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5kw Solar Power System $4390 Installed All over NSW - Metro Energy Group


5kW solar power system

  • 20 x Trina Honey Solar Panels
  • 5kw inverter
  • FREE wireless energy and consumption meter to monitor your solar generation and your home power usage.
  • We install all over NSW
  • conditions apply

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    Amazing how cheap these systems are now. Assuming this is the cost after any govt rebates?

    Can you claim another rebate on a new property if you have moved house since claiming the first time?

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    What's the inverter?
    And what's the catch? Sounds unbelievably good!


      The inverters are either self branded, or made by Delta, according to their site, 5 and 10 year warranty respectively


      NO catch.
      we have a lot of stock, more stock is due to come in 4 weeks time.

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    What's the normal price?

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    OP, will this deal apply for Canberra area?

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    Good price. Wish I had enough roof space for anywhere near 20 panels though :(


    Anyone had work done by this group - good or bad experience?


    Wow cheap price. I paid $5k for 3.1kW about 1.5 years ago


      Im over 10k out of pocket for a 2.88kw at the end of 2010, still I did just get in on the NSW 60c feedin so not complaining.


    how much space needed for 20 panels?


      Dimensions of each panel are 1650 × 992 × 35mm (64.95 × 39.05 × 1.37 inches), according to the manufacturer, I don't know how they configure the panels, so the dimesions can only give you a rough gauge of necessary space


    Hi rep
    May I know which inverter you are supplying with this 5kw system


    ask to see the purchase invoice for the panels. a lot of poor quality imports with good names out there.


    Hello Everyone

    inverter Brand is ZEVERSOLAR. its owned by SMA.
    but depends on the area you live in you may need a 3 phase inverter.


    We have also have great deals on smaller systems.

    fill out an Enquiry form on the website and we will contact you for a quote.

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    Good Price, its also Worth Checking out your states future feed in tariff plans. I know here in Tas there looking to reduce it to 8 cents per kilowatt hour. Currently its 27 cents Per KW hour.

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    Rep, how much to upgrade to an SMA 5000TL-21?


      That link does mention that SMA have taken over warranty claims (as of Oct 2013), so might be worth checking with SMA first.


      You wont have to deal with ZEVERSOLAR.
      if the inverter stops working we handle everything.
      we have inverters in our warehouse to make the change over of faulty inverters a speedy process.


        That sounds like a grey import to me - is this correct Rep? Are both the panels and the inverter grey imports? Can you go back to the manufacturer / distributor direct if you guys go under?


          offcourse you can go direct to the distributor / manufacturer for warranty claims.

          but in saying that the owners of Metro Energy Group are electricians.

          We don't only do solar.

          We are an ACP accredited through IPART to do energy efficient rebates with commercial lighting.

          Not to mention all our electrical contract work we do.

          8 weeks ago one of our clients went into liquation, we lost over 200K. Guess what we are still open.
          We are still open because we have no choice to be open we have worked so hard to get were we are closing down is not an option.

          So please believe me when I say if anything happens to the systems we sell contact us and we will handle all the warranty claims on our customers behalf.


    Need a QLD (Brisbane) Equivalent!


    The site says only the first 50 customers get wireless consumption monitors, does that mean if we mention ozbargain in our enquiry we are guaranteed a the monitor?

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    for the SMA 5000TL-21 it would b an extra $1100


    Yes please mention OZ BARGAIN and you will receive the energy moniotor.


    Rep, is this strictly NSW only? I'm 10 mins inside the Vic border. Near Albury.


    I just love how solar systems are advertised with no typically no firm details of inverter or panels. Bait and switch much?

    So to the OP, are the Trina panels paralleled or grey imports? No manufacturer warranty with greys.

    If anybody is interested in a system please consider an SMA inverter and benefit from SMA Australia's fantastic warranty service which can be extended right up to when it expires.

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    Any promotion in VIC?


    There is very little specific detail of this deal on your website.

    The website and your description above refers to 'conditions apply' or 'terms and conditions apply'.

    What are these? They are not available on your website. If you hold back on this information, it doesn't present well and only makes potential customer suspicious of the deal and the company.


      Advertised price is for customers eligible for the solar credits rebate and zone3 STC’s discount. STC’s are to be assigned to Metro Energy Group Pty LTD upon installation.
      Grid connection is additional. Additional $349 for 5kW 3 phase inverter. Subject to utility approval. Call for a free quote. License No: 267165C

      Some areas need to have 3 phase inverters installed to comply with your local distributor.

      Advertising this way takes away the confusion.

      this ADD was advertised in the Sunday telegraph and clearly stated the T&C.

      the customers that bought this system from there did not complain about how the add was worded.

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        Ozbargain is not the Sunday Telegraph though, and many members here wouldn't have seen your ad there. Thanks for letting us know what the T&Cs are but I agree with enjunuet and think you need to consider publishing them on your site. It's a turnoff to customers to see "Terms and conditions apply" without having that information readily available.


    Can you do a Micro Inverter setup?


      yes we can.

      what would you like?


        What premium would they add to this deal?

        Do you have Dual micro inverters. Have seen a few 500W dual micro on the 'net.

        Also ballpark price for 1.5kW fully installed with dual micro inverters. Sloped north facing single storey tin roof.

        Oh, and do you install zinc-bromine batteries?


    People, check with before you buy any cheap solar system.
    There is a lot of info there about cheap systems.
    I don't know the Metro Energy Group but it is worth checking before committing.


    is this price a pay off price? can we do finance? how much cost more?


    I already have a 1kW system. Can you add more panels on top of this system?


      Depending on the size of you current inverter. I'm assuming it would be a 1.5KW inverter? If this is the case you can only add a maximum of two more panels. Another issues would be that your current panels would most likely be a 180-190W panel, where today are using 250W panels.

      If you require a bigger system for your needs, you might be better off adding another system (invert/panel setup) on your roof. Now, before you go doing that you may want to look into what your current feed in tariff contract states in regards to system size. If it is over your contractual size limit your feed in tariff will dramatically fall.


        It's a 1kw unit but I always intended to instal a second inverter for the second set of panels. You do make a good point regarding the feed in tariff. I thought the max size was 10kw but I will check, thanks.

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        1. I receive a Scheme tariff (60 cents or 20 cents per kilowatt hour). Can I increase or decrease the capacity of my system and still receive that rate?
          Customers eligible for the Scheme tariff can expand the capacity of their solar generation systems up to 10 kilowatts and continue to receive a Scheme tariff.

        If you are receiving the 60 cents per kilowatt hour tariff and you expand the capacity of your generation system, you will be switched to the 20 cents per kilowatt hour tariff.

        If you receive the 20 cents per kilowatt hour tariff and you increase the generating capacity of the system up to 10 kilowatts, you will remain eligible for the 20 cent tariff rate.

        It is important to note that regardless of which tariff rate you receive, at all times your generating system must have a capacity of 10 kilowatts or less for you to remain eligible for the Scheme.

        If you change the size of your system and it affects your Scheme tariff, you must notify your distributor within 7 days. Fines and penalties of up to $110,000 may apply for failure to notify.

        You can decrease the capacity of your generating system at any time without changing your eligibility under the Scheme.

        You will need to ensure you follow the technical requirements of your distributor for changes to your system.


        Looks like I need to consider if the drop to 20c is worth it.

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    OK worked in this industry so here is my view?

    Trina panels are one of the best panels made (closest thing I have seen to Bosch panels) so you can't go wrong. However there have been some dodgy Trina panels that are MADE for the Chinese market that have made it to out shores in the past:

    Each panel has a unique identification code which you can verify with Trina.

    Inverter: Most inverters last 5-8 years (SMA is around 15 years) so choose an inverter that is used by a few companies, why? Well if the company goes broke you will still be able to make a warranty claim with the wholesaler. If its an inverter that is not used readily you may face a few obstacles with the warranty claim.

    I would choose a SMA Inverter as it is German made but it is also setup to be compatible with a future battery system, if you ever choose to go down that part.

    JFY are crap inverters (had way too many returns) and Samil aint that great either, I would choose a Growatt Inverter with the 10 year warranty option as the 'value for money, made in China Inverter' as I have never had an issues with them.

    Overall this deal is quite good, however I can't comment on the inverter as I have never come across it.

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      Very informative, thank you.


      The problem with SMA inverters is they are too expensive.

      When we advertise with SMA our competitors advertise with average inverters and convince the homeowner hat their average inverter is better and cheaper than the SMA.

      So that's why we now advertise with a average inverter but when we send a quote we have the option to upgrade to Aurora or SMA.

      JFY inverters I think a really good for their price.

      plus these days they have their own service department in Australia.

      if anything goes wrong with the inverter we fill out an online form and JFY send out their own tech to replace the inverter at no cost to the customer.

      change usually happens within 3 days.

      ZEVERSOAR inverter is now owned by SMA.


    That's the biggest problem with customers, it always about how 'cheap' or good of a deal they can get. This will obviously bite them in the rear end in the future. You get what you pay for, when it comes to solar!

    If you don't want any hassles with the Inverter, always go SMA! Not once had I ever had an issue or a return with these inverters.

    In regards to JFY, that is a very very quick turn around if they are changing over inverters in 3 days, as you say. As from my many experiences with warranty claims with JFY, it took a minimum a month and in some cases it was two plus months for them to change it over.

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