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Get $20 Dollars off on a Purchase of $100 or over on Your Next H&M Visit (Melbourne Store ONLY)


I found this 'hidden' im amongst the refund conditions on my H&M receipt in the Melbourne, Australia Store (The first Australian store has just opened here). So after you make your first purchase (It appears this could be for any purchase value - my purchase was $70).

Then turn up ONLY between the 10-30 April with your receipt and if you get items to the value of 100 dollars or more, they'll take $20 dollars off!

****IMPORTANT**** You need your OWN full receipt- this image won't get you the offer! Its just to show where its located on your receipt. So if you turn up with this picture - it'll be an epic fail***

It says one customer per transaction, but you can go shop with a freind and buy together (if you both aren't buying that much).

They handed out a brochure which has their normal opening hours as:

Monday to wed - 9am to 7pm
Thurs / Fri - 9am to 9pm
Saturday - 9am to 8pm
Sunday - 10am to 7pm

Happy shopping!

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  • Not bad.

  • What did you think of the store/clothes/pricing OP?

    • The store is VERY large. Three levels. Ranges from womens fashion, unisex sports wear, mens wear, kids, homewares and etc. Just speaking from the mens wear perspective, I found prices very affortable. Theres tees selling for 7-12 dollars and then scales up in price (eg jumpers range from 15 dollars to 80) depending on style and etc (they seemed to have priced well - rather than inflated like zara - which is great. So theres a good mix. I found the offerings good and its definately worth a visit (maybe pick a quieter time to avoid long queues)

  • wish they would open their online store, they have some good things and very reasonably priced

  • I was outside of H&M today just as people were being let in and I said to myself, this isn't too bad the line is moving pretty quick. I then proceeded to find the back of the line. It became quickly apparent that getting into H&M today would involve hours of waiting so I decided against it and i'll just go another day.

    I heard it was like a 3 hour wait to get in..

    • I got there 7.15am …..pretty much was in the store 10.10am. They seemed to have let in heaps at once

    • I arrived 7am and we got in 10am - so yes it's pretty crazy. The best bet would be to go when everyone is working on weekdays.

      They handed out a brochure which has their normal opening hours as:

      Monday to wed - 9am to 7pm
      Thurs / Fri - 9am to 9pm
      Saturday - 9am to 8pm
      Sunday - 10am to 7pm

      I heard somewhere that because they were so busy today (saturday) that they're closing midnight tonight.

    • Passed by at 9:30pm tonight and finally there was no queue.

      • So you just walked in? Did you find alot of the stock / sizing gone?

        • Yep, just walked in. It was really still too crowded inside to have a real good look, but it's not like the store stock had been decimated.

          I really don't understand the point of queuing for such a store.

      • Maybe because it was closed at that time???

  • Thanks so much, didn't even notice the discount offer on my receipt.

  • So could I return my purchase and immediately buy it back for the discount? :-/

    • Thats a good point I guess.. it mentions "next $100+ purchase".

      So suspect they may expect a fresh batch of purchases (not sure). I guess you won't find out unless someone is daring enough to try.

    • No, the promo is valid 10/4 - 30/4

    • On the 10th you could buy the same items if over $100 with the discount, then ask for a refund of your original items as your unhappy with them (unused of course). Use your ing direct card pay pass and you're on your way to ….step 4, profit.

  • If only I lived in Melb…

  • Its funny how people go nuts for a store thats at every shopping centre in the usa!

  • Off topic but can someone explain the mad rush to visit the store? Surely it's not running away?

    • well early birds get the right size though. also there are giveaways and a free t-shirt..

      • I think mainly size. For me Im xs or s mens. So its a nightmare after sales and etc, as its all gone, and theres only xl or l left. Its like on boxing day where the only thing left are lrger sizes.

      • I really don't understand that logic. Surely companies want to sell products, no products no money. I see a lot of L and XL left over. Why not stock more S and M?

  • You need to have made your own purchase first. Well It wasn't known to all and if people are spending in the store, at least now they can get 20 dollars off.

  • Thanks for pointing this out- lined up for an hour and a half yesterday.
    Was pretty impressed by the store, bought a few things.
    Didn't even read the fine print on the receipt!

  • Hmm I don't fancy buying sweatshop-made attire at a this price when the money don't go to the workers.

    • +2 votes

      Yes I too prefer to pay 10x the price to get the attire made in the same sweatshop, it make me feel good that I'm supporting one of those poor people who add a reasonal 1000% market

  • Nice, I almost threw out my receipt

  • Went to the new H&M today. Some of the clothes were ones I had seen and even bought, when they were on Clearance, last September, when I was in Europe. Shows how backward in fashion Australia is. LOL.

    • Last seasons Winter gear for our Winter maybe. Not worth a new Winter design for the x hundred thousand in Aussie that would buy it, unfortunately.

  • I can't believe it's been 5 days and I'm the first to ask the question:

    what's the cheapest thing in the store (to get a receipt)??

  • I don't want to be skeptical, but is there any chance come may, they have a sale of more than 20%? If so, then this deal is essentially a pre-clearance discount. I heard on Bloomberg they are fast fashion, as fast as every 4 months their stock needs to be cleared.

  • if you have previous receipt ($20 off on $100 shopping) and you bill is near 70$ then buy anything for $30 to make it $100 and return it on second day(H&M 30 days return policy)…
    so you can get $70 clothes for $50 …(tried and tested)