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iOS - Plex Price Drop $6.49 -> $2.49


Plex organizes all of your personal media, wherever you keep it, so you can enjoy it on any device. With Plex, you can easily stream your videos, music, photos and home movies to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch from your home computer running Plex Media Server (available for free at http://plex.tv).

I know a few people have bought chromecasts on here and I think you can use Plex to stream your local stuff to your chromecast.

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  • I think you can use Plex to stream your local stuff to your chromecast.

    Indeed you can! My Chromecast was delivered a few hours ago (from the $39 DS deal) and I've been watching a bunch of TV episodes that are stored on my pc, that I've been too lazy to move to my media hdd. Works perfectly. Of course, I'm using Plex on Android that I got for free from the Amazon free coins deals a while ago… but $2.50 is a great price!

    • Hoping mine is in the mail this afternoon as well. Can you just install the free Plex server software then send a browser tab with the player to the Chromecast? Or is sending from the mobile app a better option?

      • Mobile is better as you have full control of your media via phone/tablet.

        I have been using Plex for a while now and it is amazing!!!!!!

      • Either, I think. Honestly, I haven't played around much, I was keen to make sure it all worked smoothly. I've been using the app, but it looks like casting the browser tab would work just fine too.

    • +2 votes

      Just a noob question.
      Does your pc needs to be on all the time to access those TV episodes?
      I can access my movies from my PC on my TV wirelessly when both are on, but it does not work if PC is off. I keep my pc off to save power.

      • I'm sorry. I can't even right now.

      • You'd need power so that the files can be accessed, at least… somebody else might be able to suggest something else that would suit your needs, though.

      • +16 votes

        There is noob question, then there is this. I’m not sure what it’s called, but I hope it’s not contagious.
        Are you really asking if the device that contains the files you’re trying to play is turned off, then is it still possible to have them play?
        Yes, in the same way that you can watch your beta copy of navy Seals when your Sony beta machine is also turned off, cook toast with the toaster turned off, eat spring rolls with your mouth closed down (no South Park alternatives allowed), drive your car while it is still locked in a garage, enjoy festivus with not aluminium pole, keep jive walking while you stop your heart, lungs, brain.


        • Thanks snuke and stig for clarifying. I don't need either Plax or Chromecast to watch my movies from pc on the TV. I can watch them without these apps or equipments.

      • You can setup Plex to run off a NAS. But i imagine that you will need a PC running to serve the movies

      • You can use Plex Sync for a mobile device, but you will need an additional Plex Pass membership.

        This will allow you to store the media on the mobile device and not need the computer powered on after they Sync.

        Read more about Plex Sync and Cloud Sync here: https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/sections/200079117

        From the Plex website pricing is(https://plex.tv/features):
        MONTHLY $3.99 YEARLY $29.99 LIFETIME $74.99

      • While I admit that this was the first thing that came to mind:, What about Wake on LAN?

    • I've been trying to watch 1080p movies on my chromecast with plex that I got for free on android from amazon too, but it lags like a mofo. Either my 802.11n network is too slow or my synology NAS doesn't have enough CPU to transcode on the fly :( It sucks.

      • Monitor your Synologys CPU while it's happening to see if it's at fault. Usually they aren't great for transcoding as it's vey CPU intensive.

  • Cool.. Been waiting for this.

    Got it on my droid. There has been numerous free, cheap offers as well as Amazon coins. But now finally I will grab it for IOS and my life will be complete

  • waiting for this for our ipad and wife's phone
    A very noobie question (I am an android user and I know Google allows it but not sure if apple does) - if I buy it on wifes app store, am I right it can be downloaded to both her iphone and ipad (both have itunes/appstore under her account/email address)?

    • Yes, if both device under same account/email address.

      • Apps can be for the iPhone, for the iPad or "Universal". Its up to the app developer to determine whether they release two separate apps (which in some cases could be very different to one another), or whether they release one version that is optimised for both devices. If they release separate iPhone and iPad apps and you own the iPhone version, it'll still work on the iPad but it'll be scaled to work on it and probably not look as good as a native version would.

        What I'm guessing happened is you found an iPad version for a non universal app. You probably could have run the iPhone version on the iPad but it'd be a separate app in the App store. I imagine the App store prioritised the iPad version in the search results, even though you had the iPhone version already.

    • If its same account your good to download

  • Thanks OP. Good price for sure.

  • Thanks OP… Was just waiting for this….

  • Just bought it a few days ago at full price…… But it is an awesome app. Combined with Plex premium, the offline syncing is amazing (considering what it does automatically in the background for you).

    Highly highly recommend (definite new plex fanboy here!).

    Of course the app is only as good as the rest of your setup (ie. server and library), but Plex makes this pretty easy anyway.

  • Can someone explain what is so good about Plex? I currently use XBMC and it is great. Combined with Air Video all media can be accessed easily anywhere.

    • Plex has pretty pictures

    • Central library (Plex Media Server) and then you can easily watch all your media on mobile, web, tv etc. Stop watching on one device and start on the other automatically where you left off. That ability to share your library with friends. The built in transcoding is very good.

      I was a huge XBMC fan and had used it for years (back when it was called XBMP) but Plex wins for the central library with multiple clients. XBMC has much more customisation available (plugins, skins, live tv etc), but the ease of use of Plex and the ability to use a chromecast converted me.

  • Hey guys - quick question here.

    Does the iOS app do any transcoding, or does it have to be done by the server?

    (I am running Plex on a pi$$weak NAS CPU which does not support transcoding).

  • For some reason it won’t let me sign into my account. I have tried 10 times now, used both username and email details. Copy and pasted from last pass app as well as manually type.

    • You already signed into your account "snuke". Otherwise Ozbaragin will not let you post this comment.

      • Silly me for not being clear, and good on you for pointing it out. I can’t sign into my Plex account in the iOS app.
        Pops up with the error – Unable to sign in….check details again etc..
        I just signed into Plex.tv with same details that produce this error.

        • Reinstall app and reboot phone. That's all you can do. Otherwise the login details may not be updated on all of Plex servers so you may need to wait a bit, especially if the account is new

        • @youse123:

          The account is a few years old, and has been used on and off since March. I will see if it’s any different on my home network, still not having any luck.

  • Sigh bought it last week.

    Still +1 awesome app, especially if you're using PlexHT

  • Awesome App for $2.50, flawless playing stuff through to your Chromecast from your Plex Server.

  • Been waiting for ages for a Plex sale to come around again. Thanks OP !

  • I like Plex but i have an issue where if i have it on without even playing any files off of it, while i am gaming i get alot of lag spikes, i've tried a few settings but i have not found a fix yet.

    That's really my only issue with plex other then that its awesome.

    PS if you know a fix to my issue feel free to share :)


    I'm glad so many people find this useful. :)

    As far as the end date goes, I just guessed so it might be available for longer than the 17th.

  • this is just apple right ?

    its still showing on android as $5.52 :(

  • +6 votes

    Hmmm I don't really need Plex, but I bought it anyways 'cause I am an OzBargainer who might need it 'one day'! :)


    Can you smell it?

  • im a massive fan of PLEX, and i strongly suggest if ur also a fan to get the lifetime membership for PLEX, this way ur app is always free for u and ur friends u share PLEX with… (its a diff app for free-plex and paid-plex). lots of benefits to being a paid plex member as well…

  • Can the plex media server run on Solaris? Specifically Solaris Express 11? I currently run Solaris for ZFS capability. My media front end servers run XBMC via Samba

  • Can anyone tell me if plexconnect still works on update 6.2 using appletv?

  • Great to see so much love for Plex here :)

  • How to get plex media server on Laptop operating windows xp?


      Go to https://plex.tv/downloads - download the Windows option (you need to have Service Pack 3 installed for XP) then go here https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/articles/200264746-Quick-St... and follow the guide.

      You should really consider moving away from XP now that the support has ended.

      • Thanks for the instructions!

      • Thanks buddy , unfortunately I could not able to download as my xp has service pack 2. I m seriously considering to move away from xp.

        • I had the same problem… Even though i've got XP SP3 on here, it somehow detected/thinks my PC doesn't meet the requirements so all it showed were the download links for the mobile versions, not the Server/NAS installations.

          Try it in IE. It wouldn't show up in Firefox, Chrome or Safari, but did in IE.

          Also had the same issue on my Windows 7 laptop. It doesn't like Firefox or Chrome (or maybe one of the many ad-blockers, extensions and plugins i've got installed). IE worked there as well.

  • I f anyone knows how to run both netflix and plexconnect at the same time please message me. I had it working but then I couldn't access netflix. Thanks in advance

  • All you Plex fans - do yourselves a favour and check out Media Browser

  • If you are using appletv mirroring do the covers of all your movies etc display on the tv or only on the ipad?

  • does it work on online streaming videos ? Or just already downloaded ones ? :x thanks in advance


      I think there are "channels" you can install so you can stream stuff. I have YouTube, Revision 3 & TED talks.

  • Showing as $2.12 on google play store for Android's this morning

  • So If I have movies on my EHD connected to my mac, and is on, I can see the library and watch them on my ipad?

  • thanks very much!
    6.50$ was just too much for something that happily runs in a web browser!
    bough it, now its mine he he


    Sale is still going.

    The desription on the itunes (AU) page has changed to reflect the sale:

    “Take Plex With You” sale
    $1.99 for a limited time!

    Yet it still says $2.49 for Aussies. Yet another reminder we unnecessarily pay extra.

    (At the time of writing, $1.99USD is 2.12AUD)

    • no its apple ripping off Australians, Google playstore was $2.12. I must give google some credit, usually their prices match exchange rates.

  • Finally bought one and works like a charm with my Apple TV. I bought 1 copy and it automatically installed on all my iPads / iPhones. Thanks OP!

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