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Hallenstein Brothers - Queen's Birthday Sale + OzBargain Exclusive Extra 25% Off Everything!


Hey guys,

It's Queen's Birthday this weekend in NZ so we've put some deals up - but as an exclusive offer to our OzBargain customer base you can get an extra 25% off everything!

Just use the code HAPPYBIRTHDAYLIZ - offer ends Sunday so be quick!

Free Delivery on orders over $30!

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Hallenstein Brothers
Hallenstein Brothers

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    Just received my order yesterday for the last sale and now it's another 25% off…

    • +3

      Yeah, I only put my order through two days ago too :(

      Not complaining about extra discounts, more off is always better… but it seems a bit soon after the previous "Exclusive OzBargain Sale" (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/145044). I suspect a few of us will have been 'burnt' by this.

  • Waiting for the Merino Cardigan in XS Charcoal to come back in stock…

  • Hey Rep, any chance you could apply the extra 25% off to my order? I literally ordered last night.

    Order #234110

  • Dam if only I waited a week I would have got 25% off my 2 orders

    • You snooze you… win?

  • Cool - this brings the sale price of the Chinos back down to what I paid last year! Will definitely order some now!

  • +6

    A fair few of us purchased in the last sale because it was "ozbargain exclusive", and then now the prices are the same as the ozbargain exclusive, plus a greater discount

    I'm not sure how difficult or viable this is, but perhaps that equivalent discount credit to those who ordered in the last sale for future purchases including in this sale?

    • Yeah, pretty disappointed with this. Would have saved $55 from my last order :(

      • With that amount you could probably consider returning it, copping the return postage charge, and then re-ordering. Say return postage is $15, you come out $40 ahead…

        • I know right, alas, I threw out the tags because everything fit well.

        • Damn :(

          Mine hasn't arrived yet (tracking says it hasn't even left NZ yet)… part of me hopes they don't fit well so I'll have an excuse to send it back and re-order at 25% off :)

  • I bought some stuff shortly before this deal was posted, so I emailed them about applying this discount to my order. Hopefully they'll do it :(

  • oh so the merino is cheaper now compare than last week? :D i havent bought

    yes merino become $26.99 but need to buy more to get free shipping

  • +1

    I guess the EOFY sale is just around the corner. Say another 25% off? :D

  • obviously queen is more important than average ozb community :D

    • Mmm, the OP was very helpful and responsive in last post but not a peep this time around.

  • +1

    OP is very quiet, should we be nervous..? No - great service and responsiveness usually it seems, so I'm staying confident that they'll be able to honour the better price, my order from a couple of days ago arrived this morning

  • Such a great deal on the merino sweaters. Thanks for sharing.

  • +5

    Hey guys,

    Sorry about the late response. We're really sorry about the way this has happened - it wasn't planned - we had great success last week with OzBargain and we were looking to try and replicate that. We didn't realise we would upset so many of you.

    If you feel hard done by, please fire us an email at [email protected] and we'll provide a 25% discount code that has no expiry so you can use it on your next purchase, regardless of when that is.

    Cheers guys - sorry for the frustration!

    • +1

      Throw in an extra peanut slab and we'll call it even :)

      • I've just made a 2nd order just for the peanut slab!

    • Hi Rep

      So we just need to send email with the order number and we can get the 25% code?

  • if i order today can i get it by next week 5th june? (nsw sydney 2000)

    • Yes you will - if you order today you should get it on Monday :)

      • +1

        cool ordered! 2nd purchase from me. i think you can just advertise on ozb and cut off other marketing cost elsewhere lol

  • Discount is not applying to Kit Headmaster Leather Belt
    Style: 7798539 http://www.hallensteins.com/product?i=7798539&v=7858825

  • Awesome! Thanks heaps for sharing the love :)

  • I'm after Dapper dress coat in xs black … Any chance of stock soon?

  • Rep - whats with the no chocolate love anymore ???? :(

  • wow just ordered today, than Just saw this. any chance can add the extra 25%off?
    Order #235537

  • Do they still give chocolate in their orders? My recent order was candy free this time. Ah well, cheers for the code rep!

  • Just received my order today that was made on Friday - quicker then when I order online within Australia!!! I was even given some chocolate love. Thank you and I will definitely be ordering again :)

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