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JB Hi-Fi - Toshiba Kira i7 $1699, RRP $2299 - Bargained to $1500


As usual JBHIFI has 15% certain computers this weekend.

Wife looking for a PC based ultrabook to replace a MacBook 11" Air

Saw the Toshiba Kira 13" 2560x1440 screen , with I7-4500u, touchscreen, 256gb SSD and 8gb ram for $1999, RRP $2299, weight around 1.2-1.3kg
Take 15% off = $1699

Apparently a slow moving item… the salesperson offered it for $1530.. (presumably a further 10% off) negotiated to $1500 flat…

Didn't seem to bad given the ultrabooks rated more highly, the Samsumg (exiting notebook market), Sony (exiting notebook market) and Apple MacBook Air weren't suitable..

Please note this model has only 1 year warranty, hwoever JBHIFI quoted it to be effective two years due to the Australian consumer laws.

Reviews Here

here is the receipt for those whose asked


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  • Kira Books also come with a warranty that covers physical damage and theft AFAIK.

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    The engadget reviews seem to be based off the Ivy Bridge versions? But man didn't realise the Kirabook was so light and could last that long on Haswell with that resolution

  • Good price!

    If I didn't buy the Sony Vaio Pro, I would of definitely had bought this one although at the time it was insanely expensive in comparison.

  • Why make your wife want this over mac book air? Apart from obvious difference in operating system, is this better (build, weight, speed, etc)?

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      The equivalent Macbook Air would cost $1700+

      This looks worse (For this price I expect a tiiiny bit of originality Toshiba), adds a touchscreen (lol) and a much better screen (Great!)

      I think this is a decent deal.

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      She has a MacBook air already… the differences between Mac Office and normal office, has finally got to her… (mainly compatibility issues) She's given the Mac OS a good two years.. but software issues etc.. have finally made her realise, she is best to stick to a PC.

      Using bootcamp or parallels isn't a great option… I do it myself… by the problems of a right mouse button and lack on an insert key.. is probably not good enough for the WAF (wife acceptance factor)..

      She previously had a thinkpad X220T and prior to that the original MacBook Air (running window only only) pretty much was a disaster..

      Hence.. next notebook, was to be a PC based unit… but she liked the MacBook air form factor…

  • Good deal, but the complaints about the noise in both reviews put me off.

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    This is a really good machine but too expensive when it came out! at $1500 that's cheap! if I didn't already have 3 laptops i'd buy this one. or the Samsung Series 9 (ativ 9) but the kira is way cheaper

  • What sort of things do you say to negotiate the price? I'm terrible at it.

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      As a salesperson, I find it if the customer is polite and if you genuinely state that you are interested in buying the item then and there, at a better price (if possible), then that's all you need to do. But there are times when the price is the price and we can't go lower.

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      "It's cheaper down the road mate" but that only seems to work in Bali

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        It was an interesting negotiation…

        He pretty much didn't have what I was looking for.. the HP Spectre.
        I outlined what I was looking for… MacBook Air form factor in a PC..

        He knew, I knew more about computers than average user..

        He offered the Kira in the i5.. which we realised didn't have a touch screen or hires display..
        then he offered to got a great deal on the i7 Kira, to entice me to buy..


        I find you tend to get the best deals, when you aren't expecting, or planning to buy from the shop..

        When you need or want something, the sales people can usually sniff out you are desperate.

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          Salespeople can also tell when you're just saying, "I'm buying today" to try and muscle a better deal.

          Just be polite and firm. If you're nice it's likely they'll be nice back. Don't give them a hard time and insist on a better deal just because you want one - sometimes it's just not possible for them to give you one.

  • can you post a receipt please so we can get the deal ;)

    • Have already scanned the receipt.. but how do you upload it?

      Receipt added as per request…

      I wasn't particularly interested in the Kira.. I asked the salesman whether he had the HP Spectre available… and he said he would offer me a deal for today only for the Kira.. I thought about it for an hour after googling the reviews and negotiated another $30 off.

      He wanted to throw in 2 copies of 12 months Norton.., but it would have reduced the core laptop price.. (the claimable portion from work) therefore I politely thanked him, but refused…

      Also bought a $15 bag on a separate receipt… ($5 off)

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        Honestly stay away from Norton dude…

  • Been to two jbhifi, both wouldn't budge below $1680.

    • Maybe store OP went to had trouble shifting them?

      • +1

        The sales person, I dealt with… freely admitted they were literally impossible to shift at $2299… hence the $1999 price tag.. and 15% off = $1699… Negotiating 10% off should be too hard on such a high price item…

        Anyway… good luck…

        Anyway the JBHIFI I went to is based in Melbourne, and in a major shopping centre.

  • I was in the Bourke St JB this afternoon and was looking for this. They only seemed to have the i5 one (which appears to be the only one listed on the website) which had a ticket price of $1596 before the 15% off, making it $1356.60.

    I couldn't see the i7 one at all. Is the one you bought an end of line or still available? Is it USB 3.0 because I had a long look at the ports on the side of the machine and only one of three appeared to be high speed. The i5 one wasn't touchscreen either. Good find if you picked all of that up for $1500!

    (BTW - If you really want to anonymise the store, you should probably take the ABN off it ;))

  • beautiful looking machine

  • -1

    Would this be a reasonable gaming laptop?

  • "He wanted to throw in 2 copies of 12 months Norton.., but it would have reduced the core laptop price.. (the claimable portion from work) therefore I politely thanked him, but refused…"

    FYI- as a former (on-commission) electronics/IT salesperson, you can do a much better deal (for you). The anti-virus is often tagged as a "$149 retail", etc…but is actually given for free to the retailer to hook people into a particular AV. RAM costs the retailer- but not much.

    If you can- try to get the price down as low as possible- then, say, "I'll buy it right this second if you DOUBLE THE RAM".

    That is really the best "bang for the buck" add-on the end user can get.

    Cheers :)

    • He would have charged me less for the laptop… but then then charged an amount for the freebie AV.. to balance things out..

      eg $1400 for the laptop and $100 for the AV or something like that…
      Because work reimbursement is only on the laptop, not on the accessories… the so called freebie would have cost me money… ($100 out of my own pocket).

      I pretty much. don't think there was any further to move on price… as evidenced that other people, have found it difficult to get JBHIFI to match the same price.

  • The problem with this is the battery is fixed. If true batteries only last a couple of years this be a problem down the track.

    Having said that this is a nice looking machine and the display seems waisted on a 13inch screen.

  • Having worked at JB Hi-Fi and looking at the receipt, it looks like he sold it under floor cost price. I'd say other people are going to have a hard time matching the deal.

    • +2

      What info on the receipt lets you know it's below cost price?.

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