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15% off Any Item on (Min. Spend $50/Max. Discount $100) - Sunday 22/6


Code is active.
CashRewards 2% cashback for eBay may work as well

Items of interest:
(OP and PU's please add / remove sold out items as appropriate):

Guys, this is BIG!!!

Ebay is offering 15% off everything this Sunday.

The Deal Summary

  • Valid Sunday 22/6 from 10:01 until 23:59 only.
  • 60 000 coupons !!!!
  • 1 coupon per customer - (linked with paypal)
  • Available to all "active" ebay & paypal customers (not a targeted offer)
  • Max. discount $100 (achieved by buying something for $666.67 or greater)
  • Min. spend $50
  • eBay AU url only.

Handy Hints:

  • use the good old desktop for best functionality such as add to cart multiple items
  • Multiple items works as long as in same currency
  • Item location not in Australia also works as long as it is listed on eBay AU
  • postage also attracts discount
  • Items bought before Offer started and paid for now also works (that's where all the gift cards went :)
  • check that the discount has been applied on the eBay checkout page and in PayPal just before you pay
  • why does my PayPal transaction show the full amount after the purchase? GOTO PayPal, find the transaction, Click details, you will see a 15% contribution from CBIGSUNDAY courtesy of eBay plus your actual charge to your funding source which makes up the difference. The total needs be 100% because the seller gets 100%. eBay just pays the 15% and you pay the rest.
    It should look something like this (image courtesy of ezarc)
    If it doesn't show the coupon in the details then you haven't done it right. You will also see the discount details in the payment confirmation details.

BIG THANK YOU to everyone for their vote. Thank You!

Screenshot of the offer in the carousel (not everyone will be served this one i'm sure, it's somewhat random).

The Story (speculation on my behalf)

One could assume that there is a story behind this as I have seen this on eBay in other countries recently and my assumption is that it’s an effort to drive top line sales and bring the stock price back up due to eBay's challenges in 2014:

Ebay’s stock price was recently at a 52 week low at US$48.06 and has been on a consistent decline since 2014. There are several factors that have influenced this (not in order of impact):

  1. The recent security issue/alerts;
  2. Departure of some key executives;
  3. The infighting with investor Carl Icahn;
  4. Alibaba IPO around the corner with Alibaba posing a real threat to Ebay;
  5. Amazon consistent strength and expansion (they’ll be here next year!);
    (perhaps 4&5 should have Australian retail worried too!)
  6. Google Search algorithm changes resulting in lower rankings for ebay listings;
  7. Shut down of eBay Now - same day service;
  8. Some other undisclosed events (speculation).

Either way, I’m happy to support them this weekend and I’ll be buying up on Sunday !!!

The Instructions

  1. Proceed to Ebay Checkout Page: Checkout: Review order
  2. Enter coupon code in redemption code box (bottom right) and press apply
  3. Press Continue and pay with paypal
  4. Verify in the paypal screen/system that the discount was applied before you complete your order.

Hint: If you are buying multiple items then make sure the currencies of the items are the same because you will only get one shot at this coupon.

Please let us know what you are going to buy and share your bargains below please.

Start adding product(s) to your watchlists today and enjoy!

Will the professionals crash the site?

If you do the math then this is a potential $6 000 000 spend from eBay!

Full T&Cs Here…

  1. By using or attempting to use the redemption code for this offer, you agree to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions.
  2. This offer commences at 10:01 (AEST) on June 22, 2014 and ends at 23:59 (AEST) on June 22, 2014 (“Offer Period”).
  3. The offer entitles you to a 15% discount off the total purchase price (total purchase value of $50 or more) on one transaction on during the Offer Period.
  4. The discount is redeemable by entering the Coupon Code during checkout.
  5. You must purchase and make payment during the Offer Period.
  6. The offer is only available to purchases with a minimum spend of $50.
  7. The total discount amount payable is capped to a maximum discount of $100 per transaction.
  8. There are a limited number of coupons available and once exhausted the Offer will be withdrawn. It is estimated that there are about 60,000 coupons available for redemption based on average item spend per customer. We will indicate on the website when coupons are running down in number.
  9. The coupon code requires payment with PayPal in order to take effect.
  10. The coupon code can be used for 1 transaction per person during the Offer Period.
  11. To redeem this offer, enter the coupon code into the coupon code box during the checkout process. You must be an registered member.
  12. Your and PayPal accounts must be active at the time of redemption (not suspended nor made inactive by eBay or PayPal) and be registered under the same email address.
  13. In the event you return or seek a refund on any item purchased using this discount, the value of the discount will not be refunded to you.
  14. This offer cannot be withdrawn into your bank account and cannot be transferred.
  15. To the extent permitted by law, eBay or PayPal will not be responsible for any loss incurred by you in redeeming or attempting to redeem the offer or for any costs, damages, accident, delay, injury, loss, expense, or inconvenience that may arise in connection with the use of the offer.
  16. Sellers are responsible for their own stock and eBay does not guarantee the availability of stock

Active CashBack Offers
Want even bigger discounts? Add cash back on top of the 15% !

  • Olympus via Olympus AU
  • Asus via Powerbuy
  • Dell Printer Cash back (trade to save)

For Olympus cashback just make sure it is from an approved AU seller and that you receive a tax invoice (eg digidirect).

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      • Great screenshot. Will add it to my post as there are many questions related to this. Thanks.

  • +3

    BIGGEST upvote to: inkart for posting the coupon!!
    Now I can sleep. $140 saved from eftpos cards

    • well done

    • +2

      Thanks Mirage! Glad to know i can contribute something back to the community. G9

  • gift cards r sold

  • +3

    Apart from gift cards, any buying suggestions? any real bargains being morphed to super bargains using the discount?

    • +2

      yer i think super bargains is all im after,otherwise meh ~ thigns go on discount for cheaper

      • +2

        Exactly right.
        15% is not a willie hardner of a bargain, in the general sense.
        Good if you have something that you were definitely going to buy anyway.

      • +1

        around $30 extra for saving son gift cards for possible hassels :D

        • I think someone needs to get in there and look for a true bargain and leek it here so we can get that hah

  • +1

    Thanks for the heads up to whoever leaked the code.

    Just saved $100 off the DSLR I've been wanting to buy.

  • isnt too risky to use the code, conditions clearly says 10am, they can charge you paypal account, can they?

  • Thanks OP, voting up if I don't get my order cancelled.

  • +8

    ah i give up. i don't actually need anything. CBB saving $30 on gift cards & not going to stay up looking for something to buy.

    Good night fellow OzB'ers & Good luck!

  • +2

    Tried applying the code again towards a lense and UV filter and it worked on Ebay.

    Didn't proceed with the order, as I don't want to break the rules and possibly put my DSLR purchase in potential jeopardy (nor do I want to be greedy and take the saving off someone else), just found it interesting that I could apply it a second time (whether or not I could complete the second transaction with the discount is another question).

  • Now I'm glad I checked OzBargain before I went to sleep.

  • The 15% comes off the postage too. :)

  • order is pending. no guarantee of orders.

  • +2

    More $100 eftpos gift cards here:

    • those guys are going to be busy on monday.

  • +1

    Can anyone confirm that they've got the discount when buying from an overseas seller?

  • im also glad i checked ozbargain at this hour, thanks OP and thanks to the people who let us know its already working

  • oh dear:…

    Matt Smitty Smith How come there are comments on saying that the code works already?
    49 minutes ago

    • +17

      Matt is an idiot

    • Lol Matty you traitor! Come back to Ozbargain/Ebay instead of Facebook!

  • +3

    It's going to be funny when OzBargain has destroyed the internet

  • Has anyone succesfully used the code twice?

    • Nope. Comes up as used max times when on Paypal payment screen.

  • haha Gifte is a division of Village Roadshow Digital are selling so many gift cards right now!

    • $100 gone

  • +5

    I just bought $1200 worths of EFTPOS Cards and paid with Amex through my two Paypal accounts. Amex has 90 day purchase protection which covers your gift card purchases even when Paypal doesn't offer buyer protection.

    Once received, I am going to deposit the $1200 into my ING Orange everyday through Bank@Post to take advantage of the 5% ING paywave.

    The $250 Iconic Voucher you get from opening a new Orange Everyday account can be sold during Big Sunday promotion at a better price than usual.

    Mine was sold a few days ago for $200. I wish I had waited until today.

  • how can i make another purchase?
    Have already got a different ebay account, but after i use different paypal I have just register, system deny
    my order.

  • +2

    ONLY one code per paypal account

    • but I just register a new paypal account

      • It worked for me using a verified Paypal account with the same email address of your eBay account.

      • Needs to be active accounts already created. No new accounts allowed, probably to stop people creating new accounts to take advantage multiple times.

      • If my memory serves me correctly, Paypal'll need to verify your bank account or however you're planning to transfer money to it.

        This involves them taking 2 cents out of your account, or charging your CC 2 cents (however you nominate to pay, they'll charge to that account a minimal amount). Then you've got to verify this amount on your statement.

        Sorry if that's not 100% correct, going off what I think I remember when making my Paypal account a few years ago.

        • according to what they said, it is active account, not verified account. so new ACTIVATED account shoulddwork

        • confirm: I just registered a new paypal account and it worked without being verified. Must have a credit card not link to another paypal account.

  • 1.30AM AEST all $100 gift cards sold out

    • Ok yeah they are all gone now

    • I thnk you are 1hr behind.

      We have been buying it a long time ago

    • It astounds me that people don't read what's going on before they post comments

    • +2

      They called him "lightning"…

      • Like a zyrtec?

    • Yeah, but some of those sellers are a wee bit suspicious…

      • -1

        True, so it's your own responsibility to sort it out.

        Cant spoon feed everytime

  • -1

    This giftegifts seller paypal account most likely will be HELD by paypal, due to 100000% jump in sales.


    • It wont. As a business seller their paypal account would have unlimited funds on payment etc.

      Dont scare people.

      • -1

        It will be HELD for sure.

        For the past 6 months, this seller only has 173 positive feedback. His sales is very low, a significant increase of sales will trigger paypal fraud/scam alarm.

        I am seller on ebay for the past 10 years, I know how paypal works.

        • Since you are not Paypal, you can't be for certain. Your comments are simply hearsay. eBay/Paypal accounts can be linked to other established accounts and even with little feedback have no restrictions.

  • +1

    Playstation 4 for $435.. :D

    • Sold out

      • All 93 sold within an hour or so…

        I decided not to take any risks with gift cards.

  • I think the $100 VISA/EFTPOS gift cards were still well worth it.

    Purchasing 6 x $100 gift cards = $600

    Subtotal AU $629.70
    Vouchers, gift cards, discounts -AU $94.46
    Total AU $535.24

    -$5.35 in reward points from credit card I used to pay through PayPal
    -$10.70 from CashRewards 2% cashback assuming it goes through.

    = Total cost (for $600) = $519.19 which is about 13.5% discount

    (or 8.5% discount if you use this instead of ING Paywave, although it would be best to only use these where paywave isn't possible.)

    • Or (as suggested my Herbert) just put the value of your cards into your ING account by using Bank@Post and then use Paywave. I didnt realise you could do this..

  • +4

    Yeah protip:


    Use the cards to buy on the website. Allthough they might run out of stock on the VISA cards so you may need to wait…

    • 30 have sold since you posted

      • Yep I reckon they post a limit of 100 gc's so only 70 remain ;)

  • EDIT: Beat me to it lol

  • -2

    For those who want the eftpos cards. You can buy $660 gifte universal gift cards first. Then you can redeem them to the eftpos card on their website.
    You are welcome guys. Have fun.

  • Hi, can anyone tell me if the 15% is min $50 product price of $50 total price. E.G. Im looking to buy a product that is $35 but the postage is $30, so would I classify to get 15% off $65?

    Thanks :)

    • If only this question was already asked.

  • This is Awesome!! I don't know what to buy though…

  • +10


    Working hard 1.30AM AEST

    Edit: well waiting for the soccer game! Argentina vs Iran.

  • Quick question, if you made an offer, and wish to take out that offer, will I be able to apply the 15% discount after I accepted the offer? Thanks!

    • yes, as long as you make purchase and pay for it within promotional period

  • -1

    No more boys.
    "X-NDAY: The maximum number of times this Redemption Code can be used has been reached, and it can no longer be used."

    60k gone, well that was fast! OR… eBay responded real quick to that snitch FB post!

    Or am I just getting this because they hate me that much

    • Took them 2hrs to patch?


      • Cancel that, I clicked through and it worked!

        • Oh ok


  • Does this work, if you add to the cart? 15% off the cart or is it only for 1 product?

    • I think to the whole cart, but it has to be under the same currency, different seller is okay.

    • Definitely applies to the cart as a whole. Just bought 2 items from different sellers in one transaction and discount applied to total transaction.

  • $700 of Gifte vouchers. That's petrol covered for the year.

    • +6

      do you ride a scooter?

  • Anyone game on the $50 VISA cards? lol

    Maybe not worth it due to the $4.95 fee on each card

    • Wouldn't there be combined shipping?

      • Nope, seller does not offer combined shipping

  • +4

    Couldn't think of anything to buy. Went with some fish food.

  • Thanks op bought 7 100$ universal gift cards for 600$

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