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Seagate 6TB Internal HDD ~ $320AUD (17% off) + ~ $15AUD Delivery @ Amazon


Seagate's 6TB internal HDD is available on Amazon now for US$299, which is a 17% discount.

I successfully ordered 2 of these to be delivered to SYDNEY, NSW for a total of A$689.

I will use these for RAID1 purposes.

Someone else might find this of value as well…

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  • +7 votes

    6TB internal

    Wow… when did they introduce 6TB !!!

  • bloody hell..

  • Woah!! 6TB, enough porn to last a week..

  • This makes me 4x2TB totally obsolete.

  • A good price, 2 of these is $100 AUD more (delivered) if you get them from newegg global.

  • This is about $50 per TB… not the best?

    I recall previously there was a 5TB drive for around $200 USD, this might be better value…

    • those were externals, which i posted here last week… these are internals

    • There's more to the picture than TB/$, particularly with NAS setups. When you're limited to, say 4 bays, it can be shortsighted to get 2 or 3TB drives (based on best TB/$).

  • Can't find any 'pro' reviews for this Desktop variant of their 6TB, but the Newegg end user reviews suggest some potential mounting issues worth being aware of:


  • +9 votes

    You can pick up Toshiba 5TBs (7200 RPM too) from umart for around 280.

    Me personally, I wouldn't be ordering anything Seagate - particularly something I could not easily return.

  • That is insanity! Very nice price…I just bought a 4TB external (Seagate Expansion) after looking at the prices of 4TB internals and calculating the cost of a case etc….

    FYI if you are ever having heat issues with external drives, stick them on a laptop cooler (the temp of the expansion drive dropped 20 deg after sticking it onto my CoolerMaster NotePal X3 - not instantly but reasonably fast whilst underload)

    • FYI if you are ever having heat issues with external drives, stick them on a laptop cooler

      Or more commonly, take them out of their god-awful enclosures with no ventilation.

      • I would but my dock has does and I have yet to find a good quality replacement…. This is a back up drive that gets soon up once a week so it woo be fine. Just the first run (copying 2tb) really ran up the tempreture

  • any huge HDD (>4TB) is best for nas?

  • You wouldn't want a 6TB hard drive dying on you… That's a lot of data.

    • +12 votes

      That's why you should be doing backups

      • The annoying consequence being that it'd cost me not ~$350 to add 6TB storage, but closer to $1000, because I'd need two additional drives for redundancy/backup. That cost will vary depending on one's level of risk aversion, but no one's really getting 6TB storage for $350 unless they don't care about losing the data :-/

        • use snapraid if it's just bootlegged movies on the drive

        • +1
          I always recommend people buy 3 of the same drive. That way if the circuit board breaks you have a compatible donor. Gives you a small chance of fixing it

        • Doesn't have to be.

          Highest TB/bay for live use.
          Highest TB/$ for backup. ie: 2TB/3TB drives, whatever is best at the time.

          Keep them 'in a drawer' (no running/powered related issues).
          This method gives better-odds-again, one 6TB drive split into 2 or 3 drives.

        • Agreed, but… Flipside to that coin: You've put all your eggs in one basket.

          My live drives are one brand/model… backups are another.

          I've had firmware issues before, on early-adopted drives, like these.

    • Didn't you read these two comments ?

      mick123 1 hour 15 min ago
      Woah!! 6TB, enough porn to last a week..


      Letrico 5 min ago new
      A week? I need 10TB to last a week. That 6TB will probably just last me over the weekend.

    • Well you do realize the cloud is just hard discs somewhere else in the world? With Australia still capping download and upload, cloud is not that viable yet for large storage.

      • +10 votes

        I'm here from the future, with my 1Mbps upload speed from TPG the download has now finished.
        It's now August 11… of 2042.

    • I thought The Cloud was meant to be solving everything…

      Come back in about 30 years time and cloud storage for everything might be a viable option; might (when Australia has FTTP, 1 Petabyte SSDs for the same price as this HDD and Cloud Storage websites that actually friggin' work).

      Anyone who cares about performance, security, privacy, reliability and consumer rights; i.e. anyone that's not a bumbling computer-illiterate, will stick to HDDs.

      And no business would ever consider cloud storage for their data (not even paid cloud storage accounts). Too many privacy concerns for confidential stuff, too easy to hack and they're subject to the arbitrary deletion of the site owners if they simply find something about your account they don't like. Their ToS's allow them to just take your data down at will.

      • "And no business would ever consider cloud storage for their data (not even paid cloud storage accounts). "

        There are plenty of businesses using cloud storage services right now e.g. backblaze and box. What you've listed there are concerns that businesses should take into account when they consider a cloud service, but this is something that their IT department should've figured out. Any business who would not consider cloud storage is missing out on a valuable service.

  • +1 vote for the alert that 6TBs are available (6TB???!!!!!)

  • Wow, from looking at the picture, it's amazing how they can make a hard disk work with no top cover. All the internals exposed to the elements. Like an old record player.

  • Nice price.

    But no way in hell would I be buying hard drives without a local warranty.

    • when did seagate drives become limited local warranty. last time i had to repair a seagate or WD hdd, it was sent off to singapore or malaysia or something like that.. a rma drive returned in about 2 weeks in the post. has this changed?

    • +1 vote

      If you mean, "no way would I buy a hard drive that I, myself have to pay shipping for, for an RMA - rather than returning to a bricks and mortar", then I'm right with you.

  • +4 votes

    I've been on OZB for a while, now and there is a lot of seagate bargains, more than any other manufacturer. I've finally come to realise that there are a hell of a lot less people who seem to remember Seagate's relatively poor reliability to their competitors.


    • every vendor has issues, even NAS vendors have problems, but i think these players learn from their mistakes over time else they would be in business any more. i was hit by the 2TB seagate instant-data-loss on reboot problem many years back, switched to WD since then but it has not deterred me to go back to seagate after all these years… (i was pure seagate before that incident)……

      how has seagates SP held over the past decade?

    • I've been on OZB for a while,

      Obviously not long enough to see the dozens of posts by well-informed and experienced people who have owned countless Seagate and WD hard drives, and never had any of their Seagates succumb to the so-called inferior reliability.

      Enourmous sample sizes of thousands of HDDS are not going to translate into any reliable indicator for longevity when it concerns your average Joe and his, at most, 3 hard drives.

      Maybe if you buy hard drives by the dozen you're going to be noticing a larger failure rate for Seagate and the reduced long-term running costs justify the extra initial investment for WD/Hitachi, but for the individual who has at most 2 - 3 internal and external HDDs?

      It's not really enough of a probability to warrant people ignoring good prices for the supposed peace of mind. Just back up your stuff.

  • Hmmm… 18TB RAID 5 on my NAS, tempting. ;)

  • Are these a new line? STBD?
    How are they compared to the ST ones? http://www.amazon.com/Seagate-Barracuda-3-5-Inch-Internal-ST...

    I was looking at the barracuda before in 2TB ST2000DM001.
    The 2TB version of this one, STBD2000101, seems to have similar specs.
    Which is better?

    6TB looks good 7200rpm. It's faster than the 4tb I think which is only 5900rpm

  • Would one of these work in a HP G8 (WHS 2012)? No RAID needed

    • Even if your BIOS/UEFI or OS don't natively support drive sizes of over 2TB, you can still install manufacturer drivers to allow you to partition and use all of the available drive space.

      • Thanks much. Unfortunately I've had issues with WHS2012 not taking the same drivers as win7/8, even on the same hardware. If the drivers are the only fix, I'll have to sit this one out and wait for a deal on the WD red 4tb

  • $175 USD for 5TB

    $191.95 USD Shipped >>>> $ 203.58 AUD


    Pop out the drive and you get one of these
    Toshiba MD04ACA500 5TB

    Cheapest price in Oz according the staticice
    $278.00 AUD @ greenboxit

    Much better than paying the retail price for 6TB and getting a drive that isn't a Seagate.

    Yes RETAIL price for a new arrival…not a bargain :P

    • Cheers!
      Just purchased the Toshiba drive.. Hope it does the job.

    • http://www.amazon.com/Toshiba-Canvio-Desktop-External-HDWC25...
      Pop out the drive and you get one of these Toshiba MD04ACA500 5TB

      Are you sure it's the 64MB cache version?
      A lot of the USB drives are 32MB cache.

      Yes RETAIL price for a new arrival…not a bargain :P

      Totally agreed, not a bargain and not new. It's been on both sites for weeks now:

      I'd be waiting for the Toshiba or HGST versions.

    • This is an excerpt from Newegg re: 5TB Toshiba External

      "Apparently, some Toshiba drives have a firmware bug that only seems to affect them when formatted as EXTx (tried both 3 and 4). The bug causes the drive to try to park the heads (or some banging that sounds very similar) over and over when idle - which not only makes it annoyingly noisy, but would eventually affect the life expectancy of the drive."

      I'd be wary of using these particular drives in a NAS-style style

      • This is an excerpt from Newegg re: 5TB Toshiba External
        "Apparently, some Toshiba drives have a firmware bug <snip>"

        Hey DracZ, can you post a link to that review please?
        There is 462 reviews on there and I want to check if it's about the 5TB model - thanks.

    • Do you know if Toshiba would honor the warranty for the disk, once removed from the caddy though, that's the real issue. Also I've dealt with Maxtor, WD, IBM, Seagate for faulty physical HDD's - never Toshiba.

  • closing this off, my US$299 hdd's arrived today… they slotted straight into my NAS without issue, detected and all… no need to drill holes, and NAS case had slots and 2 of them matched underneath the drive (not side), so couldnt be happier. noticed hdd's have risen to US$359 now each, so offer is over. all the best to those who received theirs!

    • Got mine almost a week ago. Only just put them in today.

      The larger cache seems to really help performance when doing some benchmarks.

      Sequential Read (MB/s) 248
      Sequential Write (MB/s) 232
      Random Read (IOPS) 5285
      Random Write (IOPS) 652

      For comparison, this is the result I get from my Seagate 3TB ST3000DM001 (about 6 months old and half full)

      Sequential Read (MB/s) 59
      Sequential Write (MB/s) 150
      Random Read (IOPS) 252
      Random Write (IOPS) 224

    • Back to $299 - I'm curious about heat / noise from them. I prefer 5400 RPM's for RAID / NAS to be honest. I want my disks virtually completely silent nowadays :/

  • Sorry for the late comment - anyone know if you could import 3 of them ($1030 AUD) and not be stung by customs?

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