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FREE Good Food & Wine Show Melbourne Double Pass - General Entry, Any Day, 30th May – 1st June


Must Select Quantity of 2 - One Double Pass per Account


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Good Food and Wine Show
Good Food and Wine Show

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  • Seemed to work for me, Thanks!

    • Can you use the two tickets on seperate days or do you (and a friend) have to use them on the same day?

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        any day includes separate days :)

  • Wished I lived in Melbourne! Citibank Credit Card was offering these at half price for Perth shows at $17.50, normally $35, so this seems like a great deal!

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    didnt work for sydney fyi

  • Hi op, the tickets don't seem to be free. Do you have a promotional code?

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      • thanks :)

        • no worries :)

    • First I tried to use the code for the tickets that come with Good Food Theatre but that didn't provide an option to use a promotional code. If you're having problems finding the code entry field you need to select the Any Day General Admission Only Ticket as stated by the OP and you'll see a place to enter in the promo code. Thanks OP! =D

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        I had the same problem, but once you have an account set up it allows you to choose double pass complimentary tickets. worked fine for me

  • Thanks..luckily didnt purchased the Citibank deal :-)

  • Worked for me!

    Hopefully there's heaps of free food and wine!

    • I went to the one in Perth last year, and there are very few freebies, and they're really small portions. Most of it is promoting products for you to buy. But I won double passes last year, but wouldn't pay to go.

      Hopefully the one in Melbs is better :)

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3psEhErn2Q was a freebie now discontinued

        • ?

        • no choc philly in perth?

        • At the show?

        • yes show freebie giveaway - multiple tubs possible :)

        • D: I didn't see it at the Perth show! There was an IGA Piccadilly, but there were only sampler cups of yogurt, little omelette squares on toothpicks and a small square of defrosted cake from memory

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    Thanks! Some really great deals coming out of OzBargain this week!

    • Which others?

      • Free $100 voucher from Tiger Airways and the free Xbox 360 Hitman Absolution game comes to mind

  • was planning to go. Thanks heaps

  • Thanks a lot. great !

  • Thanks tonester. Great find.

  • Thanks alot Op…excellent find! :)

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    Been hoping for these, thanks!

  • You bloody beauty! I loved this last time…

  • Thanks tonester. Looking forward to meeting fellow Ozbargainers in this Melbourne free food and wine get together.

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    Thanks OP, another free one. Loved it the last time too!

  • thankyou!!

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    Had a great day last year. Did have to buy a wine glass there for $3 to be able to try out the wines, so if you are a true Ozbargainer BYO wine glass

    • I like your thinking.

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    "Online sales cannot proceed with transactions at this time."

  • Thanks OP! :)

  • Thanks.

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    nice one! been waiting for a good promo, had LIFESTYLE1 for $8 off but this is obviously better!

  • great find

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    Thanks heaps! Maintaining another free annual event! :D

  • Thanks!

  • Worked for me, thanks

  • Thanks OP :)

  • Worked, thanks!

  • tried for perth and doesn't work…

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    the Sydney one was pretty good last year, got pissed and the mrs had to drive home

  • Worked… Thank u very much!!

  • Nice! thanks

  • I was about to go to bed, tucked in underneath the blanket and I saw this! I had to jump off and turn on my computer to get the tix. Oh well, all worth it. Thanks OP.

  • Done, many thanks. Last years show was a lot of fun!

  • Anyone received email comformation ?

  • worked thanks, don't forget to bring your ozbargain shirts :)

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    Got free tickets last year and forgot to go.
    Got free tickets this year… might go, might forget again. But at least I got my tickets ;-)

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      That's a pretty selfish attitude mate. There are people that would DEFINITELY go that missed out on tix, and then you see comments like yours. Not cool!

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        I had no idea there were limited numbers of tickets available. Not mentioned anywhere in the post or in comments prior to mine. I'm not such an @rsehole as you make out.

        Turns out, I can't go. So my tickets are available to the first person who messages me to ask for them.

        EDIT: …and… gone. Thanks for playing.

        • Thank you! A very unselfish move and well played checkmate!

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    Thanks, OP.

    "Would you like to purchase ticket insurance?"

    Ah… nope.

  • Help please….

    I don't have double pass complimentary tickets option

    • Have you made sure to select the GENERAL ADMISSION - ANY DAY pass? it only works on this selection, choosing a specific day didn't seem to work

      • Once you got any day, you can go specific day.

  • Great info and worked fine for me. Thanks.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Worked a treat, thanks :)

  • Usual price is $34 - You'd be crazy to pay that to go to a place where a bunch of pretentious people try and sell you more overpriced stuff. Just sayin'.

  • Thanks OP!!

  • I cant get this to work :( Its accepting the code but not coming up with a free option arhhhhhhhhhh

  • Cant get it to work too! Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

  • I can't get it working either, entered code, select general admission any day, but no option for the double pass

  • Worked 10 mins ago, retrying now and doesn't work.

  • sad just missed out by 10 min! :(

  • Must have reached the quota for available tickets using this code…

  • Try code "CITI", which may give you 2 for 1.

  • Ohhhh…boo hoo…missed out :(

  • Thanks OP. Loved it last year.

  • +1

    Cant believe I missed this one :(

  • Would happily take any unwanted tickets off anyone's hands who may find themselves unable to go. They'd go to a good home!!! :)

  • Gahhh was just talking to my friend who went last year about trying to find a free double pass to go. If anyone has a spare double pass or if nearer to the date can't go can you please pm me so it'll go to a good cause of freebies!

  • What a great deal! I hope there's more free tickets available soon.

  • Anyone know any free ticket codes for Sydney Good food and wine show?!

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    Anyone has spare or cannot go now, I would love tickets please to bring the kiddos . thanks a zillion!

  • Missed out on the Double Passes for Melb. Will appreciate if someone has spare passes to offer. Kids (under 12s) and we will love to attend. Thanks in advance……

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    Just wondering if anyone has any tickets to spare for the Good Food and Wine Show in Melbourne. Kindly email them to: [email protected]

    Many thanks

  • Willing to swap 2 Sydney tix for 2 Melbourne tix. My folks interstate are indifferent about it, might as well swap it for Melb ones which I can attend :P PM me if you hv melb ones

  • Anybody realised they can't go and wants to give their tickets away? I would love to go! Please PM me.

  • Hi i'm trying to print out my tickets but I have no idea how to get them. Is it just the payment invoice that you need to take along or is there actual tickets you can print somewhere with barcodes or something?

    • you should have been emailed the tickets the address that would have sent them is "[email protected]" with the subject "Your Booking Confirmation and Tickets - Order #…" that email will have a pdf attachment which is your tickets (tickets.pdf) this is what you need to print off and take in

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    Whoo, free tickets for me. And if you are Citibank Credit Card Holder, you get free wine tasting glass.

  • if anyone has extra or is giving away their tickets for Sydney (28th), please let me know! Thanks!

  • I have two Melbourne e-tickets available for this weekend. (30 May - 1 June)
    I got the tickets from this post but I cannot guarantee entry as no-one has posted successful entry!
    Happy to scan and email onto you, or you can collect from Glen Waverley
    Please provide email details or phone number


  • Hi,
    Just wondering if anyone has any tickets to spare for the Good Food and Wine Show in Melboune. Please PM me.

    Thanks in advance

  • Did anyone go today? All good getting in with these tickets?