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Chromecast Preorder $49 DSE 27th May


Dick Smith has the Chromecast up for preoder at $49.

Pre-order in store for pick up on the 27th using cat#XH1443

Obviously not as good as the price launched in the US… But still a bargain when considering imports and fluctuating prices +stock.

Just a side note: rumours of a set top box code named 'Molly' for android is running around which might be revealed in June so maybe there'll be a new streaming device seeing as this has come into the local market quite late.

First post so any helpful critique is welcome!

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    Enter coupon code BUDGET for an extra 12% off at checkout :)

    • $43.12

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        $48.07 with $4.95 delivery to postcode 2035.

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          2035 represent

    • Thanks!! +1

      Not sure if my title is misleading…should I change it to 'in stock 27th' seeing as preoder is open now?

  • Is this going to be at other outlets - thinking my good guys voucher could be best used on this … But if not I'd pre order to get the discount here.

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    Page not found.

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    Page not found?

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    page dead?

  • Ho can I preorder? I add it to cart, go to cart and click checkout…says cart is empty.

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    DICK DOESNT WANNA DO DEALS… on another note, he's an article from Tech Geek

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      I'm guessing Mr Ban Slavery got the link from Ausdroid, considering his referencing of "Molly" from the comments.


      Key issue is if they have any linkage with the TV catchup services, which we won't find out till it's launched. Alternatively getting chromecast to talk to US or UK services via a VPN is problematic.

      • Yup! But I read up on Molly via AndroidPolice and Ausdroid's comment brought it back up, was surprised people considered it something to be released at the I/O and thought I should add the note in.

  • Page Not Found!

    Looks like a screwup from DSE listing this before they were supposed to. Time to get rid of the interns and monkeys.

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      Would there be anybody left?

  • Looks like the page is dead. I saw the page and had logged into my account to order but could not complete the order.

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    28 mobile is selling chromecast for A$40. Not sure about delivery period.
    Extra 2% handling feee for PayPal
    Free Shipping


    • +2

      has anyone bought from these guys before? are they reliable?

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      Site is a bit slow. Though, the biggest problem is $19 for postage for Google Chromecast + PayPal surcharge. It is $61 altogether from 28 mobile. I wouldn't bother buying from them.

  • I've looked at the reviews and they all seem like the device has potential but still needs development. Not sure if I will pull the trigger.

    • Seems like a cheap way to mirror laptop to TV, as well as easily stream YouTube et via phone

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      I've bought one from US bestbuy and now it sits there collecting dust

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        I'll give you $20 + post for it ;)

  • Sorry guys, don't think Dick wanted the discounts to apply to it. :((

  • Told in store that the item showed up as "new product" in the system, and did not allow preorders.

  • +1

    Amazon.com had it recently for US$ 29.xx but to an AU-based member, they refused to send… :-/

    • That's why you should've joined reship.com when it was up… You have an american address that ships a parcel to you for $5US… :^D

  • Google TV is what you need.

  • http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2014/05/dick-smith-will-soon-be…

    Update: The listing seems to have been pulled — but that might just indicate someone going live a little early, we suspect.

  • I have been using Chromecast since last one week… It cannot be compared to apple tv or wdtv at all…(they are very superior) Setting up chrome cast was easy…. but found out it only worked with google chrome browser… regd smart phone… it can transmit youtube netflix and few other apps… nothing much… easy to use… but is limited to few apps…

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    Got one a few months ago. Very handy to watch YouTube and streaming music/pandora/spotify/vides/pics from phone to tv using dlna apps like bubbleupnp etc.

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    Get a Tronsmart T1000 instead. It does a lot more than a Chromecast as it is not locked to the Google / Chrome ecosystem, and it also only sells for $25 USD.

    Before purchasing though, note it is strictly mirroring what's on your phone or tablet, so if you quit the video application on your device, the video stops playing. Chromecast however will keep playing the video even if your phone / tablet is switched off. That's the biggest disadvantage.

    • Thats not neccessarily much better. Infact scaling issues with mirroring can make it irritating. Chromecast detects your display and fits the video for it, much better user experience IMO.

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    "Google’s Chromecast provides one of the cheapest and easiest ways to stream internet audio and video to your TV. Just plug the $35 stick into your TV, run a setup utility to connect to your WiFi network, and you can stream content from Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Hulu and other sites while using your phone, tablet or PC as a remote control."

    So it does the same as a $5 HDMI cable and free XBMC?

    • How much would a XBMC device cost?

  • If you have a pc already, which quite obviously you do - $ZERO

  • almost useless if you have a smart TV already

  • +1

    One could argue that "Smart" TV's are for not so smart people.
    Smart people would have used their existing dumb TV linked to their existing PC and installed XBMC for free instead of purchasing yet another toy. (-;

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    Hi guys,

    Not trying to hijack but we have a few of these in stock at the moment for $49.95 ( free delivery).

    Currently have one setup at home. To be honest, I only use it to stream Plex.

    • Only $44.95 when using the code you receive when signing up to the newsletter

      The code is ten10ten

  • can anybody recommend a cheap and good google tv dongle.

  • For those that are interested; I just got a shipping confirmation email for this so a little unsure as to what their deal was with the original listing.

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