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Wii U Pro Controller - $49 @ Mighty Ape Black / White [Plus Postage]


Wii U Pro Controller - $49 @ Mighty Ape Black and White same price.

Lowest I have seen official controllers for a bit .. missed the $49 white ones from Kmart Target on-line (didn't think to look for these until Mario Kart was out). Here I can get black or white for the same price, postage seems reasonable. 4 player Mario Kart time.

Note: Part of a "BIG Game Sale" but I didn't see anything else that stands out.

Postage from $4.99

Save another $1.23 if you buy a black and a White together (its a recommended combo shown when you view the white controller) http://www.mightyape.com.au/trolley/buy-together/20961022/20...

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  • Does the Wii U Pro controller work on the Wii U almost as well?

    • As well as what?

      • Does the Wii Pro controller work on the Wii U almost as well as the Wii U Pro Controller?

        • Not paying enough attention.
        • I have an old wii with a 'classic' dongle controller - that I haven't bothered to find and try with the Wii U as I got 1 Pro Controller straight up .. I wanted to have a few more around for playing locally with friends so that's why I was hunting cheap ones.

          This forum seems to have discussion on the various controllers. http://www.ign.com/boards/threads/wii-u-pro-controller-or-wi...

        • Yeah I had read that, nothing that helped me decide. People just Wii U one is better, but there was no comparison. I imagine it was written by someone who just bought the Wii U Pro controller and said its better because they had just bought it.

  • $49 in store at Target

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    For clarification:

    This controller (Wii U Pro Controller) allows input similarly to an xbox or ps3 controller, is charged via USB port either on a computer or through the console itself and from what I've seen is compatible with every game released as physical media except for Nintendoland which is primarily a gamepad demo. Although its charged via USB port it isn't usable with PC games, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here. The grip on it feels somewhere between an Xbox 360 controller and a GameCube controller. Also both control sticks are at the top of the controller which is where your thumbs are likely to rest.

    The classic controller pro for Wii and "Pro Controller U" (from EB Games) is primarily only allowed with virtual console and maybe a few others such as Mario Kart.

    I highly recommend getting a wii u pro controller at some point, or at least try one out. I got mine in January when they had it in black for $38. I wouldn't pay $70 for it but $50 is nice.

    • Definitely more comfortable for long term gaming than the brick of a screen esp for mariokart 8


      Forgot to add, when I said "when they had it in black for $38" I meant EB

    • Thanks. I bought the EB one a while ago and had wondered why it wasn't working properly with most games. Picked up one of these based on your comment :)

  • If anyone needs it in a hurry, I got one from Big W yesterday - Black and white ones for $58.

  • A black and a white for $98 is really cheap. EB Games has them on sale for $57.00 each as part of their current sale but they sold out of black ones online really fast.

  • Sanity has these controllers on their website for $49.99, got Big W to price match when I was buying MK8 (also had 10% off that weekend, bargain!).


  • Damn, bought mine couple days back for 58 :(

  • White is selling for $49.99 now plus they have the Nintendo Wii U GamePad Cradle + Stand $10.00 (granted $1 more than EB). Combo has gone up though as black controller is $57.03 now.