying power of Kmart behind them so their costs are very likely to be above that. The artwork isn't to my taste either (with the exception of stormtrooper/space invaders although I wouldn't wear a shirt with it) but I don't think it's fair to say they should sell shirts of equal or better quality cheaper.

        • +1

          Thanks rekabkram, It's not just buying power either, we went to great lengths to make sure that the factory we chose to produce our products looked after their staff well and were able to produce very high quality garments. Even with our current buying power we could have had our shirts produced elsewhere for about 1/3 to 1/2 of what they cost us (taking shipping and import tax into account) meaning yes we could have sold our shirts for less, but at what real cost?

          I'd prefer to produce and sell a product we can be proud of.

  • extremely limited designs.
    only one i sorta like but certainly not for $13
    7 dollers max

  • I was going to send some as gifts to mining friends but they are all 3XL so you need to improve your size range…

    Thanks any way for the offer..

  • +1

    How about the quality of the t-shirts? I can make my own design on Vistaprint, but the t-shirts are only good for wearing around the house, as the material is terrible? What are the ArticTees like?

    • Hi BrownBag,

      Hopefully one of our existing customers sees your question and can answer it, I'd much prefer you to read a testimonial from a customer than from me. But I'll answer your question.

      The quality is quite high IMO, they are double stitched. The cotton used is a medium to heavy weight cotton, meaning its not going to loose its shape anytime soon (It also means its a slightly heavier Tee, some people are put off by this, personally I prefer it, we are planning on releasing a trial soon with a lighter grade cotton on selected designs as an option).

      As far as the print goes it is very high quality. We've ran lots of wash tests, for example the design squirreltopia is quite a heavy/thick print, in our wash test its had well in excess of 60 washes and only now is there a very thin hairless crack in on corner of the print - keeping in mind for the wash test the washing instructions where ignored to simulate a real life environment. Anther design Little red has had again about 60 washes and is still perfect, no fading or cracks at all.

      We are very involved in the production process of our Tees as we want to build a quality T-shirt brand here in Australia that is respected. If you have any more questions feel free to ask here or shoot us and email.

  • Better not fool around too much with great bargain hunters

    Very ironic statement from a company that's been busted for sockpuppeting on here.

  • +1

    a total of 15 designs, none of which appeal to me in the least.
    Thanks for the offer, but no thanks.

    • We will be releasing some new designs soon, by the way if your an Artist you can win $250 + $50 site credit by designing our next feature Tee.

      • How often do you have a feature tee? I've got a couple of DC comics designs that I think would work well for a shirt but I'm not sure that you could accept them.



        Obviously there just sketches but it give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

        • We choose winners based on when certain criteria are met, rather than on a time frame.

          Basically the way it works is you submit your design and agree to the terms and conditions (we hold the rights for up to 90 days), we then screen your design to make sure it doesn't break copyright or is offensive etc, after this your design goes up for voting on our site, if your design gets a lot of votes or comments it has a higher chance of being picked and printed.

          Feel free to email us pictures of them to see if we could accept them.

        • Your definitely a good sketcher, but yeah you're right we couldn't accept them as we like to keep the print quantities low for each design to keep them unique, which wouldn't make it financially viable with their high licencing fees.

          Mind you though if you come up with some original work or something based off items in the public domain we'd love for you to submit them to us, http://www.arctictees.com.au/artist

  • I was kind of excited when I saw the $13.45 inc delivery… Until I realised that that price is after the discount is applied! Still not a bad deal, just nothing I like in particular!

  • not a bad price, just no designs im really into.

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