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Hungry Jacks Vouchers - Valid till 12 August 2014 [NSW/VIC/WA/SA]


Received this in the mailbox today. Note the old deal is still valid until 17th June.
New brekkie deals:

e.g. 2 BBQ brekkie wraps for 5.95,
brekkie platter - 2 omelettes, muffin, 3 slices of bacon, 2 hash browns & serve of relish for $5.

Posting from a phone so image and other formatting may not look great. Happy to scan and post a high resolution image later tomorrow.


Updated the image with high resolution pdf.
Also click here for Penny Pincher snacks - No voucher needed.

Update 2:

According to Hungry Jack's, these are for NSW and Vic Only.

Update 24 June

These vouchers have now been dropped in WA and SA mailboxes, thanks Neilu and Food

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    I have had these coupons into my mailbox, thanks anyway posted online. Can anyone get me coupons for Subway.

    • would you please send a copy to my mailbox? thx

    • I often find Subway deals on the back of my Coles dockets. Check shopadocket.com.au for your area. The vouchers are always store specific and can only be used at 2-3 stores within the same area as the supermarket. Probably 1 franchise owner that owns all of the stores.

      You might be out of luck depending on where you live, but it's worth a try I guess.

    • Cute story - Subway released Calenders for the whole year, with one deal a month ($2 off a footlong, buy 6inch & drink = get free footlong upgrade, etc) and i managed to snake a bunch of them from a counter at a CBD Store.

      Dk if ill ever use them actually - private message me mate - ill mail you one if you want.

    • If you want subway vouchers, make sure you sign up to the eat fresh club. I always get many buy one get one free with drink purchase.

  • +5 votes

    Subways' $3.00 halfsub & $5.00 foot long breakfast prices trump HJ's, for a change, IMO.

  • +2 votes

    No vouchers required for Subway breakfast pricing, AFAIK, but order before 11 am.

  • Can these HJ coupons be printed for use, or do we need the original coupons?

  • Is there a healthy option? :(

  • 8 years ago the coupons were 2 bacon deluxe's for $3.60. The burgers were better, bigger and cheaper.

    I miss the good old days.


    A sausage egg muffin shouldn't be too unhealthy, maybe around 400-500 calories. It's full of protein and carbs. Pancakes with syrup and hash browns would be the worse. But you only live once, so treat yourself to a good hearty breakfast from HJs


    I often say i have a "voucher" and then say the name such as "i got a voucher for two whopper jr for $4.95" then i get the deal (Y) most of the time they don't check.

    • Yep, if you go through drive thru and say the name of the voucher at the speaker box, they will most likely accept it. But if it's the manager taking your order, they might ask you to provide a voucher.

      • Happened to us recently. They had never asked in the past but the manager was standing behind the girl at the window last time and they did. Said they couldn't do the deal if we didn't have the coupon so we had to scramble for a coupon we actually had. Sucks but understandable.

  • Thanks for the deal!

  • thanks dude, i constantly use these combined with shake and win,

  • Would someone mind doing a decent scan of these?

  • they really need to do something new with the coupons, its always, whooper, bacon and grilled, crispy chicken burgers.

    • Uhh they just have ?

      Breakfast items have been missing from the vouchers for probably almost a year now, so good they are back !

  • Thanks OP!

  • Woohoo !
    Finally breakfast stuff back on the vouchers !

  • So i assume no limit on using them, if i print a LOT!

    • Nope, no limit, I've got a few sheets in my glove box.

      Although it does say a voucher use limit of 1 per customer per visit, they will usually accept multiple vouchers. Sometimes they may ask how many people are in the car as 1 voucher per person in the car seems to be ok.

  • No more Mini Burgers? What are my kids gonna eat every night now?


  • There are definitely some inconsistencies in those deal prices. If two flame grilled burgers are $X, why would anyone pay an extra $3.60 for ANY of the Grilled Boost deals which add one small drink and one small fries?

    The Brekkie Platter on the other hand looks like a hands-down winner.

  • I tried to use these at Jacana last night. Been able to use Vouchers there for the past year or so… and suddenly they would not accept it. She said they are only accepted in some stores now not all, and that the deal options had been removed from their registers. Meh.
    Also the stupid shake & win app was not working….
    Not impressed…

  • Tonight I forgot to bring the voucher, I just said can I have the meal deal for two and he entered it straight up.

  • They work in WA Stores

  • Just been dropped in SA letterboxes!

  • Can you use more than one voucher at a time i.e. 2 x Whopper Classic Meal voucher?

    • 1 voucher per person per visit. So take a friend ;-)

      • If you go through drive thru, you can use more than one voucher in one transaction as long as there are equal number of people in the car per voucher used… I've only been asked a couple of times, every other time they don't even ask.