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SanDisk Extreme 64GB USB 3.0 $45 @ Bing Lee (in-Store Only)


I was looking for a very fast USB stick. Sandisk is known to be reliable and fast. Anyway, cant find anywhere cheaper than this. I called Bing Lee and bought two of this straight away. Should have tried calling officeworks (which is selling at $112) to match or beat the price.

Or, if you have the time and have one of those premium credit card that protect your online purchase, perhaps you can buy from officeworks with full price and challenge the credit card insurance to refund you the difference. I think the catch is, the difference has to be greater than $25.

Quote from
Price and Purchase Guarantees
Want to make sure you always get the best price on online purchases? Both the Simplicity and Diamond Preferred cards include Citi’s “Price Rewind” feature, which promises to search hundreds of online retailers’ sites for a lower price than what you paid, for the 30 days following your purchase. (You must register items you want included in the service at If a price difference of at least $25 is found, you’re automatically refunded the difference.

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  • In store only? Not available for purchase online.

  • Also, same capacity with less performance for $25 + $2 Shipping

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      It's significantly less performance. Currently using 32GB extremes and even on USB 2.0, it's ridiculously fast.

      Every Cruzer class USB I've ever used from Sandisk caps out at around 10mb/s. They're seriously trash. If you're using it for uni and just transferring documents etc, that's fine but I'd assume if you're buying a 64gb, you're gonna be transferring some hefty files.

      Spend the extra money, it's gonna save you a tonne of time.

      • Did you really just say USB2 is ridiculously fast?!

        14 years ago, before SATA (let-alone SSD) even existed… USB2 was choking the life of out HDDs. Even 15GB HDDs ran >35MB/s

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          i understood Ravine's comment to mean that the Extremes perform ridiculously faster than the cruzer on USB 2.0, so he's extrapolating and guessing that the same will apply to the Extreme with USB 3.0. He's not implying that USB 2.0 is the best thing ever, just that in comparison, it's miles ahead of the equivalent sized Cruzer

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      That's rubbish. For $45, this is a really great deal, strongly recommended to everyone looking for something faster than the crap usually on ozbargain.

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    Thanks Opie.

    bought two from officeworks pricematched to 85 dollars

    • Just tried to do this and as the lady on the phone rang the local store to check availability and they were out I couldn't get the price match. The office works price is over $111 which is just ridiculous. Oh well recently bought a few of the 16GB extremes at a good price anyway. All I lost for trying was the price of a 1300 call.

  • I'd love to get a couple but I don't think Officeworks will price match if it's a retailer that's in another state (I'm in Victoria)

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    I'm in Melbourne - started a chat session using the "Check Availability" button on the Bing Lee website for the memory stick, apparently they DO ship to Melbourne for $5. They then called me, confirmed details and are now finalizing the order. Still a bargain at $50 total if it goes through okay.

  • "James S: Unfortunately it's sold out and we are not restocking it"

  • boo. price looks great compared to ebay.
    was wondering if it was a pricing error, since they have smaller models for dearer.
    but if not restocking, bah.

  • Thank you.

    Just ordered one. Shipping to Melbourne is $2.

    Subtotal $45
    Shipping & Handling $2
    GST Included $4.27
    Total $47

    Here's the link:

  • Do officeworks have these in store? Called the number on their website asking about price matches and they're sending it to the store for me to pickup one for $43 dollars. Was a long phone call for $2 dollars off!

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    Woah, its back in stock. $2 for delivery to Sydney…

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    Was transferring media files to mine off an ssd at 190mb/s last night

  • Enquired about their stock [in the Sydney-Liverpool region] through their online support service, got this response the next morning:

    "Thank you for your enquiry.

    Unfortunately SDCZ80064GQ46 is now discontinued and out of stock.
    Only our distant stores may have the display models for local purchase. "

    Hope it Helps !

    • Just confirmed same in Live chat..Port Macquarie in Mid North coast NSW, was quoted although I did not inquire to how many left. Sydney all depleted/unless Offcwrk receipt.

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