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SYD/OOL to London/Paris Return Dublin from $790 (PER from $717) on Etihad + Scoot


Hey guys,

Recently I was interested in seeing how cheap a return flight to Europe from Australia could be. I saw this post in early January and using a few tips from that thread, some of my own knowledge as well as Scoots current sale to Singapore I have managed to get return flights from Brisbane to Paris, returning from Dublin down to $800.

The way this deal works is fairly simple, it involves two booking and very little trouble. Etihad Airways offers flights from Singapore to certain destinations in Europe for an absolute steal, to put the cherry on top they also allow you to fly back directly to Australia from Abu Dhabi. This means the only other flight you have to worry about is the very first one you have to take, which is to Singapore (or another SE Asian destination – I’ll get to that soon). So once you have the first flight out of the way, it is smooth sailing.

However, to get the price I quoted above you have to do one thing; you have to fly into Paris and out of Dublin, which makes for an easy holiday if you plan on going from Paris to Dublin via London. However, if you don’t plan on visiting Dublin during your stay it is still easy to get there, a flight on RyanAir, EasyJet or GermanWings (all LCCs) will cost you no more than $50 and in many cases $20, Ryan Air currently has flights from London and Manchester for 10 Pounds.

So now that I have the explaining out of the way I’ll get down to the nitty gritty of the deal – the dates and flight plan. I’ll lay it out below using my situation, I am flying from the Gold Coast on Scoot using their most recent sale, heading to Paris and then returning from Dublin.

OOL – SIN $169
October 26
Flying Scoot, lands in Singapore at 3:30PM, plenty of time to do customs and check in for the Etihad flight at 8:20PM

All flights below total: $621

October 26
Flying Etihad with a 2 hour stop in Abu Dhabi

21 November
Flying Etihad with 2 short stopovers in Abu Dhabi, then again in Singapore (the stop in Singapore will continue on to Brisbane on Etihad metal, the stop here has nothing to do with the Scoot leg to get to Europe – it is just the route Etihad chooses to fly to get to Brisbane).

Tip: This deal isn’t just out of Singapore! You can fly a similar price out of Tokyo as well, so if you manage to score some Jetstar flights from MEL, OOL or CNS to Tokyo you can also take advantage of this deal and score yourself some time in beautiful Japan!

If you have any questions or would like to add anything to the deal please do post in the comments, hope you guys like this one as I have spent quite some time researching and confirming everything here.


Edit: Added Perth to the mix as flights on Scoot are only $119 + Etihad for $598

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  • Great deal to be reminded of and thanks for all the effort/detail OP. I was hoping it might extend into the end of year holidays but no such luck. I got SIN-CDG for ~$800 return to add on to $250 return flights to Singapore for three weeks in December. Good luck to everyone hunting travel.

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    Flying Scoot, lands in Singapore at 3:30PM, plenty of time to do customs and check in for the Etihad flight at 8:20PM

    This isn't without some risk; if your Scoot flight has a long delay or is cancelled, you risk being a no show for your Etihad flight(s). (Since they're separate tickets on separate carriers you aren't protected from a missed connection in SIN.) The chances are slim, of course, but some might prefer a stopover in Singapore for peace of mind! :)

    • Doesn't travel insurance cover this? If you're saving $1000 on flight tickets you might as well spend $150 and get travel insurance.

    • I have done the trip last year and will do it this month again ( SYD-SIN-FRA-SYD ) with a one day stopover in Singapore. Helps with the jetlag and it is a nice break in between flights :) None of my flights were late last time and I really enjoyed my first trip with Scoot.

  • Great deal, thanks

  • Great deal! If you want to save money, this would be a great way to do it. I'll defiantly be considering this. I appreciate the effort you put into it :-)

  • I booked 2 Tickets last week to Paris cost me 3000….

    • cheer up, 3000 for 2 tickets isnt too bad depending on the airline and time of the year of course

  • I could kick myself!
    I had a really good deal for a round the world ticket (for June/July) bookmarked. It totalled around $2,500. Forgot about it then realised when too late - it'd sold out. Can't find anything similar now.

    I've just had a look for tickets to Bankok as I can get really good accommodation for 27th June - 4th July.
    Prices were pretty high - around $1,000 return pp

  • This deal is magnificent, OP. Good stuff.

  • I noticed using the same website to book, to do this journey the cheapest Qantas option is $15300! - lol

    • That would be due to lack of availability in economy and requiring at least one leg to be in business/first class.

  • +'ed for an impressive effort, OP.

  • This deal is even better than it sounds for some.

    Replace SIN to PARIS with SIN to LONDON -> $622 ($4 extra compared with Paris) for the Etihad leg

    Just a shame about the restricted timing.

    • Yeah, different timing can add between $200-400 if this deal can even apply for your trip.

      I can't believe I didn't check LHR!! I always just assume LHR gets the short end of the stick in terms of pricing, I'll update the deal to mention this.


  • Did something similar earlier this year- SYD-SIN on scoot, then SIN-LHR + MXP-SYD on Etihad for $892 all up.

    • The SYD-SIN flights I'm looking at seem quite expensive in comparison - around $300 to get to SIN. Is that normal?

  • Beware that the low cost carrier will charge you for luggage to Dublin, so that will add slightly to the price.
    For what it's worth, I wouldn't fly Ryan Air even if I was being paid to take the flight

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  • -1 vote

    $621 for SIN – CDG return DUB – BNE on 21 November, yet Flying Etihad DUB – BNE only, on 21 November, is $1188. Guess Etihad learnt that from qantas.

    • Not at all, it's standard practice in the airline industry to charge large amounts for one way tickets, as often those buying one way are doing so for business, as the leisure market is generally a return only business.


        Neg'd ! Agggh. But Mike, look out for the Airasia specials next year, Aust to Europe (via bangkok, when they get delivery of their extra planes.

        • Yes!! AirAsia will get the new A330s that have the distance for direct KUL to LON flights, it will really give the airline industry a kick up the backside and hopefully stir up the prices a bit.

  • Awesome awesome deal! Thanks OP

  • You are a hero!

  • January school holidays…

    6th jan SIN->CDG
    20th jan DUB->SYD



    Prolly a bit too cold for me……

  • Thanks for posting this aweeeesome find! *fist pump!
    Just out of curiosity is ebookers.com a legit site?

    • It doesn't matter.

      If you click on the etihad link for $728 and book through etiihads official website it goes down to the ebookers price to about $620 anyways.

      Ie kayak is misreporting etihads fare by $100.

  • Good work man

  • Glad to be your 100th voter. Very nice post mike.

  • Thanks Mike for that!
    I was wondering are we able to extend our stop over at each of those locations so that we can explore each destination?
    Also is there anything from Sydney with a stop over in Tokyo with the flight ending in London?

    • Hey Angelz, I managed to change the departure and arrival points on the first leg from Singapore to Tokyo and Paris to London for minimal extra cost, however getting from Sydney to Tokyo will be at quite some expense. If you can make it to Melbourne or the Gold Coast Jetstar fly direct for about $260-$290 during their Japan sales, or a connection through cairns is possible for low to mid $300s.

      Here's the link for the changes


      • Thanks Mike!
        Yea Sydney to Japan is a bit pricey at $600 one way. Would you know when Jetstar Japan sales are on?

        Unless I follow your above route there and pay extra $300 from Syd to Singapore on Fly scoot and then follow your itinerary back.

  • I m not travelling at this stage to Europe but only to Asia but I want to commend the efforts you took Mike (OP) to put something together to help others .,, I can see from the post it would have easily taken you atleast an hour not less to put your thoughts together. It just reminds me sometimes that there are more helpful and considerate people like me too in this world who go through length and breadth of the world to help others

  • Will definitely keep this one in mind for the next Europe trip. Thanks OP!

  • The cheapest Etihad flight for my dates is $1,125 (5-22/9) which is not too bad I guess, but how can I compare different dates on kayak to see if any cheaper flights around that time?

    Or are the really cheap deals only available in November?

    • Indeed, I've tried a few different dates around oct-nov that seems to work but anything outside that and the price doubles. Do you know the constraints of the deal or is the allocation just getting exhausted?

  • I've done this. Etihad was great. Even stopped for 2 days in Abu Dhabi.

    Does anyone know of any business class deals? anyone remember the emirates business class deal around $3k?

  • Last year ozb deal, we went to Europe and came home with a baby. She's now 4 months old :)

  • Don't know if I'm missing something here, but what is scoot?

  • Great post, thanks OP!

    Booked from Jakarta to Frankfurt, returning from Dublin for around $890, excluding the flight from Sydney to Jakarta which was extra.

    I found that lots of Asian cities and a few European cities had cheap outbound fares around 20 December

    I recommend looking at the Etihad route map to see where they fly from/to as you might be able to find better cities/countries that suit your needs.

  • Been to Europe 2 times. Both times during winter. So i'll be going winter again. To Paris and Dublin again.

    Worth it? :/

  • Hi there, my husband seems to think it is against the rules to do it that way? Maybe it used to be, but nowadays with the internet they can't really stop it I suppose. My dates unfortunately don't suit the deal going to LHR and AMS over the Christmas period, because although I got the flight down to $1392 (SIN-LHR-AMS-BNE leaving 20/12) it will be $500+ to fly from OOL to SIN :(
    Thanks for the great post though, I'll be spending a few more hours on kayak no doubt! Cheers!

    • I don't believe there are any rules that would restrict you from starting a journey in Singapore and finishing it in Australia. As far as I know, this is a genuine airline deal, and not exploiting a loophole (e.g Expedia BR and fuel surcharge) or a pricing error.

    • No such rule

      We fly last year and it worked out fine

      Will suggest you stay a night in Singapore
      It's worth a overnight trip

  • Remember to check directly on Etihad's website!

    SIN-CDG 24 November, DUB-PER 29 November is $802 on Kayak, but $760 directly on Etihad.

    • I tried that, but it only gives the price in Singapore $ and when I convert it, works out more expensive.

  • I want to fly Business Class on long haul as I have a bad back and the seats in ECY in any airline kill me by the time I get there and need a Chiro to get moving again…A bed/ lie flat seat is my only hope of making the trip.

    I can't get my QF FF Points to get me a seat although I have several hundred thousand plus.

    No search can give me any seats out of Australia or Singapore using my points with QF or their One World Airline Affiliates; so it looks like this is a good idea if I can find a low fare Business Class seat.
    Maybe there is a Business Class fare in Kayak that won't blow my CC before I even leave home.If there is I can't find it.
    I want to get to Paris and Amsterdam around September for a few months….
    Any suggestions as to how I can get a Business Class Seat using QF FF Points or do I bite the bullet and pay big time ?

    • If you have several hundred thousand QFF points, couldn't you use a Oneworld Business Award for 280,000 points (up to 6 destinations included in that capped price, conditions/restrictions apply).

      • The problem is that Qantas open the Business Class Awards books almost one year out from the flights and they only have a few seats as it is on any international flights, unless you book way ahead…
        Regardless of the number of points one has, many people on other Forums (eg. Australian Frequent Flyer) report the same problem and to be honest, the hype that Qantas put into promoting their FF programme and other affiliates like Everyday Rewards,Bank & Credit Card Schemes offering bonus and FF points leaves one to wonder if the ACCC should investigate this practise as false advertising.
        Though Qantas probably cover themselves with the usual "conditions and restrictions apply" clause.

        BTW: To use QF FF points on a One World affiliate, you have to go through Qantas on the phone and they seem to insist that you use QF or EK aircraft on the first leg from wherever it begins. eg.SIN/LHR or wherever which means there are no seats anyway…

        Looking at Sri Lankan, but it doesn't look too promising as far as connections or even seats go using FF points. Their Business Class Fares are about average compared with other carriers out of SIN or KL as it is, so not much savings with them by the look of it.

        If only Air Asia flew their flat bed seats beyond KL this year instead of the wait for their new aircraft :(

    • I just got back from Europe flying scoot return to Singapore, then business class (flat seats with massage feature :)) from Singapore to Paris and return from Rome to Singapore flying Sri Lankan Airlines, they also just joined one world so you might be able to upgrade etc. They have some really good J class flights out of Singapore, The total cost was under $1500 in peak holiday season 16th Dec back on 21 Jan.

  • HI, a great deal…here in adelaide, its a real chore to try to organise this sort of thing…
    But it gives me hope that I can do it for about $1k …with a lot of searching..

    Is there a site that you can put in origin-destination that looks for you..

    skyscanner doesnt have all the airlines

    Being a newbie I had trouble with scoot doing multi city..it wont let me do adel-sin-paris..then dublin -singapore-adelaide…
    maybe im doing something wrong

  • +1 vote

    Just be careful with Scoot. They are a bit like Tiger, small fleet, new to the market and still have teething problems. Once a aircraft goes tech, the whole network gets hit.

    Scoot has come a long way but there On time performance is still fairly dreadful.

  • fantastic work OP. Really appreciate the effort as this is exactly what I'm looking for.

  • I had a little play with it,
    Its still the same price:
    1) Flying back to Sydney instead of Brisbane. But it includes a local flight from Brisbane. Which makes it a 31 hour flight coming back.
    2. The days OP posted and the 3 weeks backward, so long as it is the same day of the week. (Leave on Fri, return on sunday).

  • Thanks therooftop! Would you know with these flights if we can have a longer stop over in Dhabi to explore the place?

  • Booked,

    13/01/15 SYD->SIN on scoot with checked bag
    14/01/15 SIN->LHR
    22/01/15 DUB->SYD

    For under $1000AUD.

    • Oh nice! I need to book mine soon! I was wondering was there a price difference if it is booked in october vs Dec 11th vs Jan ?

  • Thanks Mike, have saved this info for our next trip to Europe in a few years (unless Air Asia is cheaper by then).
    Another tip is that car leasing in France is cheaper than hiring one anywhere else.

  • long-time lurker but newbie poster here, and thought of sharing my experience. Just returned 2wks ago (April NSW school holiday) from following these routes (2 adults+2 kids under 7):
    *SYD>SG (Scoot 1-way+baggage, great flying experience no-frills, promo $89/person+$15 bag)
    *Stayed 3 days in Batam to adjust with Etihad cheap flight date and Batam/Bintan have great resorts + facilities with cheap prices compared to stay in SG (an hour ferry from spore SGD80/person return + USD10 visa/person)
    *SG>LHR (Etihad via DBX, lost our luggages but they delivered straight to our London hotel 5hrs later, can't praise enough of their excellent service to get our bags back quickly, airport mishap not the airliner)
    *AMS>SYD (Etihad via DBX)
    Overall flight cost: around AUD 3k (Etihad tickets bought at Vayama.com)
    Review of Etihad: excellent service, join their FF program & combined as family FF, order kids meal + special requirement food online (their low-carb food is tasty) to have your meal served ahead of everyone but ALWAYS re-confirm during check-in, their flying nanny is really good with kids (face painting etc.)
    Miles earned: 44k (enough to shop some great FF reward items for FREE!) example this Android tablet: (http://www.rewards.etihadguest.com/eyloyrewards/productdetai...)
    Good luck!

    • Great deals there! I was wondering how did you get the Etihad FF Rewards if you use ebooker?

      • good pickup! forgot to mentioned that I called Etihad call-center to add my FF# to my booking (booked through Vayama, not ebooker).
        Also Etihad FF points can be converted to cash (using pointspay.com) and my above 44k FF points is close enough to buy iPad Mini instead :)


          44k in Etihad miles is also nearly enough for a one way flight in First Class between Abu Dhabi and one of their various EU destinations. Etihad First Class is excellent (self-contained suite, dedicated chef to cook your meals, chauffeur at both ends of your trip etc.), and the market value of that flight is significantly more than a Android tablet or iPad mini! ;)

        • thx for great info, but for my use, tangible goods (i.e.tablet) have more usage value and long-term enjoyment compared to some hours of great flight service. Each to their own preference i guess.
          Also as they asked where i booked this ticket from, thus i have to mentioned the site this great price from, who knows whether that will effect eligibility or what not, but i'm sure you are correct on the fare-earning category which is worth every try. good luck!


        As long as the ticket you booked is in a miles-earning fare category, you can earn miles on your flight regardless of where you book. If you aren't able to enter your FF number on the booking site itself, you can call the Etihad call centre to add it, or get the agent to add it during check-in.

  • Wow, this is an awesome deal!

    Im looking to book a flight departing Brisbane/Gold Coast on 2nd August to Ireland and returning on 29 August. Best price I can find is around $1,550 with the scoot/etihad combo.

    Anyone able to find me a cheaper price?

    • Not sure what you're doing to get that? I get Scoot OOL-SIN $199 with bag, plus Etihad SIN-KUL-AUH-DUB-AUH-SIN-BNE $1169. Total comes to $1368.
      Even cheaper is to fly OOL-SIN on Scoot $199, SIN-AUH-MAN/DUB-AUH-SIN-BNE on Etihad for $1028, and buy a cheap Aer Lingus flight MAN-DUB for $90. $1317 total.

      August is high season so that's why there's no ~$800 flights.