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  • You had me at 'How To Draw A Skull'

  • Thanks TA, that is great.

  • Thanks. Now I think I have over 1000 courses!


    Thank you :)

  • CRUSH IT! with Christianity (201)

    Wow, I didn't realise I could mix my two favourite things - Jesus and recycling!
    (Although I should have realised that Jesus was a major greenie - he even recycled himself.)

    Wait, "201"? Better brush up on CRUSH IT! with Christianity (101) first…

  • The chapter titles in the Christianity course could do with a little more variety.

    • Did he update them?

      Identity Matters: Investigating the "FLESH"

      Sounds like it's a subject from another course (would you call that inter-course?)

  • there should be a course on how to be a real christian by the book because 99% of christians i see are assholes and a lot of them do not care.. its like they never actually read their bible

    • I'm truly saddened to learn of your observation and to some extent I can understand the reasoning behind your thought process. Although I cannot agree that practically all Christians are worthy of such a designation, my observation is that a select number of individuals make it rather challenging to come across as a likeable entity, regardless of their beliefs or absence thereof.

      I'm also of the opinion that being self-centered is a pivotal contributor toward such behavior and am the first to plead guilty from time to time, as charged. In the spirit of OzBargain, my pledge to you is that I'll try harder to show that I, for one, genuinely do care. PS: I honestly meant that. ;]

      • note i did say 99% of the ones i see, not every christian in the whole world. meaning the ones i have met online or in the real world.

        can you tell me why christians divorce just as much or more than everyone else when the bible says it is committing adultery? its like christians cherry pick what parts of the bible to believe as it suits them….

        • Seems you just hate Christians for their belief and call them assholes for not believing yours =\

          Christian divorce happens but it's not more than 'everyone else' and yes some Christians cherry pick what parts they like to suit them which is not what the bible teaches.

          One thing i do agree with you is that i love pizza too :)

    • I'm also sure that 99% of those people are not religious at all.

  • Thanks OP, been looking at dog training lately. The course has come up just in time.

  • i joined because of another post a while ago but since then i've been spammed to death by them.

    • There's a fairly simple & effective way to combat this… Create an email folder called Udemy then create a mail rule that sends all emails with Udemy in the subject into the folder. Then delete the contents every now & then.

  • Selling a webinar on selling webinars

    How very circular. A lot of these I wonder if they sell any at full price at all.

  • …Why was I already enrolled in "How to draw a skull"?

  • Is it bad that I went to sign up for these courses only then realising that I already had to half of them…

    Need a course like: "Improve your memory and stop procrastinating in 5 easy steps"…

  • It's amazing how many people create now these funny courses … the quality goes down by the day.

    Maybe some Ozbargainers want to make some money and creates the following courses:

    • How to save millions with Ozbargain?
    • 10 top products to Broden!
    • The ultimate guide to negative votes! Presented by JV!

    I would also be careful not to subscribe to any crap course on there … you just might get spam via their messaging system to buy any funny ebooks or other stuff. I bet some course creators just create the courses and give it away for free to be able to sell you other things which might then interest you …

  • eBay one is not working :(

  • Make money online one is not working

    OR IS IT?

  • "Windows 8 Crash Course With 50 Tips Save $67"

    People need tips on how to make Windows crash???!!! Doesn't do that itself with no training required?

    Seriously though, Win8 doesn't crash that much on me. But what it did do was trash my local area network connection to my Netgear backup and nothing - none of the tips I Googled for would bring it back. That plus the ridiculous hot corners and Chiclet menus that keep pooping up even after I installed classic shell convinced me to install Win7 for my gaming machine. (All the other machines in my house already are running LINUX Mint)

    • menus that keep pooping up

      You've installed 7 but if you hadn't I would definitely have advised you to re-install.
      Not sure how else to fix such a problem!

  • Haha Crush it with Christianity! - awesome title. Very accurate.

  • Crush It With Christianity : A Beginners Guide to Crusading


    Crusades won't be front and center on Judgment Day:-)
    The only question that will matter is:
    "Has your soul been atoned for?"