This was posted 9 years 7 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Hungry Jacks Vouchers - Vaild Thru 20 May 2014


Latest Hungry jacks vouchers presumably valid all around Australia
Offer expires 20 May 2014. Not valid with any other offer. Limit one per customer per visit.
Voucher needs to be presented at the time of purchase to be redeemed. Valid only at participating
HUNGRY JACK’S® stores.

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    Gotta love that username!

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    • well i want to change my username to Major tight-arse and have the major insigna for my avatar. That would be the envy of active ozbargainer tight-arse, right? :)

  • +11

    Hmm, they've up most of the prices.

    To save a bit of moneyz, these still valid till 15 of April :

    • +2

      They expire before easter. doh.

    • will be using the older voucher again before i'm stuck with the price increase :(

  • +5

    the prices have gone up mostly by .40 Cents.

    • +20

      .4 of a cent is not a huge increase.

      • +1

        Inflation. I hope the food taste better now it cost more ^^

    • +2

      yeh it's weird. it just makes the whole flyer look ugly too

  • +1

    Aghhhhh price rise

    • yeh. doesnt really seem that cheap anymore. used to be like a 2 for 1 deal but now seems more like 20-30% off.

  • +1

    Not sure if this counts as "food".

    • -3

      Itz got all dem chemikalz && calorites in it!

      • autism plz go

    • +1

      Yep, it's called confectionary.

  • +1

    "CHICKEN ROYALE" seems new in this voucher compared to past ones. Any good?

    • +3

      Looks like a standard chicken/lettuce/mayo thing. Like at McDonald's for $2.

      But I dunno, never tried it.

    • +5

      Its ok. But got fooled by the picture when I ordered it. It is actualy very very small (good for kids maybe).

    • +1

      chicken is lower quality (more processed)

      • second that. Never ever chicken at HJ or Maccas - processed crap. For chicken(I'm not a fan though)- KFC only.

  • +5

    Why is it called a Chicken Royale when they only give you lettuce as the salad and mayonnaise as the sauce?

    • +1

      … and is very very small

      • +1

        Get chicken n Mayo from maccas instead.

        • +3

          You can ask them to add free salads, lettuce, tomato, beetroot and onion.. Then it's worth the 2.95.
          Having said that, I've been eating their new $2 BBQ cheeseburger with all salads :) much more worth it than maccas..
          And the $2 brekkie omelette with salads are nice too, since they have the muffin bread…

        • I never knew about the free salads. I quite like their Chicken Royale though.

  • +7

    It's interesting how at 50c more expensive these "deals" are infinitely less appealing :(

  • +3

    If you spend an extra then tomorrow you spend an extra 50c, that will be one dolla you wasted.

  • -2

    Reminder to everyone who buys from Hungry Jacks that the best "coupon" is the Two for One coupon that has been running for many years now.

    Just ask the cashier if the restaurant does "2 for 1" and if they say yes, enjoy your 2 burgers. I don't think it works with newer burgers though.

    • -1

      Where do u find the 'coupon'?

      • The 2-1 button stays on the register continually apparently. Staff are only meant to use it when the customer has an appropriate voucher. However sometimes the staff don't care and give it to anyone.

  • Not viewable on mobile devices. I thought it was a simple PDF

    • +2

      Hungryjacks are still living in the 90s.

    • Hmm, when I get time I'll put it on a PDF thingamabob for all devices :)

      • Good on ya Food.
        I'll hold off on my +1 until you deliver.

        • +2

          Pfft I always deliver

        • +1

          Nice work… now only if Hungries delivered…

          BTW, we've found that they never ask for a voucher when doing a drive-through for the Whopper Classics or Meal Deal for Two, suggesting that this is technically their everyday pricing on these items ;-)

  • +2

    And whats a cheeseburger mini?? I thought cheeseburgers were mini enough

    • +1

      Should've called them micro…

    • They literally fit in your palm and are so small that they come in two's.

    • So basically 2 cheeseburger mini's are the same size as a cheeseburger and what you can get them for $4.35 what a bargain, or I could just buy 1 cheeseburger for like $2.?? something. Hmm which to choose..

  • +1

    Ouch, price rise on those vouchers. Y U do this HJ? :(

    Cheers though, OP! Still won't deter me… beats paying menu price!

    • +2

      Was at HJ Marulan on the way to Golbourn the other day - and the Veggie Burger(/Whopper) was $7-something, and I had the old voucher, and got two for $5.95. Couldn't believe the full price.

  • Do they accept printed voucher?

    • +3


      • Even has cutting lines


      • +1

        Thanks. I would buy one tommorow.

        • +4

          I can sell you a voucher if you want. Good price.

      • I just checked the previous HJ voucher's and none of them have the "PRINT THESE VOUCHERS TO REDEEM IN-STORE", so in return for the price hike of 35 cents (actually it's 40 cents) HJ has given us unlimited access to vouchers for the first time.

        I recently used a printed voucher (older vouchers) and the guy gave me just one of their voucher and told me to use them instead, even though I've been using the printed one at their store many times, now he has no choice but to accept my printed vouchers.

        • +1

          I don't know for how long, but Hungry Jacks have been putting these on their website, and are therefore 'unlimited' as you say.

          This has been going on for the last few times (that I know of, possibly longer)

  • do i need to print in colour or is black and white fine

    • black and white is fine for melb cbd

      • +1

        Most of the time, these coupons will be sticked near the counter, or you can even show on your phone. Save your ink and paper.

  • SO annoying they dropped all breakfast items off these vouchers, their breakfast wrap is the best thing around…

  • +1

    They've dropped the chicken mini, they are quite nice, though they tasted differently depending on which HJ I went to, e.g. the Bankstown one was thick and juicy, but the Smithfield one was dry and thin.

    So do they still have $2 muffins?

  • +2

    I am not big fan of these junkies, but my kids love it. Thanks OP.

  • +5


    • Isn't everyone still getting Whoppers for $2? Still works for me.

      • Really? how do you get the latest vouchers?

  • $7.35 for 2 deluxe, i remember they were $5.95 not too long ago,
    fast becoming not a deal for me.
    add chips for $3.xx and it is over $10

    • $10 to feed two people seems like a bargain to me.

      • +2

        who said anything about two people

        • -2

          Common sense of anyone who cares the slightest about their health.

        • +1

          Not many, considering the health deal:

        • Just for you PainToad, I am going to get 2x Deluxe vouchers next time - totalling 4 burgers with extra salt on my chips.

          (or go through the drive thru twice just to ensure I do get it)

        • +1

          great find

        • +1

    • the deluxe were $6.95 for two, they were never $5.95, I don't think. Forty cents increase across all vouchers, except the meals, and there are two new deals, the $10.95 meal and the $4.95 chicken royales.

  • +1

    12,905 clicks, is this a record?

    What's the record of all time?

  • +1

    +6.7 %to inflation (based on their whoppers) the bulk of the rise breaching target.CPI.
    Looks like by $1.4 cheaper my once-per-wk binge may move to bogof 4.95-$big M's;
    Ta Mr/Mrs Shopadocket/www: $1 buys 832 energy & 9% RDI, vs 929 &10% @HJ, so that's fine.

    But alternatively, the [Tuesday] crown could go to Dominos (NSW), instead.
    •Double Bacon Cheeseburger(6032kJ) Grand Supreme(5562kJ) 7.95=2-for1
    ∴ I'll get 1458 kilojoules (kJ) per $1(16.7%) a whopping 1.33 * RDI over there,
    for body mass indices sub 24.0BMI.

    • K den

  • woot, can never go wrong with 2 whopper with cheeses.. whoppers with cheeses.. whoppers with cheese.. whatevs

  • So, which stores aren't participating if any?

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