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MEElectronics Headphones and Earphones 20% off Sale Pricing + Shipping Discount; $39.99 M-Duo


Dear OzBargainers,

Mike here from MEElectronics, following up on some of the price match requests I've received with a promotion.

We're offering an additional 20% off current pricing on our critically-acclaimed Signature series headphones and earphones, with an extra $2.95 off shipping (all prices in USD). This comes out to:

M-Duo Dual Dynamic Driver in-ear headphones - $39.99 (same price as the last M-Duo deal which I'm always being asked to match)
One of our most popular in-ears, the M-Duo uses dual driver configuration with a discrete subwoofer and crossover circuit in each earpiece to provide deep, clean bass and clear sound across the spectrum

A151 / A151P Balanced Armature in-ear headphones - $35.99 / $39.99
The A151 uses Balanced Armature drivers to deliver accurate, reference-quality audio with great clarity and detail. The A151P model adds an inline micropone and remote

M9P Second Generation in-ear headphones - $19.99
This Second Generation of our best-selling M9 earphones features a tangle-resistant flat cable with integrated mic, remote, and universal volume control

Atlas Hi-Fi on-ear headphones with headset functionality - $39.99
The Atlas features the best audio quality of all our on-ear headphones with deep, impactful bass and fantastic clarity. It is also imprinted with high-resolution graphics courtesy of IML technology and has a detachable, user-replaceable cable with mic, remote, and universal volume control.

HT-21 Second Generation portable on-ear headphones - $15.99
The HT-21 features an ultra-portable form factor, rugged and comfortable design, and crisp sound with clarity you won't believe

Coupon Code: SIGNATURE20 . Promotion ends on August 12th. Limit: 3 items per order.

Our shipping charge for Australia is $6 ($8.95, but the coupon code takes another $2.95 off) regardless of order size with the exception of the Atlas, which adds an extra $6 for shipping (so for instance an order with 2x M-Duo and 1x Atlas will cost at total of $12 to ship). Delivery times are typically between 10 and 20 business days for standard shipping. Faster shipping methods are also available.

As always, I will gladly answer any questions as best I can in the comments below. I can also be contacted by private message or by email at mike(at)s2einc(dot)com .

All questions and comments are welcome!

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  • Hi Mike, what model blocks out in flight noise the best?
    Nice detailed post as usual.

    • +2 votes

      That would be the M-Duo, followed by the less expensive M6 from our Sports series. With the right tips they can do a better job on a plane than the average active NC headphone.

  • I received a pair of M9P (1st Gen)in the random promo. Whilst I love the sound, the button is useless. It is not very responsive so most of the time it just creates static noise instead of skipping tracks etc.

    Has the button design been improved in the 2nd generation version, I can see the design has changed but is the button much more responsive? Are there any other in ear headphones with inline mic/remote I should look at? I would also like them to have volume control on the remote.

    • Yes, the remote was completely redesigned for the second generation. The button is no longer sunk into the remote and has less travel for better "click"/responsiveness. The M-Duo remote is a little better in my opinion, but it lacks the volume control. All of our volume control-enabled earphones and headphones (except the Bluetooth ones) use the new remote, same one as the M9PG2.

  • +1 vote

    ~replied in wrong place. Thought I had the OzBargain thing down by now.

  • Thanks Mike, bought the M-Duos USD$45.99.
    AU$49.59 with 28 Degrees conversion rates.

  • That's a great deal on the HT-21's Mike.

    • I think so too… the new second revision has been going largely unappreciated but we did improve the sound even more

  • Hmmm… do i pick up a spare set of M-duos…

  • Many thanks - have now replaced my dearly loved M-Duos which I lost some time back. Love em.

  • How do the Atlas headphones compare to the Air-Fi Venture AF52? Doing a good deal on teh AF52 if they are a better headphone?

    • The Venture (AF52) is warm and bass-heavy. It sounds more like a Beats Studio or something else in that general sound area. The Atlas is bright and crisp and clear, but still has enhanced bass with very good depth. It is the more "Hi-Fi" headphone of the two.

      I probably can't beat the amazon deal on the AF52s that someone else posted because of Amazon's lower shipping rates, but if you decide on the AF52 just shoot me a PM and I'll see what it comes out to.

  • The m-duos are amazing.

  • Very happy with my Air Fi Runaways that you offered - Convenience store guy downstairs wants me to get a pair of blu tooth head phones.

    Any chance of another deal on the Air Fis?

    • Yeah, can definitely queue one up next. We added a couple of new models in the past few months but my favorites are still the Runaways and the Matrix2.

  • Just ordered some M-Duo's, looking forward to them!

  • I listen to a lot of audio books and ASMR videos, would the A151s be better for me than the M-duos?

    • Yes, indeed. The M-Duo gives up some presence in the midrange (which is what you really want for both vocal and a lot of ambient sound) for enhanced bass and crisper treble. The A151 does the opposite and doesn't let anything get in the way of the mids. That and it's just a smoother sound overall.

  • I never received my bluetooth earphone posted here months ago, can't say Id trust them again to make another purchase.

    • I got mine, with no issues, have you contacted them? try messaging the rep here - he seems to be fairly involved.

      • I received a few emails from them saying the stock was backlogged and they would eventually send them out, but never received. Looking through for job/inv number now to contact them, just had forgot about them until I saw this deal. Will do Themo.

        • I'd guess that's pretty uncommon, most comments here seem to be pretty positive and I've mostly had good experiences with them. I'm currently going through a warranty return at the moment and they have been very responsive and helpful in going about it.

          They probably do high volumes so best bet would be to assume the best and persist a little - hopefully you get the same outcome as most others have had.

        • +1 vote

          Please send me a message or email with your order number. There shouldn't be any reason for us to backlog orders placed on our website, because the inventory is real-time. My email is in the top post.

    • Edit: Retract my comment about trusting them, seems they have great service all round working through with them now.

  • Hey Mike, Just wanted to know which product you'd recommend for weightlifting? So id be looking for something with good noise isolation, durability and a tight fit. Thanks!

    • I would get something from our Sport-Fi series as those are designed for a secure fit. They are all in-ears so they will isolate a good amount of noise - enough for any gym in my experience. The ~$20 M6 model is the most basic, most durable one. If you don't need any extra features, it's the one I would get.

      • Any love for the M6P?

      • I go running with the M6 all the time and must say its great sound for this type and price. And ofcourse, its a great fit which is so important when your running and sweat is trying to drip into your ears and loosen the earphones. :D

  • Is the connector on the M9P straight or L shape ? Cheers

  • Hey Mike,
    Which EARPHONE would you recommend for BEST MUSIC listening experience.

    • +2 votes

      Depends on the type of experience you are after - there's two basic kinds (oversimplifying here). One is "reference" sound, which means that your headphones/earphones/speakers present a flat frequency response in an attempt to be as true to the original recording as possible. This type of sound is typically favored by audiophiles and music pros. In our lineup this would be the A151/A151P models.

      The other direction is enhanced-bass, or "consumer" sound. Think Beats, but not as lacking in accuracy and of course a lot less expensive. For us the top of the line here would be the M-Duo. If you listen mostly to Pop/Hip-Hop/EDM type music the M-Duo will definitely be preferable, as well as if you just like powerful bass and more lively sound.

  • Hi rep. My delivery to Australia is coming up as 14.95 (before discount) is this normal?

    • Depends on the item(s) and shipping method chosen. If you PM or email me the contents of your cart (or your order number if you've placed your order) I can double-check the shipping cost. Keep in mind that the $2.95 shipping discount is applied against the order total and not directly to the shipping cost (it shows up on your invoice as an extra -$2.95 discount).

  • I just ordered a new MP9 - my old pair was lost by the kids.

    I'm no audiophile but I did appreciate how nice the MP9 sounded and I'd be happy to spend more on something that is even better. Can anyone who has had the MP9s and a "superior" model care to describe the difference? Is the extra $20 for the M-Duo going to impress me or not?

  • Hi Rep, just wondering what the eta would be to receive them in Western Australia post code 6061? Going overseas end of next week, interested in the Middle Duo. Thanks

    • It most likely won't get there in time with standard shipping. If you do FedEx it'll reach you early next week, though.

  • What would you recommend for classical music

    • +1 vote

      Not a classical listener myself but most of the aficionados I've talked to have favored a balanced or slightly bright sound with good clarity. We've had good feedback on the A151 and the old, now-discontinued A161P. I think the HT-21 will work as well - despite the price it's got a relatively balanced frequency response and very good clarity.

      • thanks mike. i shall get the a151. :)

        I managed to resist all your deals for more than 12 months. But I was too weak in the end. haha

      • Why was the A161P discontinued? It was the previous flagship and considerably better than the A151P I heard.

        • Not up to par with the overall design and durability of our newer models (A151P and M-Duo) so it didn't make sense to have it as a flagship anymore and it had to go. We do plan to develop a new higher-end in-ear but not until 2015 at the earliest.

  • Great deal. Wanted to buy on ear headphones and was so tempted by Atlas ones. The only thing that put me off was the $12USD postage on them. So ended up buying HT-21. I bought some sport-fi ones from previous deals and they're going strong and sound great!

    EDIT: Hoping that the HT-21 will be as good as the sport-fi ones I use if not better :-)

  • With so many positive reviews on here, I took the plunge and ordered a pair of M-Duos. OzBargain reviews > unverified reviews on the Meelec website.

  • Hi rep,

    Wondering if you will be doing any more deals on the wireless blue tooth range?


  • $45.99 to Brisbane for the M-Duo. Looking forward to it after all the reviews. Great customer service

  • How does M-Duos isolation compare with that of the A151P?

    • I personally find it to be better. Not quite sure if it's the metal housings or the way it sits in the ear or the design of the eartips (or a bit of each). I would rate the isolation M-Duo > Sport-Fi M6 > A151/A151P.

      • How much better is it? :D

        I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I intent to listen on public transport, so isolation is probably more important.

        Which would you recommend?

        • Not too big a difference, 15% maybe? I've used the A151 on a plane before and while it wasn't ideal, it was certainly usable, especially for more basic things like movies and audiobooks. Public transport should be quieter, unless it's the subway.

          If you don't need a remote I'd save a few bucks and go with the basic A151, which has a better sound for podcasts anyway.

  • Hi Rep
    Could you do a similar deal on the Matrix2 AF62 headset, as im in need of a bluetooth headset and heard this is your best product?

    • +3 votes

      Yep, it is our best. I'll work out a deal for the wireless sets either next week or the week after.

      • Hi Rep
        2 questions - what sort of deal might we be talking? Definitely want to purchase some ASAP but not sure if it's worth waiting for the deal! Second, I would like to use these for my iPod Classic - do you have a preferred/recommended bluetooth adapter/transmitter?
        Thanks! :)

        • +1 vote

          Will likely come out to around $90 US or a little less including postage to Australia.

          If you're getting a dongle anyway you should get one that supports aptX, which is a higher-quality Bluetooth audio codec that is also supported by the Matrix2. There's one made by Kokkia that plugs into the dock connector on the iPod classic and supports aptX. It's a little pricy but at least it doesn't need to be charged like one that plugs into the headphone jack would need to be. It also has the potential for better audio quality since it grabs the audio directly from the dock connector, bypassing the internal amplifier in the iPod.

        • As promised, wireless/Bluetooth deal posted: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/156707

  • Does anyone know how the Atlas would compare to the Sennheiser HD201 or the Philips Citiscape Downtown? Or even the HT-21?
    I'm looking for a set of on or over ear headphoens just for listening to music on my computer. I listen to almost anything except metal or classical music, so that doesn't help, but any advice would be much appreciated!

    • Should note, I'm not an audiophile and am not particularly looking for "reference" style headphones, but in saying that, I want to hear everything, and don't want the mid's or high's to be drowned out by a crazy loud bass haha.

      • +1 vote

        I don't like to comment on the sound quality of our competitors' products but here are some external reviews that might be helpful: http://www.meelec.com/Articles.asp?ID=152#Atlas . The Atlas is tuned a lot like our M-Duo earphone model, with an emphasis on deep bass and overall clarity. It's not a reference headphone, but it's also not a bloated-sounding, extremely bassy type of headphone. In my opinion it works best with EDM, Pop, Hip-Hop, that sort of thing.

  • Spend some more money and get some sennies. You will eventually end up upgrading anyway

  • thinking about getting some m-duos, the m9p 2nd gens served me quite well though it did have a problem of bits of the outer paint of the earphones chipping very easily.

  • Thanks rep. Bought one

  • I bought a pair of M-Duos last sale, but I've lost some of the buds? Rep, where might we be able to get new ones? Thanks

  • Is spending the extra $20 really worth the upgrade to the M-duo from the M9p? Id like to get a set but not really sure if i want to spend the $40 on them. Can anyone who has tried both comment?

  • Are there any from the signature range which would be good for sport?
    Or is there any chance to apply this coupon across the Sport-Fi range too? :D

    • The Sport-Fi range is better for sports :).

      What you could do is get the M9P with the discount and send me an email or PM with your order number and I'll switch you over the M6P, which is the equivalent model from the Sport-Fi range.

  • Hi mike, I have just emailed you about some M9Ps I bought in February

  • Hey Mike is there any big difference between the AF 32 , 52 and 62 why are the 62's $20 more longer battery and newer Bluetooth or are the drivers better as well also do any of these have noise canceling ? I listen to rock/classical music so which would be most suitable I will also consider IEM's if you think they can do the job.


    • The Matrix2 (AF62) does have better audio components than the AF32/AF52 - even when used in wired mode it sounds better. It also has the most tech - NFC as well aptX/AAC codec support for better-quality audio over Bluetooth - and of course the BT4.0 chipset with the longer battery life.

      No noise canceling on any of these but the AF52/AF62 block out a little more noise than the AF32 because the AF32 just rests on top of the ear.

      My recommendation is the Matrix2 - it has the most balanced sound and neutral tone but the bass still has good punch. Clarity is better compared to the AF32, the AF52, and the first-generation Matrix. I use Matrix2 units both at home and at the office. My second favorite is the Atlas, which is not wireless and doesn't work that well for classical because it's not as neutral.

  • After reading Head-fi forums I am starting to think that these would be a better deal


    They seem far better quality than the M duo if I were to consider them instead although I do appreciate your feedback.

  • was after the M9P in pearl but now out of stock :(

  • Now I am getting Coupon code "SIGNATURE20" is not valid. error on check out. :(

    • Can you tell me what's in your shopping cart? Or email me a screenshot at mike(at)s2einc(dot)com? That would be very helpful - thanks!

    • I had that when I cut and paste the code - check there isn't a space at the end, that fixed it for me!

      M-Duo's ordered and shipped already according to USPS tracking - good service so far!

  • Sorry guys I'm in Melbourne Metro. The website states if I order via USPS which is the ordinary post there will be no tracking number and its my responsibility…..so I pay for it and take the risk for the delivery to be made at the sametime….am I missing something here. As long as I have got my address correct should there be any problems??? Please advise….

    • No, won't be any problems with Aus Post and they do track the USPS customs number we provide after it passes customs. The shipping problems we are trying to avoid are with countries like Brazil and Russia, where customs numbers are not tracked and packages often disappear after entering customs.

  • I have the smallest ear holes ever, even the smallest of the 20 odd ear tips that came with my bro's i80s wouldnt fit. Is their any extremely tinny eartips u have?

    • Unfortunately none of our standard tips are significantly smaller than the usual "S" size - our sizing is actually pretty similar to Sennheiser's. See here: http://www.meelec.com/MEElectronics_Original_Eartips_for_M11... - the standard medium size is bottom left.

      There's a limit on how small you can make silicone tips - at some point it's like a run-flat tire on the earphone nozzle and provides no cushioning/comfort/seal.

  • Hey mike, just messaged you about my m-duo order history. Was wondering if you received it?