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Supercheap Auto 2000kg Trolley Jack $79.95, 3000kg Jack Stands Pair $26.99


Club Member Specials @SCA 19th-20th July

2000kg Trolley Jack $79.95

3000kg Jack Stands $26.99

I bought both from a sale a while ago, working fine (except the jack isn't suitable for lowered cars)

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  • $80 for a pissy little jack like that? you got to be kidding me? same jack at repco was $30 on special

    yes i realise ones 1650kg and this ones 2000kg but that seriously makes a real world difference? these little jacks are also far more unstable with there little wheelbase. if your going to spend some money on a jack wait till repco go on sale again and buy a proper size jack (preferably the quick lift for ~$130 i think mine was) if your going to be doing anything more than changing a tyre with it.

    • These days that's quite cheap. It's normal to pay that kind of money for a 1300-1600kg jack. This particular one isn't actually flimsy looking either.

      The stands are a real bargain however…

  • Major car noob here, are these already included in the car in case i got a flat tire ?

    or should i buy and keep one there?

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      Usually there is some sort of factory jack included with a new car, however when you buy a used car you will find that sometimes the previous owner/s have either kept the jack or took it out and forgot about it.

      You can check in the spare wheel well which is usually underneath the carpet in the boot of the car to see if you have a jack.

      If you don't its probably best to try and find the factory jack for your car so it can fit in the factory position otherwise you will end up with a trolley jack sliding around in its box in the boot of your car.

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        while you're there it's also worth making sure the wheels actually fit the vehicle, and the lug nut remover actually fits the wheel nuts!

      • Cheers found the jack in my car and tested it and does the job for me, thanks so much for the clarification.

        • Yes, you don't want to be lugging one of these around just to change a tyre.

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      usually you will have a wind up jack in your car. this jack is only for using on hard, flat, even surfaces (like concrete driveways)

      as i said above, this is mostly just for changing a tyre at home, and if you dont know if you need one of not then you probably dont need one.

      also as i said above, because these are really narrow they tend to fall over sideways a hell of a lot easier than a larger "workshop" type jack which is one of the reasons i dislike these.

      also, if you still think you want one wait for repco to have them in sale for around 1/2 this price for the same sort of jack.


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      portable jacks are dangerous due to their size and weight. They're good for a few roadside changes but they're not designed to lift the entire car (just hold one corner).

      If you're regularly jacking the car up, you should get a proper jack and jack stands. But for general use the one in your car will be fine.

      As others have said, all cars should have a portable jack, lug nut remover, and a spare (or space saver) tyre. You should check these all. Especially if it's an old 2nd/3rd hand car you should check to make sure it fits.

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    These jack stands are really quite good, I have used them heaps of times and they are really good for the money. I happily paid the usual price of $60.

  • 2000kg jack on eBay for $58 delivered

    the jackstands really good price though

    • Repco had 1200kg Stanford jackstands last week for $13.99.

      These 3000kg stand for $26.99 is great pricing(not double the money for double the load limit :P)
      hopefully no product recalls for these units!

      • unless your driving a semi.. im not sure what car you own that weighs 4000-5000kg? most cars only weigh under 2000kg, and you are at most only lifting the front with 60% of that weight which is around 1200kg at most?

        • F350

        • Got the gun rack on the back window?

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          erm…. i hate to point out that your f350 is already far to high to get a pissy little jack like this to even touch anything under it… let alone lift it…. you can all but walk under an f350, a 400mm jack is going to be like throwing a sausage down a hallway….. not even going to touch the sides

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    Don't forget the ratchet stands are on special too. Or from Autobarn if you don't like SCA.

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    i've got both of these.

    The jack is pretty shit

    makes all sorts of scary sounds , and struggles to lift the front end of a 1540KG outback. I'd hate ot lift something that actually weighs 2000kg

    The jack stands are great, except for the fact they're really axle stands, designed to support tubular axles.. it can be difficult to find a good spot to position them under a car

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