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Ultimate Deadlock reduced to $25 + postage or in store at Masters.


Ok now you have a stash of Eneloops, torches etc. that you have Ozbargained but you can't sleep at night and worry whilst your not at home that someone may break in and take all the Ozbargains that can't do without.
Well what you need is the Ultimate Lock Deadlock reduced to $25 from Masters.
Also in brass finish
5 levels of security
Withstands up to 4000lbs of force
Special engineered steel strike plate
Super hardened steel security bar
Patented lockout feature
High security 6pin anti-bump keylock
Easy to install
Instruction and template included

Still not convinced? Check out the website and video

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    It's not a double cylinder deadlock … I'm not convinced and neither would my insurance company be.

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    Does not matter how strong it is, It's only going to be as strong as your door frame.

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      I know of a few friends who got robbed. Guess what? Thieves don't pick locks, their lock pick is a crowbar. So in the end even if you have the strongest of locks, they just need to crowbar your door frame and bam its open.


    Personally I would want it keyed the same as the rest of my locks.


    great only option available to me is truck delivery at $75