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Free Portrait of Her Majesty The Queen


Found this on Reddit at: http://www.reddit.com/r/melbourne/comments/26v442/get_your_l...

Why not spruce up your pad with a photo of our Head of State?

(I know this is probably not exactly a bargain - but I just couldn't resist)

If you need some home decorating tips, the chap on Reddit posted these photos of his handywork: http://imgur.com/a/O9wps

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    Done. Jolly good post

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      Gods, Empires, Monarchs, Knighthoods — it's the twenty-first century people. Republic now!

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    don't forget the cd and dvd of the national anthem too! oh there's mention of a large flag but it seems you need to be part of school/veteran association etc to get this

    • +3

      OzbBargain is a school isn't it? :)

    • Additionally, Senators and Members have an entitlement to 50 large flags per financial year (no larger than 1,370mm x 685mm) for presentation to private individuals.

      • +4

        Fifty per year?! Who consumes an average of like a flag per week?

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    It costs taxpayers money to print these as well as to employ people to do that so unless you're not paying tax it's not free.

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        You have confused OzBargain with CaymanIslandsBargain

  • Is it the one that was painted by Rolf Harris? http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/art-and-design/rolf-harr...

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      No, it wasn't finger painted

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    Isn't there a rule against advertising adult products on OzBargain?

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      At what point does adult become senile?

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    Oh goodie. I'll have one for me, one for Janette, and one for my protege, Tony.

    Please don't send one to Christopher Pyne, though - he didn't realise this portrait of a queen was HRH Elizabeth II.

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    Do they also offer Kate's portrait? I wouldn't mind hanging up Her Royal Hotness.

  • +47

    I'd love to grab a Tony Abbott one for the dartboard.

    • +5

      "for distribution to their constituents"

  • +3

    View in Summary
    6.8 Constituents’ Request Program (CRP)

    Maybe should be called:

    6.8 Constituents’ Request Accessories Program (CRAP) :)

  • +8

    Awesome going to put her majesty beside my bed. Last thing I see before dozing off and first thing I see when I wake up.

    Going to make me appreciate the wife a little more.

    • Morning glory… "can you please be upstanding for God Save the Queen"…

  • +2

    Why can't we get a free portrait of Tony Abbott? I want to put one on my dedicated shrine I pray to every night.

    • +19

      I thought devil worship was illegal?

      • +1

        Look at the reddit example above. Nothing is going to make me defecate quicker, than having such a portrait of Tones in my rest room… :)

        • +5

          a portrait of bronwyn bishop with a meme caption "bronwyn bishop is watching you fap" might…

        • We need Tony Abbot toilet paper.

          Anyone want to go in with me to produce this money spinner. People would use a roll a session, because you just can't wiping.

      • Sorry, it was of my understanding that everyone on OzBargain worshipped our one true overlord Tony Abbott and his excellent policies and amazing personality!

        … But really it appears sarcasm doesn't go very well on the internet.

  • Sorry, I'm a little confused. How exactly do I send in a request? I'm assuming we're using Form 45. However, would a member of the general public be considered a Member of a constituent?

    • If you live in the same electorate, you'd be considered a constituent of the member.

  • +7

    I'll order one for Malcolm Turnball and pretend it's a gift from Tony. He'll like that.

  • Good job, thanks a lot

  • They should have one of me! :-)

  • +1

    Why would I want to hang a picture of a freeloader in my house?

    These guys are the biggest bargain hunters amongst us. We might get a cheap thing here or there, they get a free LIFE out of us.

    • +10

      picture of a freeloader

      There's a very good chance she's worked harder at her job than you

      • -4

        Unless his job involves sitting on his arse drinking pineapple daiquiris and cutting the odd ribbon, I doubt it.

        • -2

          Neg all you like, a bunch of scroungers the lot of them.

        • -1

          unless you do more charitable work than Princess Anne, you'd do well to pull your ignorant head out

        • +3

          I'd love to do more charity work. Unfortunately the tax payers haven't provided me a mansion, food, staff, travel etc so I have to work 40+ hours a week.

        • +1

          excuses, excuses :p

          you could still do 2 tours of Afghanistan like Prince Harry did…the defence force provides you with all the basics, you just bring courage and selflessness

        • +1

          I think you will find fighting in foreign wars has been in the job description of monarchs or potential monarchs, for a few centuries. (Soldiers do that for far less benefit or positive publicity.) But there are so many candidates for the ultimate posititon of Head of State and Church, so they need to fill in their time. I think the perks far outweigh the inconvenience/ risks.

        • At least Harry fought in circumstances where there was a more than theoretical risk of being killed. On the other hand William dicked around in a helicopter for a bit, and prince andrew slummed it for a while in a submarine.

          That doesn't absolve you of being a scrounger for the rest of your life.

    • +1

      We just gave the latest bunch of royals to visit a free multi-million dollar holiday. They ARE the ultimate bargain hunters!

  • +2

    Additionally, Senators and Members have an entitlement to 50 large flags per financial year (no larger than 1,370mm x 685mm) for presentation to private individuals.2

    Free flags!

  • Seems since the days of Menzies, photos of the Queen ('I did but see her passing by and yet l love her till I die'), copies of the Constitution, (and large Australian flag for community groups) have been free from your local MP.

    Strangely, not many people can be bothered asking. The flags from 1950s & 60s (like mine) were sewn not printed - quality. Grew up with flag, photos & copies of constitution in the house, so definitely NO THANKS.

  • +11

    If Phooney Tony or Joe Liar want to save some money, they should cut this program!

  • Form 45 has to be signed by "… Senator, Member or Authorised Staff Member". So constituents can't sign there own form. So surely this will not work?

    • Just ask your MP's office. This "deal" has been available free for decades.

  • how do we get the deal?

  • This should be handy. Hang it up in the bedroom wall. Should help slow down proceedings if my constituent is getting a little to eager!

  • +3

    Anyone know a good deal on darts?

  • +8

    oh wow…

    the only thing that I like about the Queen is her Birthday…

  • +2

    Seriously? Why would anyone want a portrait of her? They'd have to pay me to hang it up… urrrgh. I like the darts idea Martijn. Do they offer one of Tony Abbott?

    • +3

      There aren't enough darts in the world for a tony abbott one.

  • +1

    now i quite like the Queen — stood around for a couple of hours to see her when she and the crazy Duke came out to Perth, only to see more of that attention whore Scaffidi :\ — but i wouldn't have her portrait up on the wall :D

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    Ok - so you just want free stuff for a laff!!?!?! ere's wat ya do:

    1 - If unsure, Google your local member ie. 'Local Federal Member for Melbourne' and find their email address!
    2 - Go to http://www.maps.finance.gov.au/circulars/Departmental/2012/3... Constituents%26%2339%3B_Request_Program%26%2358%3B_Formal_Australian_Portraits-20120706.html3 and have a read.
    3 - Download and fill this PDF out: http://www.maps.finance.gov.au/forms/docs/Form_045.pdf
    4 - Email your local federal MP and copy and paste this:

    Dear XXXXX,

    I recently have been made aware that formal Australian portraits of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness Prince Phillip The Duke of Edinburgh have been recently been made available to all constituents within Australia.

    It is required that constituents contact their local MP to request these portraits as well as several other government related resources. I hereby humbly request the attached (see attachment) resources be posted to my residential address:

    Your details
    Your details
    Your State and Postcode

    Source: http://www.maps.finance.gov.au/circulars/Departmental/2012/3...

    Warmest Regards,


    5 - Attach the PDF you filled out
    6 - Warm up some bangas 'n' mash and celebrate!

    • qty required

      I can see someone broden'ing this.

    • +1

      I would do this to receive a decent-sized sewn Aussie flag, which I would put to good use, but why would anyone go to all this trouble to be sent a colour paper printout, of anything ? I mean, it's not like they're gonna send you something hand-painted on canvas; they'll surely just send you a colour A4 printout of QEII, if yer lucky on glossy paper in decent resolution? I.e. the same thing you could print out at office-works yourself, for about a buck?
      I don't mean to be like "the Grinch" or something, I'm just saying… it seems a bit silly to jerk the system at a cost of I suppose about $5 a throw to the tax-payer all things considered (labour, actual cost of the printout, the member's time, postage-costs etc.) just for #&^%&-and-giggles; when you could just print it out yourself for a fraction of that cost.
      I.e. costing the tax-payer ~$5 (or more) for something you could acquire yourself for $1.
      I would do it if they sent a complementary pair of googly eyes though.

    • Target practice for a sniper rifle?

    • Please practice on the PM first. ;)

    • What are your travel plans for this year, TheLastNoob? Plan to visit any tall buildings? Visited any gun stores lately? Hmmm?

  • +3

    talking about cheap shots at some old lady…

  • +3

    I'll wait for a "King Charles" portrait. Shouldn't be long now.

    • My dogs want a portrait of Lady Camilla.

  • +1

    You mean you don't already have a portrait of the Queen hanging in every room?

    What kind of a country is this? After all the long weekends she has given you over the years!

    • +2

      If we ever become a republic, i'm sure we'll have a Presidents' Day!

      • -1

        And if we had already become a republic, Tony Abbott would currently be the President.

        Something to remember, next time someone suggests we should become a republic.

        • +3

          That's just one of many hypothetical universes and not a foregone conclusion, the method for selecting a president never was determined as Howard successfully split the vote.

        • +4

          Russ, your ignorance of the Australian Constitution is showing. Suggest read the current Constitution of Australia - online or free from libraries or your MP.

          You confuse the leader of the group with the most votes in the House of Representatives, with Head of Australia.

          There is a big difference between the position / role of PRIME MINISTER vs HEAD OF STATE. Under a republic (as now), the Prime Minister is still the Prime Minister, separate to the mainly ceremonial Head of State. Can't see Tony ever wanting to open garden parties rather than a good biffo in the Reps ;-)

          The Head of State could be chosen by the Prime Minister, a majority of Parliament, a committee or voted on by the public. Constitutional Conventions have examined this. That is little different to the current position (which Tony did recently) of the Prime Minister appointing the Head of State - the Governor General.

          It was these possible ways to select a Head of State which led the Monarchists to divide the majority support for a Repulic in the 1999 Referendum, meaning it did not get a majority of support in a majority of States. That and general ignorance of our Constitution & processes of State.

          Many Australians seem unaware of who is Head of Australia. Not surprising. When Sydney hosted the Olympics, PM Howard wanted to open it. But the Governer General should open as he was Head of State. Additionally, it would have been awkward if the Queen had attended the opening ceremony, as she would then be the one to open as Head of State! Howard needed a special dispensation from the IOC so he, not one of our Head of State, could be seen opening. Try explaining all that to anyone visiting from another country wanting to understand the operation of our "democracy".

          Your post would have a republic where there was only 1 position / role, which is not what has been proposed and would require major changes to the Constitutional balance between Head of State and Head of Government.

          Far too many Australians understanding of Republics & Presidents is based solely on the USA model, and lack of understanding of current Australian political systems, rather than the logical republican changes suggested for Australia.

          No, Tony would not be President. The position of Prime Minister would not become President. The Head of State position would be changed in a republic, not the PM. The Head of State need not be called President anyway.

          Not quite as simplistic as you say, & what I have presented is still simplistic & possibly flawed.

        • +1

          The Sydney Olympics in 2000 were opened by the GG and not John Howard.

          Still remember it cos he was as wooden as a board, and when he clapped at the end of his speech he clattered the mic stand.

          Agree tho that the PM would not have been the head of state in any Republic models put forward.

        • Absolutely correct, ukmark. I was remembering the confusion & discussion around who could perform the opening.

        • +1

          Which is why the referendum failed. Wholesale ignorance of the voting public.

  • +1

    Far out, the last time I saw the queen was in 1970's Adelaide, when as a kid, our outer suburban primary school lined the main street to wave at who I assume was her majesty as her car drove past, and she waved back.

  • +1

    BONUS: If you reach the age of 100, or are married for 50 years to same spouse, your MP can arrange a lovely signed letter from the Queen with her photo in a spiffing presentation folder.

    I know all OzBargainers will wait anxiously for the arrival of that free gift ;-) Just don't OzBargain it.

    If you are still photogenic at that age / have an interesting story to attract media attention (of a life dedicated to finding the best bargains), the MP might arrange a lovely morning tea in your (sorry the MP's) honour. They may even throw in an honour - arise Sir/Dame OzBargainer.

    Is there nothing your very highly paid MP (or more likely their over-worked staff) can't do for YOU at taxpayer expense?

  • +1

    bargain! i'll keep her for that extra special explosive diarrhea occasion in the bathroom!

  • +2

    Perfect timing! Needed a new face to put on my blowup doll.

  • I need a papal portrait.

  • How much toy reckon i'd get for the portrait on eBay?

  • great thanks

  • Anyone got a personal reply from their MP????? Im still waiting (Calwell VIC)

    • nope. not from adelaide as well.

  • Happy B'day Queen!!!!…..

    • You are a bit late, her birthday was on April 21. Some States have the Queens Birthday HOLIDAY now, others don't.

  • +1

    I received the joint portrait, but not the solos that I also requested. They sent it rolled in a postage tube that cost $7.80 to post!

    • Nice! Still no word from Maria Vamvakinou :(