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Almost 300 Free Microsoft eBooks


This was posted up on their MSDN blog, thought others could find use in them.
The books seem to cover almost all of the MS technologies so I am sure that a few will find use in them.
They eBooks are completely free and some you can get in PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats.

Have fun!

Adding the link here cause the button is not working properly: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/mssmallbiz/archive/2014/07/07/larges...

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    Good deal and also, thank you for not saying, 'first post, be kind'.

    • +4

      Haha! Cheers.

      I was expecting fallout for not getting the link button working, I don't think it likes URLs with .aspx at the end.

  • Anyone have a mass-download script care to share a link to them all >_<

    • +16
      • but doesn't that give 4 copies to all those with multiple links?
        I only want 1 copy of these things

        • Either use masks in DTA or your OS search function (*.pdf etc after you download them all to filter. However if this is the same pack as before not all formats are represented for all titles.

          Thanks for the deal but I stopped grabbing books just because they're free since I cannot think of one instance where I've actually gone "Ah yes I need such and such and I have a free ebook regarding this" after I've downloaded them but you're mileage may vary.

      • Thanks - Great!

      • Champion! Thanks mate.

    • i used internet download manager, allowed me to sort by file type and only get the ones i wanted

  • +8

    if you put worth $1 Million on the title, you'll get a lot more + votes.

    • RRP over $ million :D

    • and once you've downloaded all their free e-books, you'll become a self-proclaimed millionaire :)

  • -1

    Is this legit? THe links and website seem dodgy? Pirated books?

    • +3

      100% legit, the guy that posted them (Eric Ligman) is the senior sales excellence manager at Micrsoft.
      He has been adding these on the MSDN blog for a while now. MSDN being the Microsoft Developer Network if you didn't already know.

  • +1

    thanks OP, I needed the SQL manual

  • +1

    Got the Work Smart: Windows 8 Shortcut Keys. Good to know!

  • Thank very much op, I've share the link with my friend too

  • +2

    Anyone feel like compiling a RAR file of them all and sharing?

    • -1

      Nah, I prefer 7-Zip in any case.

    • Its over 3GB for the whole set (All formats), so im guessing no, use the Download All addon posted above, worked a treat

  • +1

    A list of download links have been posted on the blog in the form of a txt file. They can be used with download managers and whatever script.



  • Awesome Content from these EBooks , very useful!

  • +2

    here is a link of the books I set up for GetRight

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