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Plex for Android $0.99 (Was $4.99) on Amazon


Amazon offers Plex for Android for $0.99 down from $4.99.

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  • Great find. Thanks OP!

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    Plex… Best app ever…

  • Just got a txt from my credit card co. asking if this was a legit purchase (never had that before) maybe due to low value ?

    • I just had exactly the same - 28degrees card.

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      It is because we Ozbargainers normally only buy $0.00 apps from Amazon.

    • Almost certainly. Most scammers will try a $1 'test' on any card numbers they've just acquired.

      Like spam filtering, CC companies give fraud scores based off a cumulative assortment of tests.

      Therefore, a $1 transaction from overseas, especially if you haven't bought Amazon apps before would be triggering a couple of the major red flags.


      Who are you with? I haven't got a credit card but I do, I want one that tells me when it's stolen.

  • Every time a deal comes up for plex I have a look at it. And I've still no idea what it does.

    • "The Plex Media Server enriches your life by organizing all your personal media, presenting it beautifully and streaming it to all of your devices. It's easy to use, it's awesome, and it's free!"

      • My files are organised already. So it can stream and transcode.. but I have a laptop that I just plug into my AV receiver if I want to play a movie. I dont have a NAS to stream/transcode from.

        So, I dont get what it does that is so essential? Does it offer any benefits to me?

        For 99c I'd buy it.. if there's a reason for me to have it! Genuine question.

        • It basically presents any streaming site or local file as a playable video source from the one nice to look at app on your device that might otherwise be unable to play the source.

        • From your description, I can immediately tell you are not the target audience for this app. Don't buy it.

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      It streams stuff from a thing to a dealie.

    • Great if you have decent network connection around your house and want to watch all the movies/tv shows from on pc on several devices (it transcodes it for the device so anything can play content). Shitty on any wireless less than AC though (my N struggles).

      • Kill Joy, that's probably an issue with your device. My AppleTV3 plays 1080p fine through PlexConnect with a very weak wireless signal, which is only b/g.

      • I'm on wireless N and have no trouble streaming to TV, phone, tablet

      • Hmm maybe you are both correct. I do have a long wireless distance through walls though, but I havent tried it in a while. Might look back into it on my uni break.

        • Long transmission distance plus walls = slow WiFi no matter what its theoretical peak speed.

  • Does anyone know if it can stream the external subtitles such as srt files from the server along with the movie?

    • Just Googled that for you and it looks like it does support srt files. You have to make sure they have the exact same filename (excluding the .srt extension of course) like you would have on a PC though.

  • good one, used the free 250 coins earend from the last purchase

  • just to save me time going over the Plex website (TLDR) and ask someone who uses it…the application itself on your PC is free the app to control is paid? there are no other hidden costs involved? I was sure I was looking into Plex like a year ago or maybe more and discovered it was not free for some reason.

    • Short answer - as far as I know app has always been paid and there are no hidden costs.
      Plex home theater and server for PC were always free

      • Cheers, just looking the 'Plex Pass' stuff which is the paid content but assume with this app and a setup Plex server at home I could do most things anyway. I will grab this and check it out.

  • Thanks, OP. Can now stream 1080p to my tablet without stuttering.

  • Now I just want to try this app on the Fire TV.

  • I want to buy the Android app in anticipation of getting a Fire TV to run it on in the future, but as i don't own any Android devices right now it seems there is no way for me to buy it?!? Surely i'm missing something as even Apple allow you to buy things from iTunes without an Apple device.

    • It's saying not compatible with Bluestacks (samsung GT-N7000). Maybe genymotion emulator? I haven't tried.

  • I have a NAS that in no way would have a Plex plugin (ALDI/Medion NAS), would this still work?

    • I would be curious about this also. I have a dlink dns320 that doesn't have plex
      I struggle to see the difference between this and a free app like media house

    • Nope. No good to you. This app relies on the server app. Without it, you have nothing.

  • Is similar to Media portal & aMPdroid? I tend to watch TV on my phone (streamed from my HTPC). Does this also have this function?

    • Similar, assuming you set up MP in client server fashion. If you're already up and running with MP and you're happy with it, don't bother. Without knowing your exact situation, hard to say which is better for you. In my situation, Plex works better.

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  • Here's a tip: Install the 'Unsupported app' plugin to get access to nearly unlimited content through plex. It will allow you to install channels such as IceFilms and LetMeWatchThis. Also channel seven, nine and ten and plenty more.

    Noob question: Can I install apps in my Amazon cloud on any device? Or only once?

  • Waiting for an IOS sale for this awesome app. I missed the last one. :(

  • dammit my $5 free credit expired on the 31st of march :(

  • If you're looking at media playback/streaming solutions - I think you'll find it worthwhile to check out http://www.mediabrowser3.com/

    Works in a similar fashion to Plex - with a server (windows only at the moment though), plus many clients including iOS and Android.

  • Thanks OP.. Been running Plex Server in the house for the past year or so and never got around to grabbing the app for my phone..

    I was actually about to click "BUY" on the Play store the other day but my phone rang and then I forgot about it.. Talk about perfect timing haha =)

  • why i notice the apps or games version from amazon store is always lower (older) than the one on google play?

    • Yes I find that too. Not sure why Amazon doesn't source the latest soon after Google Play.

      • maybe thats why app in amazon store is cheaper?

        • I would have thought that you get the next update free (if/when they update it on Amazon, like the Play store). Can't imagine every version being a separate product/price.

        • Don't know.
          Or maybe that's the agreement between Amazon and seller, ie
          Put your old version on my store I pay you cheaper because I will sell it cheaper than play store.

  • Not that I will use it, but did anyone else get an email from amazon with a $1 promotional credit?

    As a purchaser of a select app from the Amazon Appstore for Android you have earned a $1 credit valid towards Amazon MP3 albums or single songs at http://www.amazon.com/mp3.

    Limit one promotional credit per customer. For redemption instructions and additional information, click here http://www.amazon.com/mp3redeem. Amazon MP3 music is available to customers located in and with billing addresses in the United States. Taxes apply in some states. Your credit expires at 11:59 PM PST on January 31, 2015.

    The promotional credit must be used by January 31, 2015. This offer is subject to Terms and Conditions.

  • What are the odds. Just got my chromecast in the mail today, and just purchased plex for full price not 20 minutes ago. The ozbargainder in me just died a little inside.

  • I'm always intrigued by plex but keep going back to xbmc. If someone can tell me how to make abc iview and the other services work it'd be much more tempting…

  • Thanks OP. Legend!

  • Guys, can I sync files to my phone with this app without Plex pass?

    I see the option inside the app. I press sync, it says syncing, sync complete. It doesn't transcode or copy across.

    Appreciate any help.

    • While obvious, looks like you need Plex pass for your PC.
      I thought they might include it free in the app since it's a paid app

  • Thanks Op, great find, purchased! :)

  • Awesome app, I just paid full price not long ago when I moved from iPhone to android.

    Be careful it can use alot of data, I have used 500Mb in 2 days with it streaming MP3's.
    Get something to monitor your data usage real time, the 2 day lag in data accounting with my service provider blew my quota.

    • You should set up data monitoring in your phone.. Android has excellent data tracking built in and can stop your data connection at a set level if you desire.
      Remember that your provider might charge in 1Mb or even 10mb increments, wheras Android's inbuilt meter tracks by kb so you need to enter your data limit a "safe" level below your actual usage limit.

  • Can I buy several copies on the same account then distribute to other devices?… e
    g. one for the fiancee, one for the tablet and one for me?