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Watch Dogs Ubishop $16, Sniper Elite III $24 & More - THEBLUEDROID.com


G'Day Australia !

Following the success of last weeks deals we have been presented with a few new bargains.

Top of the list is Watch Dogs which has dropped from 20$ to 16$.

Below, you will find a few more deals with their prices compared to steam, origin or Uplay. Please take note that these prices are in USD (for comparison reasons).

Happy Bargaining !

Borderlands 2 Steam: $6.62 VS $19.99

Far Cry 3 Uplay: $9.25 vs $29.95

Sniper Elite III Steam: $21.20 vs $49.99

Counter Strike G.O. Steam: $11.04 vs $14.99

SIMCITY Origin: $17.41 vs $32.92

Diablo 3 Reaper of souls Battle.net: $30.79 vs $39.99

The Elder Scrolls Online: $21.43 vs $59.99

Dishonored Steam: $6 vs $19.99

Dead Space 3 Origin: $7.92 vs $12.45

**Please note games and prices may vary depending on availability.

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  • I'm interested in Dishonored (GOTY). Your site has two different ones ($10.78 vs $12.62), other than one being a key and the other a steam gift, are there any other differences?

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      Hi Viggenn, they are exactly the same as long as they both say "Steam". The only difference is the steam gift you will be given a link to the steam website and will have to enter your steam account details. As for the steam key you will be supplied with a key (code) to activate in your account. As if you bought a retail copy.

      I hope this helps ;)



  • Watchdogs for $16 WOW - wish I has that extra RAM to be able to run it.

  • Registered and purchased. Code was emailed within 10 mins.

    Code is an 8 digit alphanumeric code.

    To redeem your promotional code for Watch_Dogs™ Digital Edition, please follow the steps below:

    Visit the Uplay Shop at http://shop.ubi.com/NVIDIAWD.

    On the Checkout page, type your promo-code in the empty field named: Promo Code.

    Note: Your Uplay code consists of 8 alpha-numeric digits with no dashes.
    Click on the "Apply" button.

    Check that the Sub-total price on the right hand side shows that the Watch_Dogs™ PC Download is free of charge.

    Click on the Checkout button and follow the steps to complete your purchase.

    Note: We require only the address fields to be completed, and agreement to the terms of sale on the
    payment page. You are not required to enter payment information for this order.

    Once the purchase has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email with all the download information.
    The UPlay code must be redeemed by May 30, 2015.

    Please ensure you take a note of your Order number in case you need to get in touch with Ubisoft.

    • +1 vote

      Thank you Jezzzzza, it really helps to have great community members as yourself. Much appreciated!

  • Just got watchdogs. Great deal, $16 well spent!

    • +1 vote

      Thanks for the feedback Disrupt3r, it's always great to get feedback and even better when it's positive ;)

  • I would buy watch dogs if I had a computer to play it on. Still, a good deal.

  • Please note, when I was making the order I got a error message #BAD-550##. Seems like I will have to wait until they get back online. Btw I'm currently in Darwin.


    Dear Customer,

    To verify your order in our store we need you to answer us 2 simple questions:

    Firstly , have you ever used a proxy server to make an order in our store ?
    Secondly, which city are you currently in ?

    As this is a standard procedure in our store it would be really helpful if you answer these two questions above.

    Thank you for your help and understanding.
    Thank you for contacting us.


    • +2 votes

      Hello Doodo,

      I do apologise for the inconveniance caused. All accounts and orders go through quite a strict verification process for both the products to be sold as well as the buyers to ensure we do not encounter fraud.

      I will personally contact the support team to see if they can speed the process up.

      Thank you for understanding.


      • Thanks Alex.

        Download now, though a more complicated process than it really should be :|

        • +1 vote

          Thank you doodo, I will forward your thoughts to the appropriate department so that this issue hopefully doesn't happen again to anyone else. As for yourself it should not be an issue if you are to place any other orders through TheBlueDroid.

          Thanks again for everything and I hope to see you again around the web!



  • Does Borderlands 2 work on MAC?

    • +2 votes

      Yes sir! All games that are compatible Mac through steam, origin, uplay and battle.net will also be compatible through TheBlueDroid.com :)



  • AC4 has a price of $18.30, which is pretty cheap (checking Isthereanydeal, the cheapest price for it is $18.00). This is for uPlay only though, as the Steam version (which goes through uPlay anyway) is more pricey.

    • +1 vote

      Hello Ventral,

      Thank you for the feedback, as an emerging Australian business we do our best to keep the prices as low as possible.



    • Good deal. Better game than Watch Dogs too, IMO, having finished them both (and the expansion for AC4).

  • can u lower the price of dark soul 2 plsss =]


      Color, if I could make that call I'd do it just for you ;)

      Unfortunately I can't, but a give you my word you won't miss it on ozbargain as soon as it enters the "Bargain" zone =D

  • Is it just me or is your website's "about us" page blank?


      Good Evening Scyl. You are correct, our platform went through a major update a few days ago and some page content unfortunately went missing.

      Our team is working hard to restore all missing elements and reporting any issues helps us greatly.

      Thanks for the info I'll get someone to fix this ASAP!

  • Got Dishonored GotY + Thomas Was Alone. Keys came 4minutes after ordering, can't do much to better than that :)

    • +1 vote

      Thanks for the feedback buddy, much appreciated ! Hope you enjoy the games and see you around ;)

  • Is it just me or is the site ridiculously slow?

    Admittedly I'm on my phone now, but ive purchased Watchdogs, got the code and am just trying to hop back on to check how to activate.

    Was slow at home on the PC too.

  • Is Watch Dogs worth it? Not a huge fan of "story" based games, meaning I don't play them for the story. I've looked at the multiplayer modes, but can anyone who has played the game comment on whether or not Watch Dogs is worth it just for the multiplayer modes?

  • Wait a sec, is the code redeemed via nvidia link? Which would mean these are the promo codes from Nvidia where you get Watch Dogs free for purchasing a graphics card. Those codes are not for re-sale.


    Good job sourcing a batch of those codes and making money off it Alexvo.

    • Can anyone confirm?

      • Compare the instructions posted above by Jezzzza with this one:

        They are the promo codes which are not for sale.

        FREE game code offer good from May 9, 2014 through August 31, 2014, or while supplies last. Offer good for one digital download of the PC version of Watch_Dogs™ only. Offer valid only through authorized ETAIL and Retail partners and redeemable at GeForce.com/GETWATCHDOGS. Offer may not be substituted, exchanged, sold, or redeemed for cash or other goods or services.

        Check one of my replies here:

        It's the same tactics going on here.

        • Plenty of shopfront stores selling games or cds which on rhe cover state "not for resale" -promo/ media version etc.

          Note re paypal that if something goes wring paypal will not refund for virtual items so you willhave to cc chargeback which is a hassle if deal fails.
          If you paid from pp balance u r screwed.


      Hello Shadowarrior,

      I will look into the authenticity of the product and forward this info to the correct department. Thank you for reporting this.

      Please note that we do our best to ensure all of our games are authentic and "legit". When you purchase off us we hold the funds for 30 days before paying the distributor. This is our guarantee that there is no fraud and gives us the flexibily to easily reverse any transactions made. If anyone has a problem or is unsatisfied with the product please report it to the support team via the website and they will find a solution for you. Also please keep in mind that you are buying the full game for $16.

      Thanks again for the info Shadowarrior :)

    • +1 vote

      'Not for resale' isn't enforceable unless you have a contract with the supplier. It's not illegal for someone who bought a video card with a bonus redemption code to sell that code to someone else.

  • The site is super slow…. Doesn't distill a lot of confidence in buyers when checkout in paypal hangs for 10 minutes…..! I just ended up not going through with the Dishonored purchase.

  • Signd up to get account to buy something but never received co firmation email.
    …a bad sign.
    Maybe just a new site but think i might avoid it.


      @ImpactBlue, @Garagesale,

      Hello Gents,

      Thanks for the feedback,
      We are currently facing a very large and unexpected amount of traffic. The issue should be resolved during the day however in the meantime I thank you for your patience. If there is any else please share your thoughts as all feedback is much appreciated.



  • I can't seem to sign up to this site, anyone else having this issue? I put in my email address and it just seems to hang.

    NVM seems to work now

  • Is a VPN/Proxy required to purchase these discounted products?


      Hello Pineapplez, there is no VPN required unless mentioned in the game title. None of the games listed above require vpn.



  • I bought WatchDogs.

    The key that was emailed to me comes up with This CD Key or Code is not valid, please try again.

  • Watchdogs for $16? Dammit why did I buy it on launch day.


      Maybe next time. If you are looking for any new games @thebluedroid and seeking bargains I recommend you either buy the pre order or get the game a few days after launch. :)

      Hopefully we will hear back from you soon!

  • Is there a difference between these two?


      hello elusive, good question. they are both the same just from two different suppliers.

    • They seem the same. They are both 100% discount codes that are applied to the Uplay store (promo style codes as mentioned above) rather than a game key to be redeemed straight into uPlay. The only difference (I can see) is that the cheaper one is from a nVidia promo while the more expensive one is from an Asus promo.

      • Yea, this matches up with what @shadowarrior was talking about above.

        I think I'll pass on this one. When I pay for something, I damn well want a clean source.

  • This "store" is simply a re-branded kinguin.net reseller with jacked up prices… People should also note that the parent company of kinguin is well known for selling keys that have been obtained through fraudulent/illegal means. Some disturbing methods have been used to acquire said keys, some of which have involved mass charge-backs against indie devs and in one case the armed hijacking of a truck.

    A percentage of your purchase goes towards kinguin, so bycott this useless reseller. Don't support organized crime.


      Hello Tyrx.
      We do work allongside kinguin however I will allow myself to correct you a little. We carefully select our suppliers and do not simply sell anyone's games. Our prices are also the same as kinguins in most cases. In the rare occasions where this isn't the fact it is because we do not trust that particular game supplier and choose one with no "bad history".

      I'm sorry you feel that negative way towards our company as we work hard to ensure customer satisfaction.

      Have a nice evening.


  • I Received a key that has already been activated, after supplying multiple screen shots to support i am being asked to contact steam to find out when the key was used..

    Not sure why i am being made to do all the leg work when they have sent me a duplicate key..

    At this point the amount of time / effort is not worth the cheaper price.

    • Best of luck getting that info from Steam. Start knitting a sweater, you might get a productive reply back from Steam by the time you finish knitting the 5th one. :)

      This is one of the reasons not to go with these sellers.

      • If you have a problem, 90% of these sellers are never found to help you out (beyond the first week of them putting the keys on sale)

      • Fraud detection, Credit Card chargebacks, and eventually Game/Account blocks by the platform for using a key obtained from an unauthorized source via fraudulent means takes time. So say in 3-4 months time your account gets blocked, and you contact Origin/Uplay/Steam support about it, you will be lucky to get your account unblocked, but you won't ever get your money back. In 3 month's time, these sellers are long gone enjoying a pina colada in some Jamaican beach at your expense.

      • A lot of platforms insta flag you if they detect using a VPN to activate products.

      It would be better to pirate the said game than purchase from these sources. Because the money you are spending isn't really going to the developers/publishers anyway and you are still out of your pocket.

      • Yea, if nothing comes back from support ill just lodge a paypal complaint.

        • +1 vote

          Hello mang. Please forward the email conversation with support to me ([email protected]) and I will supply you with another key before end of day.



        • I would like to thank Alex for getting this sorted for me quickly and with no fuss.


  • Clearly Fake and unofficial.


      We are sorry to hear you feel that way "Son ofa Zombie". If you'd like any further information on our products or talk to me personally please email me at "[email protected]"

      Alternatively summit a support ticket through our website as our support team are always happy to answer any queries. They also work 24/7 365 days/year



  • Great deal OP, great instructions commenters! Picked up and installed Watch Dogs & Sniper Elite III last night.


      Thank you for the positive feedback Toast Rack, always a pleasure doing business with you and the rest of the ozbargain community!

  • Been about an hour now and I have yet to receive my Sniper Elite 3 key despite the banner on the front page saying "Instant Delivery"…


    Hello "omicrogaming". Sorry to hear that. Could you please email me your order number and I'll look into it ([email protected]). Have you logged into your account to and on the tab "profile" you should have "my games".



    • All solved, thanks! Do you have a referral program in place?


        That's great to hear! Unfortunately we do not yet have a referral program in place however this is something we have planned. Keep in mind thebluedroid.com went live only about two months ago. If you are planning to buy in larger quantities email me the details and I'll forward it to the appropriate person.



        • Ah, I just have a friend who is also looking for a copy of Sniper Elite 3. There is no 1 copy per person limit right? I'll just grab an extra copy for him.


          @omicrongaming: no worries, there is no limit to the amount one can purchase :)

          A pleasure doing business with you omicrongaming!