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Kawasaki Ninja300 - 2014 for $5990 or $32/W R/Away, ABS for Extra $500 @ Team Moto


$5990 seems to be a reasonable price for 2014 Ninja300 or $32/w*

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Team Moto
Team Moto

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  • Wait you negotiated $110 more than advertised? Wow

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    It's the non ABS model, but still a pretty good price considering onroad.

    For the $500 extra, I'd go ABS though. Will help with resale as well.

  • As someone who has ended up sliding on his arse on the freeway like a turtle on its back, all because I put a bit too much pressure on the front brake one time.. ABS does seem well worth the small difference.. (not available back when I got my bike.)

  • I was thinking of getting the Ninja 300 ABS model, but does anyone know if the black model is sold in Australia? I can only find the green and orange ones. US has black ones :(

  • Definitely worth getting the abs model.

    If you can't afford the extra for abs, question whether you should really be riding.
    I don't care how pro you think you are at riding or driving, all vehicles should have abs IMO. As someone who has worked in developing abs technology, I can say that no amount of human skill can beat abs.

    Ride safe!

    • Having lost the front end a couple of times I would agree that ABS is a good investment but it's not a show stopper. You learn to be a little less aggressive on the brakes when it's wet :-(

  • Great bike, I personally slid off my 650 version of this and was like falling off cloud 9.
    10/10 would fall again

  • It's either this or a Ducati 1199R Superleggera. Both have ABS but the Ducati has traction control, which might be better for a learner.

  • Before anyone else says it "but its team moto!"


  • If you can't learn to ride a motorcycle without ABS then do yourself and other road users a favour and stick to your car. Don't forget to put your seat belt on. Make sure your SRS light goes off after the self test check. Set the A/C to 22° while you're at it - that's the optimum temperature to make sure you're nice and comfortable.

    If you don't have side impact air bags, curtain air bags, adaptive cruise control, emergency brake assist, lane departure warning, blind spot /side assist warning, ambient temperature warning, electronic damping control, electronic stability control, dynamic cornering control, better go buy a car soon with all these features.

    You'll feel safer, cause that's all that matters. Learning how to actually drive/ride properly obviously isn't of any concern to you.

    There are kids nowadays, even in the auto trade, who grow up not knowing how to drive a manual transmission car. Shocking.

    • haha - I recently had to explain what a choke is used for.
      thank goodness my mechanic is handy with carburettors

      time to admit I'm getting old.