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South Park Stick of Truth & FFX/X2 HD remastered ~ $35 Delivered PS3 Xbox360 at Zavvi.com


I think this is pretty cheap for this game. Very south park show alike. Also available in xbox360

Also check out other game with the same price
Ffx/x2 HD remastered

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  • Is the US version worth getting for the lack of Censorship?

    • Haven't play the US one but I think more enjoyment for the uncensored one.

    • US version is awesome, don't buy the edited versions

      • Maybe PlayAsia will rescue us from the Censor.

        • That's where I got my US copy

  • Damn. I ordered this last week for £21.98 from Zavvi.

  • so whats the story here - is this EU ver?

    • +2

      Yep, EU version, even more heavily edited that the AU version

      • oh wow, thanks- wasnt aware. playasia it is

  • Pity the 360 version is region locked. I want uncensored :(

  • Play Asia are selling the us version for around $63. No deal there.

    • It's currently $40 on Amazon US.

      Shipping is fairly bad though ($20ish - they dont offer the slower shipping on games for whatever reason), it evens out if you have 4-5 other games you want from them though.

      • I added a Vita screen protector and managed to get the shipping down to 13.99 for the ps3 south park with the vita screen protector.

        Just got shipping notification from amazon for the game :)

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