Counterfeit Micro SD card from TinyDeal

Following the popular deal from TinyDeal

The letter 'D' on the packaging and SD card are different. Genuine cards never print trademarks incorrectly.

It has also been reported that the counterfeit card is slower write speed.
If you bought this deal, I suggest you report a paypal claim so you get a refund, and TinyDeal doesn't continue to rip off customers.

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      Welcome to the 'wonderful' and particularly diverse world of Kingston-card fakery.
      If you haven't already, you may want to have a glance through this thread

  • This Card is SLOW! I only get 1.2MB/S in writing. In contrast, the Sandisk 8GB C4 could get 4.X MB.

    PS: I use it in a Raspberry Pi B+, which is the latest model.

  • I'm not sure that's an indication that it is counterfeit… My Sandisk Mobile Ultra Micro SD which I'm fairly confident is genuine also has that trademark printed with no stripes in the D.

    As is every picture of the Micro SD itself (not the adapter) if you do a google image search.

    My read/write speeds seem about right for a Class 4.
    Warning: Only 7319 of 7383 MByte tested.
    Test finished without errors.
    You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
    Writing speed: 4.62 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 18.6 MByte/s
    H2testw v1.4

    • are u testing this on the kingston 8gb or sandisk?

      this kingston 8gb is really slow

      on my original kingston 2gb I get 8.712 mb/s

      • Kingston of course.

  • If we report to paypal, do we say item not as describe and then we need to send it back to them?

    at $3, the shipping might eat it up?? and is it worth it?

    All I know is I staying clear of buying memory cards from this company tinydeal..

    the cards and packaging look nothing like the real ones sold in australia

    there is no hard case, the printing has no code on the back, and the printed code is not in different stencil

  • I just test an original kingston 8gb class 4 bought from msy

    I am getting this speed

    seq 19.93mb read , 11.33mb write

    so this card they saying from tinydeal is definitely a fake or a really low quality version

    • Sustained 11.33MB/s on a large file… you sure that's right?

      • seq

        genuine card

        tinydeal card

        this card is definitely not genuine class 4 or
        it is either/and
        -batches that didn't made the grade for class 4, so repackage and sold cheaply in the chinese market (hence the different packaging)

      • I should have just bought it from msy

        they are selling genuine for $5

        • You are sure that's another Class 4 Kingston?

          4.871MB/s write speed reported by Slashgear on the Kingston 32GB Class4.

        • @Dan_: yes

          I have the card in front of me…


          also look on their advertise page

          the card looks nothing like the one we got..

          -made in china not taiwan
          -product code is not in a different stencil color

          either way this is misleading advertisement, product not as described

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  • Hello, guys.
    Thanks for your kind feedback. we will collect your photos and check if there's something wrong with our source.
    Solutions will be provided as soon as possible. Thanks for your kind understanding.

  • I just received a severely used power bank, cables hectic dirty and used to the point its shit dirty, strings obviously used, still has those creece marks, usb ports been stabbed so much till its a little bit deformed… bought 2 havent received the other yet. Sigh..

    • Hello, Bao28

      Sorry for the inconvenience.
      Please understand that we had double checked the power bank before shipment. So they may seemed "used".
      But according to this case, we suggest you send some pictures to my email: [email protected]
      We could send the new power banks to you if they're proved to be secondhand or defective.

      Or you can contact me via Skype: tinydeal007


  • Card reading speed isn't the problem. The SD card I got from TINYDEAL is labelled 8gigs. Computer views it as 8GB but only holds 2GB.

    Just do a google search to find programs to test if the SD card is fake or not. Most of these programs test if it's real by filling the SD card with data and testing them. Fake SD cards like the ones sent by TINYDEAL will have corruption in data and overwrite previous data if it goes above the real memory size.

    The one I received writes a 2 gig file properly and has errors when it writes above it.
    Seen these kinds of fakes sold on ebay but didn't think people would be scamming fake SDcards on ozbargain:(

    • Hello, Paradol

      May I know your order number, so that I could help to check what's wrong.
      We could send you a new card if the card is approved as fake.

      You could send me the message to [email protected]
      or my skype: tinydeal007


  • Hello, all.
    Thanks for your comments a lot! We did received some feedback that some customers are wondering if our card is the original Kingston card. So we just made a video on YouTube:

    Please share your testing result with us, or the method to verify the card at the video. Thanks!

  • There are fakes everywhere.

    In Shenzhen at Yuanwang Digital Mall, you can buy anything that is fake, fake labels, batteries, smartphones and more.

    I can't believe the counterfeiters actually like to put a fake image on their cards.. Just put a real one and get on with it. They have the tools to make a real one, but they choose not to. I can guarantee you that most of the stuff sold in Australia is also counterfeit but with a proper label or print.

    I have been talking to some counterparts about eneloop counterfeits now flooding into Australia which are actually relabelled enitime batteries. You can't tell the difference because both are LSD batteries that hold their charge for a very long time. The only difference is one battery costs half to manufacture than another. I wouldn't be surprised if hobbyking batteries are also relabelled as eneloop, but I haven't seen it done yet; at least not physically in front of my face.