This was posted 8 years 1 month 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Hotelclub 18% off (was working OK, but now valid from 27 June!)


Book a participating hotel by 11:59pm 7 July 2014 via HotelClub and instantly receive 18% off your hotel booking PROVIDED THAT it is for 1 or more nights of accommodation for stays completed before 31 March 2015. Limit of one promotion code per booking. Promotion codes are non-transferable, not for resale and not redeemable for cash for any reason. HotelClub reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion at any time without notification.

Seems HotelClub have revised their Rules:
Book a participating hotel from 12:00am 27 Jun 2014 to 11:59pm 7 July 2014 via HotelClub and instantly receive 18% off your hotel booking PROVIDED THAT it is for 1 or more nights of accommodation for stays completed before 31 March 2015. Limit of one promotion code per booking. Promotion codes are non-transferable, not for resale and not redeemable for cash for any reason. HotelClub reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion at any time without notification.

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  • Is hotelclub really any good, or are we being astroturfed?

    • +1

      I've found some pretty good deals, yes. I used them for my Thailand accomodation last year when there was a sale on for 15% I believe, saved me a decent amount.

      Obviously it's still smart to check out other website prices on the same hotel before you book but they're a reputable site if that's what you mean.

    • +6

      I have used them before, and got a good price for a hotel in Jakarta. We then had to cancel last minute (literally at the time we were supposed to check in) because the volcanic ashcloud meant we got stranded in Singapore. Our jetstar flight had turned around literally 5 minutes from landing.
      Hotelclub made no fuss about refunding our non-refundable hotel cost, because their policy permits this in the case of major weather-related events and-the-like. Very impressed.

  • Decent rates for NY from what I've found so far!

    • +2

      I too have been using HotelClub for a few years .. V good rates plus rewards as well .. obviously you have to do your research because they R not necessarily the cheapest all the time .. But generally pretty good!!

  • I have used HotelClub for years and they are pretty good. I wish I knew this last week… just booked something using the 15% off code. You also get a minor cashback credit that you can use towards future bookings.

    • you can cancel the booking and re-book using the 18% off code, saving a few bucks

  • Sometimes when you use the code you don't get cashback…..

    • What do you mean? you put the code in and it shows you any that are eligible for the discount.. then it won't show the discount until you select a room type and press book :/ (i'm not saying it's not possible for the discount not to work, i'm just curious how.. like did an eligible hotel not discount it when you went to book?)

    • ..yes this has happened to me to .. usually a phone call resolves the issue … easy people to talk too :-)

      • +3

        To be fair, everywhere except OzBargain, negging is just "I don't like it" or "adds nothing" or "this is a bit overrated" not "I HATE YOU AND WANT YOU AND EVERYONE WHO PLUSSED THIS DEAL TO DIE" like people seem to think it is here.

        • That is how the community system has evolved here and I think it's more effective in that there is a greater weight for a neg than other places. If plus votes and negative votes were just tossed around like nothing, the site would become very volatile and harder to discern between what is a genuine deal and what is not.

          Really, just sit down for 1 minute, think about it and then reevaluate what you have just said.
          This system is far better in this line of community (not saying it works in all other areas of the internet) than just randomly negging or plussing

        • Actually, it's a serious problem. Quite a few times we've had bogus deals on the front page with dozens of votes and no negs at all.

          Items people want at crazy prices, but when you read the comments it becomes clear that there's maybe 10 in stock in the whole country (if it's a brick and mortar store), or that the terms and conditions make the deal useless, or very misleading, or whatever.

          But the people who legitimately negged it over these concerns got their comments negged to hell, which reverts their negative vote, by our crazily-over-the-top anti-neggers.

          See, statistics show that on sites like this, almost all the users never check the comments (reddit revealed last year that 99% of their users never read comments, for example, just click on the link). You and I are a tiny minority.

          So in the end, hundreds of people drive to the store for no reason, or get burnt badly in some other way, who would have at least had some warning if negs weren't "literally hitler" here.

  • +1

    not sure if you know this but ratestogo, also run by hotelclub is still having their 20% sale, ends June, i've checked both websites for accom, hotel listings are pretty much the same, but ratestogo has cheaper prices, but you don't get rewards. But if your like me and just want the cheapest price than have a look at it. with this discount its cheaper than bookings or agoda.

    • +1

      Thanks for the info. Bizarrely a couple of things I looked at were cheaper on HotelClub with the 18% off code although some were cheaper with the Ratestogo code.

      • I found the same thing.

  • Don't forget the 7.2% Cashback from Quibble.

  • +1

    Http/1.1 Service Unavailable - Guess knocked down by…

    • yep same here… also happening with ratestogo website as well… tried private browser window and still can't get in..

  • Try surfing their web page without logging in, if you have already registered.

    I remember that the prices differ whether you are already a member (ie. logged in) or not.

    • Also I have found the best price was when I got redirected from a hotel searching site, such as hotels

  • +2

    I've just tired to book was told the promotion is from 27 June until 7th July

  • +1

    Promo code has expired

    • Same, Promo code has expired.

  • Code has expired :( would have been very helpful for some accommodation in Hawaii I'm booking.

  • not expired. "Book a participating hotel from 12:00am 27 Jun 2014 to 11:59pm 7 July 2014"

  • +1

    edited post after HotelClub changed the rules!!

    They have now put a start date of 27 June.

    • +3

      maybe they have the same IT company as Woolworths Online working for them :P

  • +6

    "escape15" gives 15% off if you can't wait……

    • Was gonna book with that code but website is down…must be ozbargained

    • Thanks I just saved $80.00
      $60.00 for the code and $20.00 off as price dropped while booking

    • Re escape15

      Book a participating hotel before 11:59pm (US Pacific Time) on 30 June 2014 via for stays before 31 >December 2014 and instantly receive 15% off your hotel booking.

      How do you know which hotels are participating?

      • +1

        Really? Just whack it in the promo code box when you do your initial search- the first screen where you input your dates and city….and then when the results some up it will say "promo code eligible" or "promo code ineligible".

        Its the usual…most chain hotels are excluded. But still worth a shot.

        • Thanks!! I've used hotelclub for 9 years now and never noticed that box in the search :D

        • You are very very welcome! ;)

    • +1

      Legend nortyjak! I just saved $88 :)

  • +1

    18% is good but could still be cheaper - always do your research :)

    • That's only 15% off how is that cheaper than 18% off?

      • +1

        15% average = some 25%, others 5% :)

        also click link to find specific example

        • The site itself says "UP to discount of 15%"….I'm not sure how you arrived at 25% off?

        • 25% was arbitrary - click link for 35% off example :)

    • Be careful…this site is listed in US dollars unless I'm not mistaken!

      • +1

        you can change currency :)

        • Thankyou….how dopey am I?? Completely missed that. Thanks!

  • Any opinions of Fraser Suite in Perth?

    Looking for pool & jacuzzi for me & kids…



  • Code STILL not working! Weird.

    • Yeah not working for me either

      • Still not working for me either… Annoying.. Been waiting a couple of days to book accomodation in the hope of using this. Might just have to use the 15% off voucher.. Will give it until this arvo.

        • The only thing I can think of is that it is an American based site so maybe at 12:00am either eastern or Western Us time it will start working?

  • +2

    Just had a chat with Hotelclub. The time on the offer are CST ( Central Standard Time). Current time is 7 pm there. So another 5 hours.

  • can someone tell me what the code is please?

  • Does anyone know if we would be charged international fees for paying using a non 28 degrees credit card, since its an american site?

    • Most likely yes.

      • um, since when does 28d charge intl fees?
        anyway, you pay in AUD, so moot point.

        • +1

          Question was about "non 28 degrees credit card" not a 28 degrees.

        • Sorry, I should have phrased it better. I want to pay using my amex credit card. Being an american site, would it charge international credit card fees? If so , I'll use my 28 degrees.

        • ah, missed keyword. sorry.

          top right corner of hotelclub site has currency dropdown. Should default to AUD if go via

    • I think you can just pay in AUD. Its

  • brings people back to even AUD was set on top of the page

  • We're sorry we do not recognize this as a valid promotion code. Please check your code and try again.

    • 4pm AEST = 12am CST, wait 35mins.

      • Well it's past 12am CST and the code still doesn't work.

  • +1

    OK, until proven otherwise I'm marking it expired.

    For those that got in early when the 18% was active, well done.
    For those that have been waiting, blame HotelClub for changing the conditions, then removing the code!

    use ESCAPE15 until 30/6 for 15%.

  • has anyone got the promotion code please as I can't find it online

  • Just booked using the ESCAPE15 code, it works.

  • Used the ESCAPE15 code. Thanks Nortyjak for the code. Saved me $60, and a better hotel!
    Just to let everyone know, I paid via Amex card (to get points), and was not charged an international transaction fee. When you click on, it brings you to, which suggest it could be an American site. However, my transaction was charged to HOTELCLUB PTY LIMITED in Sydney, so hence no fees. :)

    I got burned on one of those coupon deal sites. Got charged an international fee even tho I paid in AUD.

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