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Paragon NTFS 11.0 for Mac OS X - 50% off - $9.95 USD (RRP $19.95 USD)


Deal expires tomorrow at 5pm AEST.
From my research the price of this item only goes for 50% off twice a year (price of a lunch).
Usually the most you would get is 20% off.

For those who don't know, this software allows Mac users to write to NTFS (Windows formatted) external hard drives.
By default Mac OS X only allows users to read from external NTFS hard drives.

There are other options out there but IMO Paragon seems to be the fastest when writing to NTFS formatted hard drives.

Tip: pay in US dollars using a credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees
xe.com currently shows $9.95 USD at $10.75 AUD

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    Still wouldn't trust it with critical data.


      Your comment is based on..?

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        I experienced file system corruption on multiple occasions (on multiple drives) when I last used Paragon NTFS a year or so back. Moved to Tuxera for a bit — which seemed to work OK — but I've since uninstalled that as well.

        I wouldn't trust it with critical data, either; both Paragon and Tuxera are imperfect solutions. If you must use this to transfer important files, make sure you verify the copied files and disks before deleting any backups.

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        Loosing random data. The flaw is the journaling if power happens to go off or the drive isn't ejected.


          yes thats what happened to me with hfs+ drive in win running macdrive, fortunately diskwarrior is awesome and fixed it 100%


    Tried a few of these (evaluations?), but uninstalled all and gone back to saving data to external drives formatted fat32 which i use in both m$ and mac and linux. perfect.

    on pc been using macdrive for years very stable - EXCELLENT - had only one incident but it was my fault for pulling out usb drive after pc crashed, should have shut down first. no problem, repaired the fat with diskwarrior on mac, and all was good, data was fine, just fat jumbled up.

    have not used paragons hfs+ even though i purchased it thru a 3-for-1 deal a while back (did not use any of the 3 products - yet - maybe one day)

    digression: very hard to get yourself off bitsdujour's mailing list even after sending numerous emails, was getting up to 5 emails a day, finally just added them to gmails spam list


      Fat32 perfect? Not if you need files over 4gig.


        we're talking about files you TRANSFER bw mac + pc, you dont normally do tgat with file < 4gb, you would put those on universally accessible media, like nas

        i would never transfer important data on a usb drive bw computers mac and/or pc in any case

        been doing this for a long time and have learned to be paranoid about data loss, with important and/or large files now i will first COPY data, check it, then i may or may not delete the original, depending how important it is

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          You mean >, not <.


          thx paintoad, just tired, thats what i meant MORE THAN

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    The free alternative is to simply edit /etc/fstab and enable mac's native read/write support for NTFS volumes -



      thanks lukian for the link did not know about this

      they also say you should not rely on cross-platform software solutions for critical data, but should use fat32 instead or network/samba/nas to transfer files between platforms


    Haven't had any issues yet on my two Macs and sharing files across on NTFS formatted drives. Although I do eject safely.

    However I do keep backups of files just in case.