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Hungry Jack's Vouchers - Valid through 17 June 2014


Just received these new Hungry Jack's vouchers in my letter box. Only valid in participanting stores although from experience it's most places. Offer expires 17 June 2014. Not valid with any other offer. Limit one per customer per visit. Voucher needs to be presented at the time of purchase to redeem.

Note that previous vouchers are still valid until 20 May, and Hungry Jack's own voucher page hasn't yet updated to this one yet.

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  • +2

    Appears to be the same prices and items as last month :( Anybody tried the Chicken Royale? How is it?

    • +2

      Yeah I've found HJ's has become poor value now…

      • +2

        There is nothing Royale about the Chicken Royale.

        Pretty average tbh.

      • +1

        Hmm, I've found they have better quality than McDonalds. It does also depend on what restaurant you go to, I reckon.

    • +7

      Looks like hungry jacks have "jacked" up their prices

  • +16

    Mothers Day sorted.

    • +1
      • Cut up vouchers
      • Stuff them in Mothers Day card
      • ???
      • Best gift ever
      • +5

        Give a Mother a burger and she eats for a day.

        Give a Mother these coupons and she eats for an eternity.

        • +5

          She eats until 17 June 2014 or more than likely before 17 June 2014 when her arteries clog up if she ate that much Hungry Jacks.

  • +3

    HJs have now lost me, $7.35 for two deluxe? the app gives you a $3 deluxe and no need to get 2.

    IMO the 2 for 1 deluxe should be around the $6 range.

    I prefer the KFC 10.95$ meal on voucher: 2 burgers, 2 chips, 2 drinks (make one a water for later use). so you get 2 extra chips and 2 extra drinks for $3.60 more compared to HJ's vouchers here.

    • What app? The one where you get a random prize?

      • +1

        Yeah that's the one. 75% of the time I get a $3 burger when I shake it.

    • +4

      The burgers may be better, but the vouchers are certainly not lol

    • Umm… throw in a completed survey and get another drink and another chips!

  • +3

    Switching it up to dominos / https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/139347
    double feed Tuesdays Until 30/06/2014 credit: k; tasty and a decent fill.

    • Ditto

  • no more $2 whoppers means no more happy customer. tho i will still pop in for the $1 frozen coke!

  • +5

    Bring BACK the 2$ Whoppers and FRIES deal~!

    • +2

      those were good. great for the pocket, not so great for the health.

      • None of this stuff is any good for your health. So much importance on bang for buck here when in reality, the more of this stuff eaten, the more your body is weeping.

        • Plus the higher your medical bills will be in the future.

        • +2

          If you eat one burger it isn't going to cause a heart attack, eating them 2-3 times a week still won't. It's the balance in your diet :)

        • amen

        • -1

          Fair enough, I don't think most of these people on here do that though. If you have one fast food meal a week, who cares if you save a dollar or two? These blokes are eating this crap daily, hence their importance on $.

        • I would love to see a salad burger from HJ's, heavy lettuce, onions, tomato, pickles but no meat but with a price to match!

  • +1

    I filled out a paid survey recently basically for "How would you feel if HJ's increased their prices to x price point or y price point:. I negged it all the way though saying I would go elsewhere if they did.

    But, unfortunately HJ's have been one of the best value pig outs for a while, and they've decided that they'll increase their prices because we've got nowhere else to go.
    As long as they don't get as stingy as McDonalds do with their controlled portions of mayo and toddler sized handfulls of lettuce, it's still gotta be a good thing. (in moderation).

    If they're gonna up the price, the quality has to be there too, and it's not - 6 times out of 10. HJ's can be really hit and miss even if you visit the same store regularly.

    • This chips are a DISGRACE from HJ's compared to KFC

  • -3

    If you're only interested in a small number of the vouchers, help save a forest and your hip pocket by using your picture editing software to cut and paste multiple copies the vouchers you are likely to use onto a single page.

    • +2

      Gee whiz

  • Noob questions:
    1. Do they readily accept printouts of these vouchers (as opposed to the glossy original flyers they put in mailboxes)?
    2. And do people normally print them out in black and white, or colour?

    • Never had a problem printing these in B&W

    • I do a print out of black and white, some HJs don't take it off you while others will say "I need to cut it out"

      • -1

        point at a tree and ask them 'do you want me to cut this down? it's your decision'.

        • nwm

    • some store accepts when u show it on your mobile phone as well.

  • +1
  • I used printed black and white copies in Brisbane with no problems. Thanks OP! And the burgers are better because of the flame grilled taste :)

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    KFC Tuesdays
    HJ vouchers
    Ripping off Maccas
    Cheap coffee

    • Hmmm… I know where my tax $ is going once everyone's bodies start shutting down.

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