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40% off Your First Month of UNLIMITED Calls and Text with 4GB of 3G Data - $23.95 @ Amaysim


This is becoming a regular monthly occurrence.

Amaysim is giving a discount again on their unlimited prepaid plan which includes unlimited calls and texts to any number in Australia and 4GB of 3G data on the Optus network.

Even though you don't get access to 4G speeds with this mob, their included data allowance of 4GB remains the MOST generous amongst mobile plans in Australia with unlimited calls and texts.

They also won the gong from money Magazine as the best high usage mobile plan in Australia both this year and last year.

If you're not fussed about being able to access 4G speeds and have good coverage of the Optus network where you live, work and play…this is as good as it gets.

Worst case scenario, you try them out for the first month at the rock bottom price of $23.95 (cheaper than ANY mobile plan in existence which includes unlimited calls and text) and then, if you're not happy, just walk away.

No contracts, no strings attached.

For a more detailed review, including a cheaper option after the first month (in case $39.90 a month is too dear for you), check out our post.

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    I made the switch to them from Virgin broadband .. apart from needing some settings changed on my Galaxy S3 to get the internet working the service has been exactly the same but much cheaper and unlimited.. really cant complain… Same network i guess.. (optus) +1

    They do plan to get 4G soon so that's always good if you have a 4G phone.

    Picked up my Sim from the local Coles in St Leonard's NSW for $2


    i switched to them 2 months ago
    went up to bendigo got no 3g decided to go with BOOST on the telstra network


    Data charged in 1mb increments, more like like 1GB compared to data charged in KB increments. Cheap though.

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    So, this goes to $39.90 after the first month, is that correct?

    If so, you're better going with Telstra Pre-Paid for $50 a month - $1000 worth of calls/text/data, ~4GB-4.1GB of data after using the $50 credit to purchase a $49 Browse Plus Pack. Even better if you have a 4G phone.


    @rorymeister can't see 4gb of calls & data from Telstra for $50


    Amaysim are great - did the math and was cheaper over 2 years to buy my Note3 outright and go on Amaysim unlimited plan rather than get it on an Optus or Telstra plan.

    Only wish they had 4G but apparently they are working towards getting it.


      was cheaper over 2 years to buy my Note3 outright and go on Amaysim unlimited plan rather than get it on an Optus or Telstra plan

      No surprises there. It will be the case in 99.95% of cases.

      It is silly IMHO to buy a fancy smartphone if that means you are locked in for 2 years to a sub-par offering. Especially given the fact that whatever you end up getting, will be quote outdated within 12 months time but you will still be paying it off.

      Plenty of opportunities out there to buy good phones outright at a decent price.


        It definitely is cheaper - especially if you salary sacrifice the purchase of the outright purchase of the phone.


    Amaysim DATA calculate @ per MB so some time the date is running very fast


    can you change to another provider then change back to avail this offer again?

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      You sure can!

      As a matter of fact, I have done it myself over 4 times now ;)


        How do I do that?

        Buy a $2 SIM pack from another provider, activate it, then switch back?

        Do I need to pay the other provider anything on top of the $2 for the SIM pack?

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