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Yokohama Tyre Special - Buy 3 Tyres Get 4th Tyre Free (May or May Not Charge 4th Tyre Disposal)


As other tyre brands have done, now it's Yokohama's turn.

To be eligible, the customer must purchase 4 Yokohama Passenger, 4WD and SUV tyres in one single transaction within the Promotion Period.

Eligible tyres listed here

And valid at participating stores -

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  • Does it include fitting and balancing ?

    • Good question. I'd expect it to as the quote from a dealer for the 3 tyres include F&B. Worse case they'll roll F&B for the free tire into the 3 tyre quote.

      I'm thinking of just buying a set and storing them until I need to put them on.

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        All the major manufacturers do this sale 'at least' once a year!
        Ps. If you just store them now, you're going to pay another $20-$30 a tyre later on for fitting! Also, unless the raw material price goes up or our dollar drops against the greenback, tyres usually come down in price over time until a new pattern is released!

        • I'll ask for the standard 'fitted' price before mentioning that I don't need them fitted. Or pay for fitting up front and bring them back when I need it done :)

          At $300 a tyre I thought it may be worth doing. Especially considering efforts I go to to save a fraction of that.

        • Funny you say that, because I was thinking about retyping this and saying that if you can get them to knock a few bucks off for cash and carry, running bigger sizes / expensive patterns and you'll need them in the next year or so… Then it's not a bad idea!!!

        • My current C Drives have close to 35k on them and although they still have a few mm left with rego due at end of year I could be up for 2 tyres then possibly.

        • Cdrive now obsolete, they're doing Cdrive 2 Eco! I'll give you a little inside info next week, what size?
          Edit: Don't worry, just saw your post further down!

        • Some sizes are still C drive version 1.

  • does anyone know if they charge for the disposal of the 4th tyre like bloody Goodyear does?

    not a terrible deal if they do but better if they didn't (needs to be in title)

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    Customer purchases 3 Yokohama tyres at recommended retail price and receives the fourth tyre at no cost (Free). The fourth (Free) tyre must be of equal or lesser value.

    RRP is usually an unrealistic figure that you could never possibly charge in real life!!!

    • I can still use it to compare my local non-participating tyre guy versus the other joints in the city.

      Is it possible for me to delete this deal ?


      • Don't delete it. If it was such a bad deal then why didn't Snoop neg it?

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          In the 17 years I've been buying Yokos I don't recall seeing them do this before.

          I once got a $50 fuel card back in the late '90s.

      • Yeah, don't delete… It's still a deal and there's every chance that someone may get some advantage from it!

        Edit: The Goodyear 4 for 3 deal is usually the crappiest of them all, but it still quite often works out at least a little cheaper for most!

      • I think it's worth posting.

        Just checked prices for a 215/60 R16 (common large car size) and the RRP on C.drive2 is $152, which I think is decent pricing. Yoko generally make pretty good car tyres, so a full set for $450-ish is pretty good!

        • My C Drives are a 225/40/18 and I absolutely love them. Direct descendant of the A539 which I used prior. For my size I'm stuck with the C Drive vers 1.

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          Love the old freddy krueger A539… I had a set in 195/60 R14 and they absolutely transformed my old Mazda 323 after the crap Michelin Certis I had on before.

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          Item Number - 2254018AC01P
          Item Description - 225/40R18 92W
          List Price - 292.00
          Warehouse Stock - Available

          OK, to give you a bit of an idea: your average joe decent tyre shop will be getting about 35% off list price (+GST), and if they've got any incentive program running, probably another 5% (approx) rebate if they meet their quota!
          BJ will probably be getting a little better discount again and a Tyres and More store 'should' be getting even better again as Yokis are their main product!

          But keep in mind when calculating their buying price, they also have a hefty rent to pay, corporate fees, labour cost, machinery, etc.

        • Had C Drives the last 2 tyres I had on my car (SP23). Couldn't stand them!

          Heard great things about their wet weather performance but for me they were shocking in the wet. My Bridgestone RE002's that I had on the other axle were MUCH better, and the KU31's I have now (which replaced the C Drives) are great. Even in the dry they gave up grip far too easily. Guess it all depends what you pay for them, for the size I have (205/50R17) they were damn expensive too, but most tyres are this size unfortunately!

        • I tried to find out what BJ's would have charged without the 4 for 3, and two stores suggested that they might only have dropped $10 a tyre off $159- rrp. Mind you, they are including fitting and balancing at those prices.

        • 4 for 3 BJ's…

        • Just $4? Bargain!

        • You pay?

  • Checked my tyre placard. Seems the car came with 215/45R18. May have to look at the Advan range.

    Although 10% speedo error has been common on my Subarus this tyre difference accounts for 2% of that.

    • Lancer VRX? Came with the A10As. People put the 225/40s on because they're more readily available and a whole lot cheaper than the OE!

      • Subaru Liberty 3.0R Spec B.

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          On some cars you can go wider and lower profile and still have the same rolling circumference, therefore no speedo error.

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          Going from 215/45 to 225/40 adds 2% to the circumference. So out of the factory I would have had 8% error whereas currently it's 10%. Maybe I'm over-simplifying it lol

        • Older model, hence you having several sets… silly me!
          Came with the BS Potenzas… V nice tyre, but fairly expensive!

        • Other way!!! It's 2% lower in size… Therefore making your speedo another 2% out! You'll actually be going even slower than what your speedo is reading. Good if you want to avoid fines!
          Also, the 10% speedo rule is ancient history. Vehicle manufacturers must now calibrate the speedo to simply be higher than what the vehicle is traveling. It could be 5%, it could be 10%, or in the case of my Mrs Sorento, it's only about 1.5% off from factory. I've never seen a vehicles speedo so close to spot on from the factory!

          Even going up a little on my car, the speedo still reads 100 at only 97… so I normally sit on 103-105!!!

        • Yeah , 08 model sorry. I've been happy with Yokos since 97 on my first Suby.

          I used to run Pontenza on my turbo MX-6 on the early '90s but was replacing them annually.

        • Oops you're correct sorry. 215/45 Factory size would be worse than the 10% error I have with 225/40.

        • And Scott, heads up… I don't have specs on the OE BS tyres for your car, but the new ones are listed as having a 93 load. I know the Yokis in the 225s are only 92 load in the Cdrive. Just check your placard again to make sure it says 92 or lower… Otherwise unRWC and void insurance!

          Also check speed rating on placard. NSW has a crazy rule where you have to have a sticker on your windscreen if the tyres fitted have a lower speed rating than the OE!

        • Thanks for the tip. All good though. Placard states 89W.

      • 235/40R18 are even cheaper than 225/40R18, which sucks because I'd prefer a 225 over a 235 for my car (215 wide Prius tyres, so a 225 in a half decent pattern should be more than enough of a upgrade)

  • offering a performance tyre atleast. The others usually don't even offer a shit tyre in my size

  • Any one knows where to get cheap Geolandar G95a tyres? Bob Jane doesn't have the price listed.

    • If you are wanting the 4 tyres for the price of 3, then you have to pay full rrp.
      Or have a look at this site for prices, maybe it has your tyre choice.

      • $332 a corner ouch! Time to research some better alternatives…

  • Might be time to hunt down some 265/30/18s. I always dread replacement time!

    • 265/30R18? Incredibly rare sizing… What are you running, and what on?

  • I almost didnt bother checking as generally no one but Michelin or Toyo does my size, but they actually have 2 matching tyres for 295/30/R18, including an R spec option.
    Might have to buy a spare set for when my michelins die.

  • +1
    • yeh i purchased some at this deal a few weeks ago. The tyres came down to about $90 a tyre when the cheapest i could see was $115….so seemed ok provided you needed 4 of course.

  • With the saving I might buy myself a new Reid bicycle :-)

  • Well it doesn't pay to wait. No C-drives in oz for 3 months and only 7 S-drives. Guess I'll try another brand.