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$0 eBook: Property Magic (The No.1 Property Best Seller on Amazon) Save $5.79


This book is selling for $5.79 at Amazon, but is being offered free by Property Mastermind. You don't even need to enter an email address. Simply download straight from here.

Here is the Amazon link for those interested.

In this fourth updated edition, property millionaire Simon Zutshi will show you how you can build a $2 million property portfolio and a $100,000 income in just 12 months, by revealing some of the success secrets behind his Property Mastermind Programme. This revised edition includes a brand new chapter on Property Options.

New case studies and extra content such as: The 5 questions to ask Estate Agents to get them to find the best properties for you; How to pay off your mortgage in 8 to 10 years and build a property portfolio at the same time: How to quickly and easily asses if a property will make positive cash flow for you; and How to recycle your deposit every 6 months using “Momentum Investing”. The essence of the book is that no matter where you live, there are motivated sellers in your area who will sell their property to you for well below the true market value.

This means that you can build a substantial property portfolio using very little of your own money. Simon will show you how to find these motivated sellers, how to deal with them and structure an ethical win/win deal. The book is designed to open your mind, stimulate your thinking and make you aware of some of the current possibilities available in property investing.

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    Here is the link where you'll find negative gearing is terminated tomorrow. http://budget.gov.au/2014-15/index.htm

    • Haha. Classic!

    • Wow, purchasing budget documents! Why would one when it'll be available on the website?

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        Would anyone actually pay for budget documents? What are they thinking?

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      and pigs might fly

  • So much of interesting stuff to read on this chapter.

    Also "social matters" section made me wonder if Abbott actually thought about this before making such decisions.


  • Cool…
    BTW is the pdf version the same as the Amazon one?

    • Amazon do Kindle Version, not PDF

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    not really good advice in the book.

    "If you don’t sell, you never pay CGT. At death, any CGT
    liability on your property portfolio is wiped out."

    This is not true. Any beneficiaries will be liable for CGT unless they sell within 2 years.

  • I smell another wealth creation club pyramid master

  • Has anyone knocking property investment (per above 10 comments) actually own say 3-4-5-10 properties and has substantially changed theirs and their families lives through smart property investment……(pause). You guys need to read the book the most, even if you don't agree with 75% of the content, at least open your minds up to what IS possible for everyday Australian's to achieve.

    • A Chinese hard landing and iron ore price collapse can't happen soon enough and will show you that putting all your eggs into one asset class wasn't so great after all.